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Posted by , in Anthologies 15 June 2012 · 1,362 views

Anthology News Choices 2012 Summer

So, let's try this again.


I have kidnapped the prompts and "Blast From The Past" that were supposed to debut this week and will be holding them hostage until next week. What's that mean for this week? Well, I’m going to HIJACK today and tomorrow's blog entry to bring you a special announcement. That announcement would be…

2012 Summer Anthology: Choices is NOW LIVE!!!


That’s right, the anthology has gone live as of 12:00 am (Mountain Standard Time)! So, what’s that mean for you – the readers? Well, you now have 20 (yes TWENTY) new stories to read and comment on. What’s that mean for you – the authors? Well, get your fingers ready to answer reviews on your anthology stories!!!


On a personal level, I want to thank everyone that contributed to this anthology. Not only the authors, but to all the teams that helped the authors get their stories ready to go! We had a great turnout and that’s thanks to all of you! There are some returning Anthology Authors and many that this is their first Anthology on GA. Now, I am happy to bring you the anthology entrGayies!!!

2012 Summer Anthology: Choices



And Outside It's Dark - RobV


Billy Bayou - Bugeye


Can You Believe It - Yettie One


Cedric and the Ray of Light - Michael9344



Confluent Dichotomy - Lugh


Destiny’s Diner - K.C.


Future Imperfect - Bill W


Illuminated - SidLove


Just to Survive- Renee Stevens



Made For Him - comicfan



Murder in the Woods - CassieQ


No Strings - KingdombytheSea


Rebirth - Mark92


Should I? - carringtonrj


Sir Gareth’s Plight - Dolores Esteban


The life and times of one Linxe Termoil - Linxe Termoil


The Milner Device - andy021278


Three of Eraclio's Seed Cessations - JoejoeGreene


Which Way Do You Want To Die? - W_L


You Sure You Want to Do This? - MJ85


And remember READ , WRITE, and as always, REVIEW!!!

None of the links work........
Yep. It's not active yet.
Gee Renee, thanks for the April Fools, but you've got the wrong month. :P
Now that is just mean! Let us see the nice shiny new anthology stories, but slap our hands when we try to touch! Ouch! Renee is a meanie!!!! :(
Ha. And there I was thinking it just just my browser! Doh!

LOL @MJ85, even I paused there to think hell is it really April! :P
:( :( :( I can only see my story. I want to read others!!
Every link I click on works :( ... Nobody can see the anthology stories????
Whatever is going on was not done on purpose... as soon as a Techy gets on, I will hopefully be able to get whatever is going on fixed...
I can't either.
Okay, until I get this fixed, this blog entry is going invisible...

Edit: Everything should be up and working now!
snickers.. held you all hostage again!
Yay - third time's a charm :)
thanks to everyone who worked hard in getting this online, in spite of the gremlins! :)
Yey! Reading!
Great stories. Thank you.
Well done to all of the authors on such great stories, and thanks so much to Renee and the anthology team for coordinating this