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Bathhouse Etiquette

Posted by , 21 March 2010 · 7,953 views

top ten bathhouse
So I am told bathhouses are so last decade... I disagree :) There is a great one in San Jose, Calif called the Water Gardens. For those who are so inclined, you can look it up.

But for some strange reason, there seems to be a severe shortage of manners and etiquette from not just the young men that are here but lacking from the older gentlemen as well.

So I decided to share my experience and advice freely to anyone who will listen and maybe make it a better place for all :)

10) Wear shower shoes when you are here. And it's not just for the showers! I really don't know how anyone can walk around here on their bare feet. No telling what is on the floor.

9) There is a reason you are given a towel when you enter the establishment... Wear it around your waist! I do not want to sit on the couch where you sat bare!

8) I do not care what your (insert random kink/fetish/fantasy) is! Just because I am here, does not mean I share the same (Insert Random kink/fetish/fantasy)

7) If you do come here, expect to be looked at. Maybe leered at. Not necessarily by ME but people will look and look closely. Don't freak out.

6) Just because I look back at you does not mean I am interested :P

5) I am not necessary sitting next to you in the steam room to get to know you better! I am sitting here because it's the last spot on the bench that is open.

4) Do not expect me to read your mind either :P. If you ARE interested, you have to give me a clue! A sign that you are interested... You keep staring at that wall in front of you and I am going to think you are NOT interested and I will move on. :P

3) Yes, the place has Wi-Fi... and yes, I AM checking Facebook and supporting my Mafia, reading my e-mails and downloading crap off iTunes, instead of cruising around... Deal with it! It's NOT always all about YOU! (and yes, I am on a wi-fi at the bathhouse right now, typing this blog entry)

2) Yeah, since you are already in here... I don't need to see your wedding wing on your finger, nor do I want to hear your sob story about you and your wife/ex-girlfriend/girlfriend or how this is your first time (unless it IS your first time). And if you take longer then a second to answer "What is your name", I know you are LYING! Most of us are not stalkers, thank you very much.

1) NO means NO! I don't want to be rude but I WILL cuss you out if you keep bugging me after I had told you NO over and over again!

snickers... this makes me glad to be a woman!
hehe - great info to remember!!
So did you get ass?

So did you get ass?

on most days, that would be a NO as I am surfing the 'net since it was more exciting then the people at the place :P

I go there because they really do have a FAST Internet connection :).

on most days, that would be a NO as I am surfing the 'net since it was more exciting then the people at the place :P

I go there because they really do have a FAST Internet connection :).

Sure you do.Posted Image

Don't you think you're being just a little OCD about the cleanliness issues? I mean, it is a bathhouse after all. Posted Image

I can't go to those places anymore. I usually end up starting orgies, and that's just too slutty, even for me.Posted Image
Oh you have to show me to some Mark, if I ever get to the US! ;) :P  :lol:
I didn't know bathhouses still existed :blink: you are so lucky. They should have those for women too. And men and women. But yeah, water shoes? definitely. The ones that don't wear them must not have foot fetishes ;)

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