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Writing Prompts #162 & #163

Posted by , in Writing Prompts 17 August 2012 · 426 views

Prompts Creative

So once again, it's the end of the week, which is a perfect time to bring you a couple of new prompts by Comicfan. This way, you'll have the weekend to work on them before going back to work, school, etc. Don't forget to share what you come up with in the Writing Prompt Forum!


Prompt 162 – Creative
Tag – The Friend
Create the perfect best friend. Are they male or female? Are they really smart or super sarcastic? Do they try to keep you from making mistakes or do they hand you another $10 in singles to see just how far you will put that money down the stripper’s g-string?


Prompt 163- Creative
Tag – The Gift
You’ve just moved into a new place. While busy still trying to get everything organized there is a knock on the door. You find a delivery guy there with a present for you new place. What did you get and who is it from?


Last week, Yettie One took a stab at Prompt #161: Think of an event you enjoy watching and know plenty about. What five words immediately come to mind – list them. Now write a scene about that event where you are forbidden from using the five words you have listed. Hope you enjoy!

There is a certain inherent energy in the focus of the eye as one watches the sleek body of artistic form, an engineering masterpiece ripping through the atmosphere surrounding the course, the lightening swiftness of the approach as the vehicle hurtles down the straight at around two hundred miles an hour. The howl of the engine assaults the ears like a wailing banshee as wheels, colour and sound scream past in a blaze of motion and force. Yes, that energy dances and sparkles in your eyes. A smile slowly creeps across the faces of spectators one and all. The race is on, and the smell of burnt fuel hangs in the air, the roar of approval from the crowd overtakes the crescendo of noise rising from the track.


I am a Formula One junky. I have been since I was a child, watching the tension unfold on the family television, rooted to my spot on the floor, silently willing my team on, dreaming them to the finish line, the reward of a chequered flag waving its signal to all that this man is a victor, a man among men. That passion for these beautifully crafted racing machines spilled over into my adult years, and only grew more acute as I became more engrossed in the sport.


If you enjoyed that little excerpt, you can read the rest of it here.

I think I might take up this prompt challenge! Prompt 163 sounds interesting :)
Possibly ;)