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Percy's Blog

Beach. Body.

Posted by , 04 March 2015 · 375 views

Strange encounter with a stranger on Sunday. Two days later and I'm still thinking about it. I'm thinking about my feelings about it which range from narcistic pleasure to shuddering dismay.

After my swim on Sunday I realized I'd forgotten to bring a towel. Fortunately it was a warm day out at the beach by Crissy Field so the sun could dry me. I s...

Running in Place

Posted by , 20 December 2014 · 226 views

We’re finally getting rain here in northern California after two years of very little of the wet stuff. It’s great to see. It’s great to feel. I went swimming in the rain yesterday. But for running, I’ve moved indoors to the treadmill. Until last month, I probably hadn’t run on a treadmill since 2011.

Treadmill technology has improved in the...

Dad's 70th, Vietnam, Family

Posted by , 08 October 2014 · 375 views

My family gathered last week to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday. I come from a close family. Several factors play into our having maintained that sense of closeness and loyalty not the least of which is a basic respect and compassion enculturated by our parents. I also attribute our familial adult friendships to the frequent relocations we experienced...

The Brazilian Steakhouse

Posted by , 24 July 2014 · 344 views

My partner and I often take walks in the evening and some months ago we saw that a new restaurant had opened a few blocks from our home. Under the name of the restaurant, in elegant script, were the words “A Brazilian Steakhouse.” The architecture was modern. Large, plate glass windows offered a view of the bar and beyond that we could see white tableclot...

Wall Street Culture

Posted by , in workplace 21 May 2014 · 561 views

Every year, on the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving Day, Dr. Reuben Zubrow delivered his lecture on the nature of money. A brilliant economist, Zubrow also had the knack of being an engaging lecturer and enthusiastic instructor. He taught Macroeconomics 101 in the largest auditorium on campus. His classes were always well-attended but the august lecture o...

Interesting Reading

Posted by , 15 February 2014 · 378 views

Passion is everything, eh? Any topic is interesting when discussed by someone who is passionate about it. Those who tend to drone can be helped by an adroit interviewer and an editor with a light touch, but for the most part the best material an expert has to offer is down in, down in their words, way inside. The best stuff isn’t a quip or snippet or b...

I swear...

Posted by , 01 February 2014 · 479 views

I swear very rarely and rather poorly…or comically…when I do. I was reminded of this last night. My partner and I went out for pizza, and I was spouting off about the number of hours I’ve put in at the office this week and about my expectation that next week won’t be much better. I dropped a swear word somewhere in my rant which I only noticed because Ree...

Old, Familiar Carols

Posted by , 04 December 2013 · 461 views
Christmas Memories
Christmas carols played repleatedly in our home during December when I was little. We had three albums of carols and I would stack the wax records up on the spindle of the record player so they would drop automatically at the end of one side of the disc. I don’t think we ever had more than three albums. If my parents ever possessed tapes of Christmas...


Posted by , 25 November 2013 · 468 views

Swimming Sunday afternoons are for swimming. I’ve been swimming ever since I can remember. When I was 18 months old, my father went to Vietnam and my mother moved back in with her parents, taking me with her. They had just relocated to Florida and their home backed up onto the intracoastal waterway. They docked their boat at the back of their house along a floatin...

Chinese 3; Americans 0

Posted by , 16 September 2013 · 522 views

Last night my partner and I were grilling out near our pool house. It was twilight and we noticed one of the new residents watching us from his unit. This particular condo recently changed hands, and the new owner moved in last weekend. We met him then, a young guy from Beijing who works down the road at Google. The gentleman watching us was older th...

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