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Tuesday Toss-Up: Premium Membership

Posted by , in Site Tips 26 June 2012 · 940 views

Site Tip

GayAuthors.org is a free site with over 12 thousand members, tons of forums comprised of over 350 THOUSAND posts, live chat, personal messaging and many other features.


Oh and stories. Did I mention the stories? Right now we have 2,569 stories consisting of 15,001 chapters from 674 authors. And this all exists on a system that helps keep things organized with author forums, the ability to write reviews on stories (over 32 thousand reviews so far) and rate authors and their stories.


As you can imagine, running a system of this magnitude is a costly enterprise. A small portion of the cost is offset through some site ads.


So - some of you might not be aware, but GayAuthors.org offers a "Premium Membership."


Myr posted about Premium Memberships recently, but I want to chime in on that and more.


Premium membership is a way to help support this site - helping us provide this wonderful platform for our community of authors, readers, editors, lurkers, forum gurus, shy questioners, exuberant chatters and so many others that come here. It pays for the server and bandwidth, the backups and other vital support.


Because we value your support, we've also structured Premium Membership to give you access to Premium Content - a thank you for your support. We work to ensure there is at least one new story posting in Premium and when you join, you immediately have access to previously posted stories that are in our Premium Content. Up to now, this was all available for just a quarter a day. We are about to slightly raise prices. The first month of Premium will start at 30 cents a day ($9/month) and depending on the term of your subscription, additional months will be lower (the longer the term, the lower the daily amount).


As Myr says:
The prices have not changed in four years, despite our costs going up, including the processing fees for handing the transactions. This minor adjustment of prices more or less covers the cost of the transactions. Remember that Premium Content is what allows us to not only keep the site open, but work on continuously improving it.


The new price structure:
1 Month was $7.50 is now $9.00
3 Months was $22.50 is now $26.00 (save $1)
6 Months was $45.00 is now $50.00 (save $4)
12 Months was $90 is now $99.00 (Save $9)


All current members will be transferred to the new Premium Content and the price for renewal will change on your next renewal date.


For new subscribers after July 1st, the new system charges you $9 for the first month and then you set your renewal terms. You can cancel that at any time from right in your Client Area. (see link in the menu by your username on upper right of page)


As always, thank you for your strong support of Gay Authors! You're support keeps us open and providing great content for all!



Ok so I got a question.
Do you have to pay your subscription in full up front or can you set up a Direct Debit?
You can do monthly payments, but you won't be getting the discount. A large part of the discount is there is then only one processing charge. Multiple payments, multiple processing charges...
GA is great, it's a free reading and writing community etc. Wonderful! BUT if you want to give something back to keep things going, buying premium content is not a bad way. >.< So many great stories there! I didn't regret my purchace.