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Posted by , in Featured Story 13 June 2012 · 765 views

Story Review Three Hundred Years Wrathofmagneto What Remains myself_i_must_remake

Ready to check out a new story but not sure what to try? Hopefully these two reviews may help. New reviewer ChingTara reviewed Three Hundred Years by Promising Author WrathOfMagneto and MJ85 has done a great review of What Remains by Author myself_i_must_remake. If you'd like to help us out by reviewing a story here on GayAuthors, just let Renee Stevens or myself know. We love seeing more people reading and reviewing and helping us to highlight the great talent we have here, writing compelling stories for us to read!


Three Hundred Years


Reviewer: ChingTara
Status: Complete
Word Count: 7529


I'm personally not a big fan of horror/fantasy and almost always lean towards drama/romance. Wrathofmagneto's Three Hundred Years came as a 'choice shock' to me as I simply loved every bit of it. He's a Promising author on this site and I knew him for his intermittent postings and love for the genres like sci-fi, horror and fantasy for which I didn't care much.


Yesterday, I pulled a chair and sat down to read something different. I'm not sure when it happened but I found myself leaning in, my face a few inches from the screen, crazily hooked, taking in every word written in this wonderfully woven tale.


Three Hundred Years is a story about a seasoned monster hunter Tommy, written with a tinge of humor and great surprises, vividly descriptive of situations albeit a bit low on character development and portrayal. That said, it's still easy to fall in love with Johnathan, Tommy's cherubic apprentice and boyfriend.


It was one of the earliest postings by Wrathofmagneto and I assume there's a chance it's forgotten. It's very light-hearted and an easy read. I'm hoping he polishes it a bit and posts a sequel soon (which he's talked to me about). It kind of leaves you wanting for more.


If you're a 'Supernatural' enthusiast, this might just be the thing for you.



What Remains




Reviewer: MJ85
Status: Complete
Word Count: 5,373


“What Remains”, by myself_i_must_remake, is a poignant tale of two cousins, Ryan and Michael. The two-chapter story is told from Ryan’s POV. There’s several tags given for this story, but the one that stands out the most is “coming of age”. Yes, this story reflects on events that happened in Ryan’s adolescence, when both he and Michael were 16.


Though there’s enough detail in this story so that we, the readers, either know what’s happening or at least have a pretty good idea of what’s happening, this story very much carries an aura of being “shrouded” in sort of a mist of emotion. At the same time, it’s interesting that this story only has two chapters. Why’s that, you ask? Well, as one chapter takes you the reader upward, the other will take you right back down. How does a story manage to shroud itself in the emotions that are at work and come off feeling like a roller-coaster at the same time? What are the emotions that this story shrouds itself in? How does a story like this manage to shroud itself in emotion and leave you, the readers, feeling like you’ve read a powerful piece of work? Ah ah ah, readers…that would be telling. Posted Image

Excellent authors, the both! Highly recommend anything they write.
This was such a nice surprise! I feel motivated now. Thanks, MJ85.