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G A's Newest Promising Author: Craftingmom!

Posted by in Gay Authors News, in Promotions 28 May 2015 · 148 views

Please join the Author Promotion Team in congratulating Craftingmom as GA's newest promoted author! Joining just about a year ago, Craftingmom quickly gained popularity on the site and became a favorite author for many readers. Her Tears of the Neko story, both the original and re-write, garnered a lot of interest on the site and launched her into GA's au...

Why Gays Win

Posted by in drak's sekrits, 27 May 2015 · 44 views

Why do we see gay rights ascendant in our modern world? Through hard work. Because gays work hard and support the society in which they live. Because gays are not only okay, but positively good and do good works.

When people are unencumbered of prejudice, in the final analysis, when str8 is teamed with gay in the trenches, and by the Goddess they are in...


Grammar Rodeo #4

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 27 May 2015 · 204 views

This time for the grammar rodeo, I thought I'd keep our subject matter simple and maybe even fun! Yes, yes, I swear, grammar can be fun--at least when you're like me and find a wicked glee in rolling your eyes at the grammar fails around you!! First, though, let's take a look at a technical writing tip that seems simple, but catches up more people than yo...

Seems To Be An Endless Array Of Tests

Posted by in Wayne's Updates, 26 May 2015 · 71 views

When you have health issues you like to go to the doctor, be told they found the problem and told how to fix it. Fix it can be drugs or diet, you don't care as long as your problem can be fixed.

Mine seems to just keep going.

My primary sent me for blood work, a sonogram, and other tests. He found new issues but not what was causing my original problem....

How Kiwis Cook

Posted by in The_Jordanation, 26 May 2015 · 66 views

I think this represents how New Zealanders truly make their food. You'll love this. ;)

Unsure About A Movie Theater Job

Posted by in Methodwriter85's Blog, 25 May 2015 · 75 views

I'm just got off my third shift as a concessions guy at a large movie theater. I can't stand it. I don't feel like I'm particularly good at this and I'm just not feeling it. I also don't really fit in as a guy who's 29 among a bunch of teenagers.
Should I just up and quit? Or should I just see it through to the end of the probation period, and then quit?...

I Miss Them.

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 25 May 2015 · 92 views

James - my namesake. He hit the beaches of Guadalcanal in 1942 and fought his way across the Pacific with the 1st Marine Division.

Richard - an Uncle on my Mom's side was a pilot in the old Army...

Meditations For A Fictional Story : Outlines For My Universe's Moral Compass

Posted by in Life is worth an entry, 24 May 2015 · 32 views

Writing is more than an exercise in your imagination; it is a meditation on creation and destruction, but not always good vs. evil.

I've come to realize that what I am aiming for in my story is not a traditional story of heroes and villains, but a story of three, maybe even four, potential directions.

Here's how the idea works, there are basically three...

Erin Go Brah

Posted by in The Wisdom of M, 23 May 2015 · 63 views

A big congratulations to my cousins on the Emerald Isle.

The Irish people now have a freedom many gay people still do not have here in the United States.

It may serve as a major indicator of the great change in our lives as gay men and women that we are on the verge of experiencing. Near universal acceptance in the Western World.

You must understand ho...

Haters And Bigots = Changes To My About Me Section

Posted by in Cazpedroso's Blog, 18 May 2015 · 154 views
haters, bigots, I am not changing

Just a short rant I promise. I have had to make some changes to my about me section and here is why..

I had a visit today from my church pastor and like I expected it was about… yep you guessed it, my writing. Apparently I am leading my readers down the wrong path and maybe am heading there myself. *cue the eye roll*

I won’t bore everyone with our co...

For 'him'

Posted by in Fortune and Mens Eyes, 17 May 2015 · 75 views

Might jaded be the cruelest of concepts,
The one that will allow no sleep at night,
The tormentor with its holy precepts
That only might possesses what is right?
How many are the fucking sad moments
When doubt intrudes on dreams with its moaning,
To tick like a clock with its arguments
That nothing's ever come from my groaning.
How to pray for relief when...

Luxembourg Pm First Eu Leader To Marry Same-Sex Partner

Posted by in Marc's Blog, 17 May 2015 · 77 views


congrats ... boy the world really has changed .. it was only a few short years ago that homosexuality was still illegal in most countries ..

Remembering Kathmandu

Posted by in Alex Canton's Blog, 14 May 2015 · 55 views

Five years ago I spent ten days in Kathmandu. It was on my bucket list, and I must say that I was enchanted with the people. Watching guys as old as myself holding hands while walking was a pleasant surprise -- not necessarily gay but just friends. I understand that the hotel I stayed in went down. I am so glad that I did include this trip in one of my n...

Overly Long Absence

Posted by in Wolf At The Keyboard, 12 May 2015 · 158 views

So I've not been about. This is not my fault.

1) our internet got cut off 5 days before we moved
2) we moved house
3) school blocked GA from all school computers
4) despite having moved in on the 2nd May, our internet didn't get connected until TODAY!

Normal people are irrational and grumpy without the web, so can you imagine what my life has been like...

Thank A Teacher

Posted by in TetRefine's Blog, 10 May 2015 · 151 views

So this past week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and I think it is all very important that everybody thank a teacher that really taught you something valuable. The very fact that you can enjoy reading on Gay Authors all stems from an early elementary school teacher showing you all the skills and techniques of being an effective reader. The fact that so ma...

This Week

Posted by in Random Thought's, 09 May 2015 · 97 views

This week is one I would not want to re-live ever.

It started on Sunday with one of the worst things that could ever happen. I got the call from my uncle that my sister has passed away. I didn't believe him and called him all sorts of things but he still stood my me. He was here for my parents while I was 1,000 miles away in Iowa. I got on the first flig...

Again, Sometimes The Fix Is Easy...

Posted by in Craftingmom's Blog, 02 May 2015 · 133 views

Okay, so here's my funny for today....

The safety release cable that connects from the engine to the handle on our lawnmower broke at the end of last season. We thought we'd have to buy a new mower but we managed to fix it and get it running again.

So I come home after dropping my daughter at her golf lesson, and there is one strip of lawn cut. My hu...

What a difference a year makes

Posted by in layla's Nightwhisperz, 21 April 2015 · 198 views

It’s been almost a year since I posted a blog entry, but what a different place I find myself in now to where I was a year ago which was kinda dark and more than just a little bit scary. When I read those last few blog entries I can see how much I was retreating inside myself, letting negativity and self-doubt take over and keep me from doing the things I...

Luxorian Fugitive is now an eBook!

Posted by in Mann's Ramblings, 20 April 2015 · 209 views

I almost can't believe this is really happening! My debut sci-fi thriller is now available! Paperback versions can be purchased from Wayward Ink Publishing (WIP)

Book One: Ship Logs of the Santa Claus


Buy Links:



Posted by in The Rossford Blog, 20 April 2015 · 224 views

Well, this is really written to a very few people--as my last article promising to post slower was written to very few people--and it is that I am incredibly grateful for those of you who have done something pretty impossible, read a very long, quite complicated story to the near end. Rossford is a challenge and it is difficult to stick with and comment o...

Boys and Sex

Posted by in Dabeagle's Blog, 16 April 2015 · 221 views

There has always been some inequality of the sexes - even tonight my son was teasing a teammate that he'd been beaten by a girl and I had to explain to him why that wasn't the way to tease. But, as was discussed in the recent Sanitaria Springs story, Asher, there exists a disconnect between boys and underage sex and girls - specifically when their partner...

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