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Prosaic Mosaic

Addressing Certain Questions

Posted by , 25 July 2010 · 762 views

Why do you want something that you already have?

Whenever I get this question, I want to ask, "When you look at me, do you only see my penis, or my personality, the rest of me? I'm not looking for something that i already have, I'm looking for someone to complete me, and that person may or may not have "what I already...

Thom's an Ass

Posted by , 16 July 2010 · 287 views

Not really.

Though, he failed to comprehend my profound brilliance thing. And I'm worried that once posted it'll be analyzed and found lacking of the brain smarts that I thought it once possessed. But I will be a saint and share my thoughts on poetry as relates to a conversation that only a few people were a party to. Okay, here we...

About My Status

Posted by , 24 June 2010 · 650 views

"Getting hit on makes me feel dirty. Stick to the subtle flirting boys...you, too ladies, you're creepin me out."

I'm not conceited, and this isn't a vanity thing. It's nothing like that, I'm just shy and insecure, so when I get hit on, it catches me off guard. I am and always will the weird kid. I have no experience...

What Has Greg Been Up To (pt. 2)

Posted by , 15 June 2010 · 488 views

So, I've been majorly procrastinating on this part, but that's okay because it allowed new things to unfold. Also, I am currently procrastinating from another task and this is a somewhat justifiable distraction.

It's a doozy

So, there's this girl that I've been kind of seeing, her name is...

What Has Greg Been Up To (pt. 1)

Posted by , 06 June 2010 · 594 views

So, this actually happened today. And there's this big long really awesome story that I'm gonna get around to telling that is completely unrelated to the events of this story, but totally relevant to my life, hence it being broken up into parts. And that's gonna happen...eventually. It's really long and I don't want to forget...

I wanna start a riot

Posted by , 21 May 2010 · 481 views

My drama was resolved...happily. It was anti-climactic. I got the job I wanted, my boyfriend is...my boyfriend, I'm going back to school with a clean slate, my grandpa's going back to work, my grandma's opening a catering business, things are better with my family, my friends don't hate me...and I am bored. This is usually when I start a...

Letting Go of the Sun

Posted by , 19 May 2010 · 216 views

i feel as if i came into this world with someone. and that person has a part of me that i can't seem to find, that was taken away. and the loneliness is devastating. i've spent my life looking for him, wishing that he would show up and say, i'm here already, but i know that he's not real, or at least, gone. and because of that, i have to...


Posted by , 16 May 2010 · 649 views

I don't like to remember that I'm angry, it's inconvenient for me, but I am, all the time. I forget that I'm angry the same way that I forget that I'm gay some days. I have logic to thank for that. I can rationalize people's motives and my own shortcomings to make any situation permissible. And because I live in the moment I can...

I'm Not Okay

Posted by , 13 May 2010 · 605 views

What's bothering me?

Ryan is pissed with me for not going to Colorado see him, and now he's sleeping with that girl, again.

Jo won't talk to me.

Evan won't talk to me.

My parents hounded me about wanting to go away for a few days to see my friends. They called me all sorts of names and threw accusations my way and even though I wanted...

Debts to Demons

Posted by , 05 May 2010 · 150 views

Ryan is...a friend of mine who I care very deeply for. His titles have changed a bit over time, but "friend" suits him for now. The recent events in my life have hurt him, not quite as much as they've hurt me, but they've affected him. And so, I feel that I have to take care of him until the debt is settled.

At any rate, he has this...

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