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Weekly Wrap Up!

Posted by , in Weekly Update 19 August 2012 · 504 views

Weekly Update

Monday we started off with a review by Fozzie Bear of our Hosted Author Renee Steven's story Roving Dreams. As everyone should know, Renee is very special to us here as an extraordinary Co-GA Blog Organizer, but additionally, she is a fantastic author.


This was followed up by an interview of Andy021278 that Comicfan graciously did for us. It's always great getting a better in-depth look at our authors and community members.


So after getting to know Andy021278 better, we get to read his review of Author Ricky's story Blind Sensations. This mid-week Author Showcase also featured Dark's review of Promising Author Comicfan's Mirror Tells the Truth.


Thursday we had a fantastic beta reader tip called How to Be Critical, not Cutting. The response to this tip was huge with 14 comments so far.


The prompts this week from Comicfan are really intriguing and already have spurred interest in at least two writers. Have you tried them out? Even if you haven't published anything here on GA, doing a prompt response is a great way to try out your writing and see what the community thinks. Who knows - it may start you on the path to being a future Hosted Author!


Finally, we finished up with a look back at a story Lugh wrote for the 2007 The Road Not Taken anthology. Renee Stevens did a review of Lugh's The Key from that anthology and it's a great look back.


So - how was your week?


Anthology Announcements:

  • Fall Anthology Friends and Enemies– Due Sept 4th
  • Winter Anthology "Desperate Ends"- Due Dec 8th *NEW*
  • Special Mayan Tribute Anthology "End of the World"- Due Dec 14th *NEW*


In Premium this week:


Chosen of Honorus by Quonus10, Book 1 of Champions of The Gods


By our Hosted Authors this week:


Legacy by Altimexis, Book 29 of Naptown Tales


City Under the Waves by Nephylim


(Un)Masked by Andrew_Q_Gordon (purchasable e-book)


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


Adverse Effects by Cia, Book 2 of Saving Caeorleia


The Wrathful by Libby Drew


Circumnavigation by C James


By our Promising Authors this week:


The Prompt You Say! by comicfan


The English Year by Jwolf


The Guild Book I by JMH


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!

Have a great week you too, Trebs ^_^