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Signature Background

September's Signature Background: Noah's New Plan By Rob Colton

Posted by in Gay Authors News, in Signature Background 29 August 2015 · 120 views
Signature Background and 2 more...

September is the start of the seasons changing... and this month I'm featuring a story that is all about making a change. We just started posting the newest Rob Colton novel in his Galactic Conspiracies series, The Degan Paradox, in our Premium section. I thought it would be fun to feature another one of his stories for our Signature Background this month...

Silence Cnn

Posted by in drak's sekrits, 29 August 2015 · 28 views

I am always on the lookout for ways to silence these media web sites that automatically activate my speakers and stream video into my computer without my permission. 
To read CNN rather than hear it, Firefox users can install NoScript, then forbid scripts running from turner.com. This simple solution transforms CNN.com into an online newspaper.

Vick As A Steeler

Posted by in Dabeagle's Blog, 29 August 2015 · 46 views

You don't have to be a football fan to read this, or to understand it because it isn't really about football. What it's about is our priorities, what we allow as a society. 
I can't get it out of my head how horribly dogs died at the hands of Michael Vick and, for my part, I think he's a monster. Many people defend him with the notion that 'he did hi...

Housekeeping In Old Virginia

Posted by in Cole Matthews' Dark and Dusty History Corner, 28 August 2015 · 57 views
cooking, cookbooks, history and 3 more...

On our recent trip, we did some antiquing and I found several fun old cookbooks. I think I will present some of my most interesting findings over the next couple of weeks. If you like cooking, eating, history, or goofiness, it should be enjoyable. Of course I am easily amused  Let's begin our old cookbook adventure. I started collecting these ches...

Lgbt Movie Review: "the Way He Looks"

Posted by in Life is worth an entry, 28 August 2015 · 54 views

Time to watch some movies and I pick the 2014 Brazilian film "The Way He Looks "; ironically, the movie is about a gay blind boy, like I could relate to that :D 
Sometimes, I feel like a unicorn, being both gay and legally blind (I am fully blind in my left eye and have 20/300 distance with 20/70 reading in my right eye). It's a rare subject and it'...


Posted by in skinnydragon's lunch, 28 August 2015 · 55 views

Having experienced a jillion years of Latin :gikkle: , you don't know how difficult it is for me to not use the subjunctive when David and Twoey are describing their points of view. But not too many 15 year old kids use the subjunctive case, at least not since about 500 AD. So I just wince and carry on. :pinch: 
O! Utinam ne pueri Diligibat!!


Prompt Me!

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 28 August 2015 · 131 views
Prompts, Creative, List of Words

Hope everyone has had a great week so far and is looking forward to the weekend. What better way to start it off than with brand new prompts! If you've been feeling stuck, or maybe just want to do something a little different, maybe one of these prompts will jumpstart a new idea. A couple of things to remember: Prompt responses under 1,000 words must be p...

Excerpt Three From Becoming Real

Posted by in Fortune and Mens Eyes, 27 August 2015 · 38 views

Excerpt Three from Becoming Real:  Hello, all! The book club this month is featuring my collection of coming out stories, Becoming Real . I will be live to chat on the 31st , but for those of you who may not know what to expect from the work, I think I will post a few sample excepts. These are a personal sampling, and just meant to give you the flav...

Another Late Night Confession

Posted by in Wayne's Updates, 26 August 2015 · 76 views

I'm tired but can't sleep and I have to be up again in just seven hours. 
My mind is on the go and right now I can't get it to quiet. Too many things to deal with, too many things to wish for, too many bills to pay, too many demands, and above all far too little time and too little me. Ideas and Ideals, stories, obligations, dreams, and hopes swirl a...

Bts Supplies

Posted by in ACEd it!, 26 August 2015 · 92 views

Okay, no more ranting this time around :*) Some of you may or may not know my obsession with stationary and office supplies :D. And I am a HUGE fan of BTS Haul videos! And also the What's in my Pencil Case/Backpack videos. I really love watching the videos and seeing what students from all over the world would normally bring for school, though I...

Brandon Smiling Soundtrack Track List

Posted by in Brandon Smiling: The Soundtrack, 23 August 2015 · 61 views
Billy Chase Brandon Music

Link to Playlist on YouTube:

Iris – Cover by Future Sunsets of Goo Goo Dolls (the theme song of the Billy Chase Chronicles per Comicality’s trailer – Brandon Style!)
Let It Happen – Tame Impala (Brandon’s main theme)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Cover by George Michael of t...

Amazon Workplace Culture

Posted by in Methodwriter85's Blog, 23 August 2015 · 95 views

Hey guys, I thought I'd point you guys to this rather fascinating expose I read by the New York Times about the corporate culture of the Amazon Workplace. 
Amazon: Wrestling Ideas in a Bruising Workplace  
It paints a picture of Amazon as this "every man for themselves" environment, where workers are encouraged to work well over 40 hours a week...

Kung Fu And The Art Of Living

Posted by in Blog of Cynus the Pan-Ace, 22 August 2015 · 72 views

I shared this quote on the "Inspirational Quotes" forum a short while ago, and it was brought to my mind again in response to several of the comments on my last blog posting:  
"If you one day make it back to the West, what will you tell men of this strange word, 'kung fu'? Will you tell them that it means to fight? Or will you say like a monk from...

An Unexpected Addition

Posted by in The_Jordanation, 21 August 2015 · 110 views

It's not too often now days that I post things on my blog, and when I do it's because I'm being either an offensive faggot or in a jovial mood where I post random bullshit. But this blog post is neither of those for once. This post is about something interesting that happened to me today.  There I was at Period 1 Geography (yes I take geo DON'T...

Deez Nuts For President!

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 20 August 2015 · 84 views

Deez Nuts for President!  
The time is NOW for Deez Nuts! 
Who do you want? 
A billionaire egomaniac? 
An old biddy lawyer/politician that skates just ahead of the indictments? 
How about one out of a bunch of religious nuts? 
A failed CEO o...

Come Join Us On "the Alphabet Game"

Posted by in The Alphabet Game, 19 August 2015 · 110 views

(If this is an improper use of a blog, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.) The Alphabet Game is a game we've been playing over in the "Forum Games and Humor" section of the site. We've been having a lot of fun over there, and we'd love to see you there, too. The object is for us to take turns writing lines, with each successive line...

Duggar Diddles Kids & Uses Ashley Madison

Posted by in TetRefine's Blog, 19 August 2015 · 154 views

You can't make this shit up. A man who pretended to stand up for conservative family values has been outed as a child molester, and now using a website to cheat on his wife. These people are such a fucking joke. :wizard: 

A Shocking Secret Shame

Posted by in The Wisdom of M, 17 August 2015 · 143 views

Upon doing some research for my next story I came across this article.
I had no idea that it was this bad for men who have been raped.  Some dark places in this world are unbelievable barbaric! http://www.theguardi...the-rape-of-men

Of Weddings And Broken Hearts

Posted by in lilansui's Blog, 14 August 2015 · 101 views

 Decided to go for a certain wedding, dressed in red. I figure supporting is better than sulking at home like a little child.
This is the point where I discover that I'm a tad masochistic. I had lunch with one of my friends the other day, and we got to talking about how it gets harder to make friends as we grow older. I'm thirty-one right now, a...

A Sad Day

Posted by in ColumbusGuy's Blog, 11 August 2015 · 214 views

You may remember my Traditional Siamese Bortai from previous blogs...I got her and her brother Genghis when they were only a few months old back in 2001...Genghis was stolen in 2005, which left just me and Bortai until I got another stray Siamese, Chula, from my sister. Chula has been gone just over two years now from a resistant respiratory infection...s...

Broken Angel

Posted by in My Life ~ My Views, 11 August 2015 · 105 views

Broken Angel In everyone's life there will be a tragic hit you like speed breaker. Some will give no pain and some a little. But God will give this kind of tragedy that will give you so much pain that can't be bearable and can't replace... I have gone through these kind of heart broken things that I wish never happened. When God think you are happy and to test yo...

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