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Tuesday Toss-Up: Conducting An Interview

Posted by , in Site Tips 05 June 2012 · 522 views

Site Tip

As most probably know, we recently asked for Volunteers to interview authors, come up with tips, and do reviews. Then we realized, people might not be sure how to go about interviewing their favorite author. This tip isn’t all inclusive, so feel free to add into the comments if you have a suggestion on how to conduct an interview.


Your first step is to contact Trebs or Renee to make sure that someone else hasn’t already approached the author you wish to interview. We’ll let you know if the author is still available or if we’ve heard that they do not wish to be interviewed.


Your next step is of course, to see if the author you wish to interview WANTS to be interviewed. Some do and some don’t. If the author you want to interview declines, that’s okay, just pick someone else and see what they say.


Depending on how you are conducting the interview will determine how you proceed. If you are going to conduct your interview via the GA PM system, then chances are it would be better to come up with all your questions and then PM it to the author you are interviewing. Think about some things that you have wanted to know about that author, their writing process, their characters, or anything else you might like to know. The author can then go through and answer them. Keep in mind that some questions might be too personal and the author may not answer it if that’s the case.


You may decide to conduct your interview in a private chat message. Say you’ve pm’d the author and they are open to being interviewed. Maybe you could set up a time to meet in the chat room and have a private chat to get the answers to your questions. This way allows you to let the authors answers lead your next question. You can still have a list of questions, but for example, you might ask an author what story they feel most represents them. Then say they name a story but say that it is no longer available online. A follow up question could be whether or not that author plans to ever put that story on line. There are a lot of options. Then you just copy the convo and write it up!


Other ways you may conduct the interview are through email or a private messaging system like Windows Live Messenger. In the case of email, you’d most likely complete it the same way as you would using the GA PM system. In the case of a private messaging system, you’d most likely conduct it the same way you would in chat. Keep in mind that not everyone wants to use offsite communication for one reason or another. We ask that you respect that and in that case, use the different options you have via Gay Authors.


After you’ve done all that, send the interview to Trebs or Renee and we’ll feature it in an upcoming Tuesday Toss-Up! This is a great way to get your favorite authors noticed and a great way for you to find out what goes on inside your favorite authors mind!


So, that’s it in a nutshell. Now that you know how to proceed, why not find an author and do an interview for the Tuesday Toss-Up????