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Toss Up Tuesday: Premium Membership ~ The Reasons Why

Posted by , in Site Tips 31 July 2012 · 1,060 views

Site Tip

So, not too long ago, we did a post on Premium Memberships. We gave you a lot of information on what a Premium Membership is. This entry is going to focus more on why you should consider getting a Premium Membership on GayAuthors.


While there are many stories to read on GayAuthors, there are a few in the Premium section by Authors that you love. They have written these stories for Premium in an effort to support the site and help the Administrators keep the site going by hopefully drawing readers to those stories. Right now there is a story being posted by Andrew_Q_Gordon (formerly Quonus10). There are also stories from dkstories (dkstories), Nephylim, C James, Comicality, KingdombytheSea, RCMills, and for those eagerly awaiting a return of the popular DomLuka, he has a story in there as well. That’s just for now, who knows who’s going to be added in there in the future!


The cost of your Premium Membership goes directly to helping keep the site up and running. While the site does get Ad revenue, the Premium Membership helps defray the costs that the Ad revenue doesn’t cover. It helps make it so that the cost of running GA does not come out of the Administrators' pocket and helps to keep the majority of the site free.


Purchasing a Premium Membership is a great way for you to give back to the site. It doesn’t cost all that much either! I know that we covered this in the last blog post, but the current Premium Membership costs are as follows:

GA Premium Membership Price Structure
1 Month - $9.00
3 Months - $26.00 (save $1)
6 Months - $50.00 (save $4)
12 Months - $99.00 (Save $9)


That’s only as much as you would spend on a Starbuck’s coffee a few times a month. So as you can see, it really doesn’t cost all that much to support the site! Also, the longer you subscribe for, the more you save! That seem’s like a win/win situation to me!

Already done it. ^___^
Worth every penny, for what you get back out of it.:)
Oh well, no Starbucks coffee for me from now on. Going to have drink that cheap, store's own brand stuff at work now to get my caffeine fix :(
I've already signed up for premium too!

For the site administrators and everyone that helps to keep the site going,
Mine expired. I keep saying, I'll do it, but haven't done it...I need to do it! :D
If you haven't signed up, you should - think of all the time you spend here and remember that your helping to give new authors a place to post and learn for free.

And in return get access to some great works among them - to plug my story - you get to read Chosen of Honorus for free before it gets published in January 2013.
Well, technically, Andy, it's still not 'free' if you have to purchase Premium to read it....just saying! :P
I think I need a challenge and so do you all.... I'll write one for premium if there are 20% new members than there are today.... Myr can keep score. And I'll make it at least 25,000 words.

Game on?