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Prompt Me!

Posted by in Gay Authors News, in Writing Prompts 03 July 2015 · 47 views
Prompts, Creative, First Line

It's that time again! Yep, new prompts are here to hopefully spark your imagination. If you've been facing writers block, are new to writing, or just want to write something new, take a look. Don't forget to share your prompts in the prompt forum to give yourself a chance to be considered as the feature prompt response next week. This weeks prompts are:...

General Lee's Opinion On The Confederate Flag

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 02 July 2015 · 41 views

This is General Robert E. Lee. He was the South's top General and had a brilliant record on the battlefield. 
Lee was a gentleman. He was quite civilized and not to leave a trail of horrible battlefield atrocities. He was well thought of on both sides of the lin...

Just A Heads Up.

Posted by in Arpeggio's Blog, 02 July 2015 · 55 views

When my truck was stolen, so was my rent and utility money. I'm without a job right now, it's been rough, but it looks like it's going to get rougher starting the 15th. I'm trying to get the money, but it looks like it won't come in time. I'll probably be facing eviction. The thought of being homeless is pretty terrifying and embarrassing. I'm quite asham...

A Tri-Forum

Posted by in The_Jordanation, 02 July 2015 · 56 views

So you might've seen my latest forums called Eews-Day Tuesday, Whinge Binge Wednesday and ThugLife Thursday. 3 forums. 3 chances fof you to tell some stories. 3 more times for me to up my reputation points.  Anyway, I notice that Eews-day Tuesday seems to be getting more popularity than the other two. So I just wanted to get a poll here.
1. Which for...

I Don't Know What To Say

Posted by in aditus' Road Blog, 02 July 2015 · 100 views

You didn't go my way, I still loved you and I know you loved me. Good bye, Mama. 

152 Years Ago, The United States Was Saved From Breakup

Posted by in TetRefine's Blog, 01 July 2015 · 157 views

Today, July 1st, marks the beginning of the three day clash that is today known as the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. For those of you not up on American history, Gettysburg is a small town in the northern state of Pennsylvania. The Confederate Army's move into Pennsylvania was it's first (and only) attempt at invading into Northern soil, as the war up to...

It Feels Amazing!

Posted by in True's Ramblings -- A Blog, 01 July 2015 · 48 views
Priorities, writing

It Feels Amazing! Hey Everyone! 
It feels so amazing to finally have another chapter posted after a 7 week hiatus. I'm feeling a whole bunch better. I'm back to writing again, posted chapter 6 of Priorities and am well on the way to finishing Chapter 8 of It Can Work Out. 
Responses I've received on my work have really bolstered my confidence, now to avoid the t...


Posted by in MauriceNevyn's Blog, 01 July 2015 · 59 views

His screenname is Honeybox. I spend the morning talking to him. Glasses, handsome in a dorky self effacing way. I saw I would like to get to know him. He says he is not good to know, that at this time in his life he has given himself over to drugs he can't quit and dangerous sex he can't stop having. His profile changes. Tonight he and a friend are in Chi...


Ask An Author #29

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 01 July 2015 · 215 views
Interview, Carlos Hazday and 2 more...

Dang, it's hard to believe that it's already July! This year is just flying by. Today we have the next installment of Dark's Ask An Author feature. Before we get to that, I want to remind everyone that I am now taking theme suggestions for the 2016 Quarterly Anthologies. If you have a theme suggestion, make sure to post them in the thread which will rema...

Just Another Day

Posted by in ACEd it!, 30 June 2015 · 61 views

I think I might have inherited my mom's acting skills. Whenever my dad would yell at her, yeah, she'll yell back and get all upset, but then managed to go on like nothing ever happened. Even smile at the townsfolk and making small talk. 
I think I can do that too. I'll be laughing and joking around even after my sister goes crazy on me just because I...

To Shave Or Not To Shave Pubes?

Posted by in Life is worth an entry, 29 June 2015 · 93 views

No, I won't post images of the pre and post effects of trying out a clean look, site rules et al, :P Still, I just thought of sharing some thoughts on this practice. 
As some of you know, I am starting to get more into exercising and running in general, so one thing I noticed was that I was getting sweaty in my crotch area a lot more. Well after a fe...

Reflections: My One Year Anniversary

Posted by in Drew's Meandering Mind, 29 June 2015 · 189 views

On this day, June 29, 2015, I celebrate one year as a member of GA. :D :D :D To mark this day, I want to take a look at how I became a member, reflect on my first year, and take a guess at my future here :) 
Becoming a Member: One day in early June, I was perusing through Nifty's SF-Fantasy section and I came across a story called Your Alpha, M...

Robert E. Lee And The Confederacy

Posted by in drak's sekrits, 28 June 2015 · 90 views

As a boy, I was asked by our social studies teacher which famous person I admired most. I answered Robert E. Lee. Lindsey Graham reminded me of my boyhood choice in a recent news article, in which he said Yea to removing the Confederate Flag from public buildings, but Nay to renaming all the roads and schools that are named after Robert E. Lee. 

Congrats To The United States!

Posted by in wildone's Blog, 28 June 2015 · 71 views
Marriage Equality and 1 more...

Read a very interesting article, which didn't bring in politics :P 
The Declaration of Independence  
The right to Life; the upholding of Obamacare to ensure all Americans have the right to live and have access to the medical treatment to pursue that. 
The right to Liberty; States removing the Confederate Flag and symbols of the flag which...

Out And Proud

Posted by in The Fantastic Mr. Wilde, 27 June 2015 · 91 views
gender, identity, pride

Today, inspired by the good feels of Oslo's Pride celebration, I had a very public coming out on Facebook (very public; I even set it to 'public' so that any bigots who want to friend me will be able to see it and think better of it). I don't know what I expected, but my friends have just been heaping love and support on me, which is really wonderful. My...

Release Day Announcement: Guitars And Cages

Posted by in layla's Nightwhisperz, 26 June 2015 · 59 views

Today is the day! Guitars and Cages (formerly known as Guitars and Crossdressers) was released today by wayward ink. I cannot thank enough those who followed, liked, encouraged, reviewed and got behind Asher's story as it was being created.  
I am including here a link to my blog with book trailer, link and expert from the novel, as well as in invite...

Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal In All 50 United States.

Posted by in eon's Blog, 26 June 2015 · 102 views

The US Supreme Court today struck down all bans against same-sex marriage. 
That is all. (as if it weren't enough)

Basking Sharks

Posted by in Daddydavek's Blog, 24 June 2015 · 91 views

If you read Abel III's Awakening you know it involves telepathy. In my story, Basking Sharks on earth formed a primitive telepathic network in the world's oceans and seas. The news from Australia shows a picture of one that was inadvertently caught and the article is located at the following URL http://www.msn.com/e...ft-basking-s...

Flags Of Hate

Posted by in A Point of View..., 22 June 2015 · 236 views

http://www.sonofthes...erate-flags.jpg  http://www.jewishnew...azi-460x250.jpg  
Germany has accepted, atoned for and come to terms with its past and moved on to become a modern, progressive, successful and generally enviable nation.


Posted by in blog, 18 June 2015 · 77 views

I'm back? Lots of happenings. More later.

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