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She reeled me back in.

Posted by , 07 January 2006 · 255 views

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I haven't seen Todd, I'm pretty sure I'm over him and all now.

Sadly that hasn't been the case with Kati Kat. I thought I was through with her, but I feel for her brand of sweetness again. We were having fun again, and it was nice. And I may or may not have forgotten I was mad at her in the first palce. It was cold outside so it was us and some of her friends as well as some of my friends and it just felt right. Then I stopped huddling around her, because we both remembered that her boyfriend hates her fag (i.e. me). We seperated and wound back together wrestling again.

Maybe it's becuase I don't want to make new friends. Maybe I'm a sucker for sweetness. Maybe she really is like a sister to me. Maybe I just can't get away. All I know is she's back.

Oh how I wish I could hold a grudge,

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