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Blast From The Past

Posted by , in Featured Story 28 July 2012 · 650 views

Story Review Nick Cringle Myr

Looking back - 2004 seems so long ago but at the same time, seems so recent. Here is a review from Renee Stevens of a story we had in our very first anthology - Nick Cringle by Myr. Check it out!


Nick Cringle




Reviewer: Renee Stevens
Anthology: 2004 Christmas
Word Count: 5,676


I decided it would be a great idea to visit the very first anthology on Gay Authors. I was looking through the entries and noticed “Nick Cringle” by Myr. I remembered reading it a long time ago and absolutely loving it. I decided to read it again to refresh my memory so that I could share it with the rest of the GA members and it was just as great as I remembered!


It starts out with sixteen year old Nick Cringle take a vacation from the family business. He took over when his father passed away and needed a break from the immense responsibilities he had to shoulder. He ended up going to school at the school that his family owned. Many things happened from the time he set foot on the exclusive campus, but as I don’t want to ruin it for the readers, you’ll just to read it to find out the ups and downs. All I can really say is that there are moments in this story that are incredibly sweet and touching.


Despite the sadness of the father’s death, this tale was very enjoyable and snags the reader from moment you start reading. It was definitely no hardship to re-read this story and Myr really shows his skill in keeping the reader’s attention. If you haven’t already read this story I strongly suggest that you do so and why not leave Myr a review to let him know what you thought?

Trebs, your post was very touching, reflecting on GA. Will definitely read