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Weekly Wrap Up!

Posted by , 11 October 2015 · 100 views
Weekly Review
First thing, a shout out to my fellow Canucks who are enjoying the Thanksgiving long weekend and stuffing their bellies with turkey. I know this is only relevant to a small number of our Members but I ask all of you to take a moment and think of all the things that you are thankful in your life :) Shall we look at the past week in the GA News Blog? M...


Prompt Me!

Posted by , 08 October 2015 · 140 views
Prompts, First Line, The Break and 1 more...
Well here we are again at the start of another weekend. Yes, it is Friday and that means it is time to tempt you all with some new prompts. Now that October is underway, some people might find it nice to curl up with some apple cider, a slice of pumpkin pie, and write! As usual it is time to see if we can encourage new authors, revitalize lagging authors,...

Weekly Wrap Up!

Posted by , 04 October 2015 · 156 views

So the seasons have changed from Summer to Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and from Winter to Spring in the Southern. Hoping that you are enjoying the changes in your area :) Shall we see what happened in the GA News Blog this past week? Monday was our monthly C S R Discussion Day with Cia doing an interview with Graeme. Some different questions wer...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up!

Posted by , 20 September 2015 · 141 views
Weekly Update
It appears that Renee is living up to her name this past week and is actually being a Crazy Mountain Lady. So if you were looking for her, you need to look up in the Mountains to find out where she is being crazy :) First thing I want to do is an announcement for all. Make sure you don't forget to read Graeme's "The Rainy Day " short story for this m...

Story Review

Featured Story: Future Imperfect

Posted by , 24 August 2015 · 212 views
Story Review, Bill W and 1 more...
Well, we're at the start of another week and this week we are going to look at a story written by Bill W called "Future Imperfect". If you like what Atruefan has to say in the review, why not go check out the story and leave the author a review! Also, if you've read a story you've enjoyed lately, and would like to see it featured in the GA News Blog, sim...

Writing Tip

Conflict Is Key

Posted by , 19 August 2015 · 207 views
Writing Tip
Sometimes it's hard to find new content to share in the GA News Blog. Lately, I've been looking back at some of the stuff that has been shared since the Blog started up again and I realized something. We have new authors joining all the time and not everyone wants to search through the News Blog and read the tips that have been shared. With that thought i...

Writing Tip

Grammar Rodeo #6

Posted by , 29 July 2015 · 331 views
Writing Tip
Who's ready for another Grammar Rodeo? Today's Grammar Rodeo is sorta a Part 2 of last weeks. A big thanks to Cia for providing these for the blog. They are a great learning tool and include some great tips and tricks to help authors remember what is best to use. Hopefully you'll find Grammar Rodeo #6 as informative as I did! 
Grammar Rodeo #6...


Prompt Me!

Posted by , 24 July 2015 · 271 views
Prompts, Creative, First Line
Hope everyone has had a great week so far and is looking forward to the weekend. What better way to start it off than with brand new prompts! If you've been feeling stuck, or maybe just want to do something a little different, maybe one of these prompts will jumpstart a new idea. A couple of things to remember: Prompt responses under 1,000 words must be p...

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday: Tagging Tutorial

Posted by , 30 June 2015 · 186 views
tech tuesday, tags
This week I wanted to talk about the power of the Tag in the forum software. It has been a feature in the software for a long time now. Although we use them slightly differently in our Stories Archive, they function the same with our search system. What is a tag?
It is a descriptive word that you can attach to a topic, blog, gallery image, ebook, st...

Story Collection

Celebrating Marriage

Posted by , 24 June 2015 · 373 views
Story Collection, Marriage
For something different, here's a blog about a topic that's been in the news recently: Marriage . This is not about politics, however; it's about how our authors have dealt with the topic. Surprisingly, at least to me when I first had this idea for a blog entry, there are no tags for marriage or weddings, so I'd like to thank everyone who helped me...