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Today, June 30th 2012

Posted by , 30 June 2012 · 408 views

So, today at work I was raking up leafs and stuff. ( works as a gardner at parks and stuff), and this guy comes up from nowhere starts talking to me. He was flirting with me becuz he was talking about my face and stuff. I was like wth. this guys is a huge freaken creep. He's like 27 years old. Creeper alert. So i kinda just walked over to my boss and she walked over here and started talking to the guy. Man, that was some scary crap. I'm hella creeped out now..Posted Image

I think we've all had the occasional wierdo come on to us. I was 17 and in Blackpool for the weekend when some guy who must have been 40 started making some very lewd and unwelcome suggestions. It is really freaky and upsetting when it happens.

At least your boss was there to help sort things out.

Hope you are all right now

thnx, hopefully he wont be at that park now because im gonna be there for a week... :hug:

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