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Wacky Wednesday: Leaving Reviews

Posted by , in Members 14 August 2013 · 506 views

This is a first - normally we solicit articles or pull up things from the distant past, but for this week's blog article, I was looking around last Thursday and saw a personal blog that comicfan had written. As I read it, I went "Self - this is PERFECT." So after a little cajoling and offers of first-born puppies, I was able to [s]steal borrow his blog...

Wacky Wednesday: Editor/Beta Ballroom

Posted by , in Site News, Members 03 July 2013 · 646 views

Normally, the first Wednesday of the month is our Ask An Author series by Dark but he was gracious enough to let us bump him back. His next feature will be here next Wed, July 10th. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy this informative article from Louis and Joann on the Editor/Beta program!

The New Editor/Beta "Ballroom"
by Louis (aka LJH)...

NaperVic: 1968 - 2013, Rest In Peace

Posted by , in Members 22 May 2013 · 1,636 views

It's with great sadness that we report that one of our most notable members, NaperVic , passed away recently.  

As many of you know, Vic was an active guy who enjoyed working out and running with his dog Mina. He had been warming up for a race when he suffered a major heart attack. After being rushed to the hospital, he remained unconscious until he slip...

Wacky Wednesday - Pulse Behind the GA Crowd

Posted by , in Members, Interview 27 February 2013 · 485 views

As the month of February comes to a close, we are treated again to another installment of the "Pulse Behind the GA Crowd" - a monthly interview column from Yettie One, with this month a wonderful interview with Nephylim!Pulse behind the GA Crowd  by Yettie One In January Cia introduced us to the wonderful idea of the Can’t Stop Reading Book Club, and in J...

Featured Story: Three Edged Sword

Posted by , in Authors, Members 12 March 2012 · 1,973 views

One of the fun parts about doing the GA News Blog is to highlight authors on the site - especially our Hosted Authors. In this case, it is especially gratifying to share a review of a great short story by Myr. Andy021278 does a very comprehensive review of this five chapter complete fanfic. Enjoy the review, then hopefully the story...

Watt's Gnu?

Posted by , in Authors, Members 22 February 2012 · 588 views

Ok, ok, bad, bad Lugh... What's new? Well we have two for you -- enjoy!

The Mall

by Mike00

review by Cia

For those who love to read the unexpected, check out The Mall by...

Whats New?

Posted by , in Members 08 February 2012 · 683 views

Here lately I've been asking a lot of people to write reviews. Not just people I interact with all the time, or even interact well with. I thought it was important to bring that up. I also thought it was important to bring up that in many instances, old news is put aside so new news can be brought to you the reader. And for that I would like to thank...

What's New?

Posted by , in Authors, Members 01 February 2012 · 1,320 views

So... What's new? Today we have two new stories for you to take a look at... Pitch Perfect by Intune and Red Light by Robyn. So, go, take a look and review, review, review!

Pitch Perfect
by intune

reviewed by...

From: Replacing eFiction

Posted by , in Software, Members 04 February 2010 · 529 views
I am currently in the process of writing up program specifications for replacing eFiction.
Are there any features that you think eFiction is missing that you'd want?
Are there any features of eFiction that you would absolutely miss if they were removed?

Please provide feedback by following the source link below.