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Feature Story: Double Down

Posted by , in Featured Story 28 May 2012 · 731 views

Story Review Double Down Cia

First, for our US members, here is hoping you have an enjoyable Memorial Day. Though my father didn't die in service, he was in the US Military from shortly before World War II until the late 60's (and in three different branches - Army, Navy and Air Force). So thank you - to all who have served and died while in service.


On to our feature story - I'm grateful to one of our favorite guest reviewers, Fozzie Bear, for this great review of Hosted Author Cia's Double Down. Enjoy!


Double Down




Reviewer: Fozzie Bear
Status: Complete
Word Count: 24,399


Wocka, Wocka, Wocka. Your favorite bear is back with another look another amazing author. This time I’m turning my eye to the resident Administrator, Hosted Author, and all around answer Queen. Ahh!


Cia has written all sorts of stories from one shots to a story she has just finished that spanned three books. However this poor bear has decided to take a look at one of her shorter chapter stories. Welcome to the world of Double Down.


The story centers around Marc Whitson. Marc is the oldest of two brothers and when his parents unexpectedly die is left to deal with everything, including his younger brother Ry. Marc barely makes it through his parent’s funeral and is only able to function due to the assistance of his friend and soon to be lover, Preston. However, things don’t go as one would expect for Marc.


Preston takes advantage of Marc using the money he has inherited to pay off his gambling debts. However, Preston soon owes more money than Marc has to people that can’t be ignored. One day Marc finds himself hustled down to meet one Mr. Mestrick, to whom Preston owes a great deal of money. Unable to pay him off, Preston offers up Marc as sacrificial lamb, telling Mestrick that Marc is an incredible card counter.


Marc soon finds himself involved in the shady world of gambling, trying to pay off Preston’s debt, and keep his brother safe, leading to his own steadily declining life. Ry refuses to see his brother suffer and soon finds a way to discover what is happening in his brother’s life in the form of Nat, a private investigator.


Marc is soon walking a fine line where he is trying regain his life and rediscover who he is. Will he be able to escape Mestrick? Will Ry be safe? Is the handsome Nat as straight as he seems? Wocka, Wocka, Wocka. Wanna know? Then read the story, ahh. This bear isn’t giving up all the secrets Cia wrote.


Double Down is a great little find. Take the time and read it, this bear thinks you will enjoy it. Wocka, Wocka. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment or click like if you enjoy.

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