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Author News


Ask An Author #38

Posted by , 06 April 2016 · 298 views
Interview, Ask An Author
Seems like I'm constantly behind lately, but never fear, I didn't forget! For those who have been waiting, here's this months' Ask An Author feature that has been provided to us by Dark! Thank you, Dark, and all the authors who participated and the readers who asked the questions in the first place. Hopefully you enjoy this month's contribution! Ask...

Author Promo

Author Promo: Cia

Posted by , 23 March 2016 · 263 views
Author Promo, Cia
It's time for another author promo! If you'd like to promo your own work, take a look at the thread for guidelines and then PM me. For this month, our featured promo spot is for Cia. There were three questions that Cia had to answer for each story. The questions were What gave you the idea for this story? What was your favorite thing about writing this...


Ask An Author #37

Posted by , 02 March 2016 · 263 views
Interview, Ask An Author
I can't believe it's already March, and time for another Ask An Author feature! If you have a question that you'd like to ask a specific author, but don't want to do the actual asking, then send your question to Dark! I hope you enjoy this edition of Ask An Author, and a big THANK YOU to Dark for continuing to provide these. Ask an Author #37...


Ask An Author #36

Posted by , 03 February 2016 · 334 views
Interview, Ask An Author
It's the first Wednesday of the month again (can you believe it's already February?!) which means that it's time for our monthly Ask An Author feature. A big thank you to Dark for their continued contribution to the blog with one of our most popular features. Don't forget, if you have a question you'd like Dark to cover, send a PM! Also, a reminder, the S...

Author Promo

Author Promo: Mann Ramblings

Posted by , 27 January 2016 · 267 views
Author Promo, Mann Ramblings
Looks like it's time for another Author Promo! This month we're taking a look at Signature Author, Mann Ramblings. For his author promo, Mann was asked to pick three stories and answer the same three questions for each story. As a Signature Author, Mann also had the option of picking one of his published stories that could be found on Amazon. Hope you enj...


Ask An Author #35

Posted by , 06 January 2016 · 623 views
Interview, Ask An Author
Welcome back to another quirky question and answer session with your favorite authors! In AtA #34 , we had questions for authors Columbusguy, craftingmom, and pmdacey. In AtA #35, we hear from authors AC Benus , Aditus , and Mark Arbour . For their protection, the members who asked these questions shall remain nameless (unless they choose t...

Signature Excerpt

November Signature Excerpt: Circumnavigation By C James

Posted by , 11 November 2015 · 205 views
Signature Excerpt and 2 more...
This month we're featuring CJames' Circumnavigation with a whole new style of Signature features. Monday you probably saw the current ad banner running in Stories, as well as a signature banner fans can use to show their appreciation of his story. If you haven't, go check it out now and download your copy! We also featured several reviews of the story to...

Signature Feature

November Signature Feature: Circumnavigation By C James

Posted by , 09 November 2015 · 311 views
Signature Feature and 2 more...
This month we begin a brand new feature to promote our Signature Authors. Instead of the computer background each month, we're going to promote the featured Signature author's story with an ad banner that will run in Stories. I'm also adding a banner that works for personal signatures on the site for the authors and their fans to use to help promote their...

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