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Featured Story: Endings and Beginnings

Posted by , in Reviews, Feature Story, Blast From the Past 18 November 2013 · 283 views

It's time for another featured story! This week, Lisa was kind enough to provide us with a review of "Endings and Beginnings" by Viv, one of our Hosted Author's here at GA! Not only did she provide us a Hosted Review, but she also provided us with what could be considered a "Blast From the Past", so in essence, it's a two for one! We're always looking for...

Blast from the Past - Reminiscing and Changes

Posted by , in Blast From the Past, Site Tips 10 November 2012 · 1,159 views

We've been proud to bring you a daily GayAuthor.org News Blog for almost 10 months now.  Way back on January 15th of this year, Lugh launched the current version of the News Blog with "Newsblog -- Premier Edition", laying out the format and starting us...

Blast from the Past!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 03 November 2012 · 420 views

Saturday, our time for reflection.  And like sands through the hourglass, our gaze turns back to May 2004, to a very rough "The Gay Authors Newsletter", and an article by Jevic that stands the test of time.  Enjoy - and then later today, when you're getting ready to go to sleep (if you live in certain parts of the USA that do such...

Blast from the Past!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 27 October 2012 · 578 views

What's better than our typical looking back that being able to additionally highlight someone that I admire, who I've been fortunate to meet, who helps keep my husband's writings clearer...   I'm talking about Emoe57, editor and person extraordinaire   Here from the April 2008 GayAuthors.org old newsletter, the Gay Authors GAzette, is a...

Blast from the Past!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 19 October 2012 · 464 views

It's always fun looking back in time - this time, to our October 2006 issue of "The GAzette", GayAuthors.org's previous newsletter.  In this second issue, was a Poet's Corner, that I'd like to share with everyone today.  Disclaimer - normally I post these past newsletter items as they originally appeared, but for this one, I did...

Blast from the Past!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 13 October 2012 · 502 views

Looking back on old newsletters, I'm reminded of a program that we had of Author Chats.  This was before we had a regular chatroom, and so it was a special occasion to schedule a time that an author would go into chat and talk to the community.  I very clearly when DKStories had such a chat time, and I got to ask him some questions, that led to PM's...

Blast from the Past!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 06 October 2012 · 590 views

Yay - Saturday and a start to a great spring weekend....   Well - spring if you live upside down like Graeme, though fall for all of us normal people   ;-)

Speaking of our antipodean friend, Radiant Renee Stevens has done a great review of a 2007 Anthology story written by Graeme - his End of the World.

And on the subject of reviews - once again, we need...

Blast from the Past

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 29 September 2012 · 608 views

Saturday is a great time to relax, and for our GA News Blog, a time to look back.  Here is a great and very humorous article from our February 2007 newsletter - "Literary Jokes".  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did...

February 2007

Literary Jokes

A visitor to a certain college paused to admire the new...

Blast to the Future!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 22 September 2012 · 523 views

Ok - so again, hi-jack time.  Instead of looking back, I want to look forward, specifically to next Thursday.  The Trevor Project is setting September 27 as "Trevor Project Day."  This is part of National Suicide Prevention month and their...

Blast from the Past!

Posted by , in Blast From the Past 15 September 2012 · 812 views

This isn't the first time we've celebrated the beginnings of GayAuthors.org (nor will it be the last).  In December 2006, we had a great newsletter entry that we want to share again with you, in this Blast From the Past.  We also have a bit of an update posted below the entry.  Enjoy!

Dec. 2006
A Man, A Computer & A...