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Weekly Wrap Up (Dec 4 - 10)

Posted by in Gay Authors News, in Weekly Update 11 December 2016 · 40 views
Weekly Update

Not sure where in the world you are, but Winter has finally arrived here :( Temperatures reaching highs of -20C / -4F has kept me in a lot and doing a lot of reading instead. Enough about the weather, lets see what happened on the site this week. Monday we had Cia introduce us to the December CSR Feature . This month we are going to look at Kuragari1...

All About Me (Just How I Like It) :)

Posted by in ValentineDavis21's Blog, 11 December 2016 · 0 views

All About Me (Just How I Like It) :) My name is Valentine Davis. Even though I have been a member of Gay Authors since October I consider myself to be a rookie. I always believed that writing was the hardest part of being an author but actually writing a book isn't really that hard, the editing process is. It's also the most painful. You spend so long working on your baby and helping it grow...

Calculating Pi... By Hand!

Posted by in Drew's Slice of Pi, 09 December 2016 · 133 views

Today, we know π to well over the trillionth decimal place. It is a number that has shown up throughout mathematics, so it is no surprise that mathematicians have been dealing with the number for millennia. The mathematicians of the Ancient world observed that the circumference of a circle was just over three times the diameter. So, they set out to e...

Writing Prompts #542 & #543

Posted by in Writing Tips, 09 December 2016 · 91 views
Writing Prompts, Creative

Today I get to be Renee! Woohoo! This time of year, it seems everyone is busy, busy, busy. But surely you have a bit of time to write some flash fiction, don't you? Last week we had two repeat Why don't you check out the prompts below. Hopefully they'll spark some inspiration.  Prompt 542 – Creative
Tag – List of words
Use the following words i...

Thank You All For Your Well Wishes

Posted by in Craftingmom's Blog, 09 December 2016 · 69 views

I just wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful notes and prayers for my mom. November was really hard as my mom first found the lump in her hip and we waiting for her to go have it biopsied, then of course another wait for the results... B-cell lymphoma... the dreaded "C" word. And just before thanksgiving, so more waiting and stressing about just...

Life In Lowercase

Posted by in Mikiesboy's Blog, 07 December 2016 · 210 views

Some people have asked me why I refer to myself as tim - not Tim. Some have been mightly upset that i do (i have trouble writing I rather than i as well). 
Many people accept my choice of lowercase, others not so much. Some refuse to write my name that way, saying i shouldn't do it. Well, i figure it's up to me. 
There are reasons i do it, most...

Need Help From Classic Author Fans!

Posted by in Stuff from Cia, 07 December 2016 · 128 views

Are you a fan of some of our Classic Authors? Want to help me out in a way that takes only minutes of your time but could revive some of the oldie but goodie stories on the site? Then I need your help! 
I'm sure many of you have seen the monthly Signature Author features where we promote one of their stories with a few copied reviews in the site blog...

Sad News

Posted by in Strife and Harmony, 07 December 2016 · 138 views

My stepdad was diagnosed with cancer back in September. He passed away a couple hours ago.


December C S R Feature: My Life Started At The End Of The World By Kuragari129

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 05 December 2016 · 153 views
CSR Feature, Kuragari129

December is the end of the year, and I thought we could feature another end... Kuragari129's story, My Life Started at the End of the World. This is a story of how things can change, and all too often do, when teenagers are learning their way through life. Of course throwing in something like a rumor of the apocalypse really ups the drama! You'll have to...

Oh, It's December Again.

Posted by in Wayne's Updates, 01 December 2016 · 92 views

HI all. 
I figured I would let everyone know I'm still alive and functioning. Just been a bad year.  
I have managed to get some stories done. Luckily I did them early. This has been a year of things going boom. My car died. My computer dies. I became a full blown diabetic. I lost 70 pounds. I've been really sick, but I keep going.  
I do a...

Growing A Fire

Posted by in My kingdom by the sea, 01 December 2016 · 67 views


And The Band Played On . . .

Posted by in The Wisdom of M, 01 December 2016 · 78 views

And The Band Played On . . . A fairly effective film about the early days of AIDS from its discovery through the political machinations of its progress through the 1980s. 

A story every young gay man and woman should know.

Holiday Advent Calendar By Valkyrie, Cole Matthews, & Aditus

Posted by in Author News, 30 November 2016 · 236 views
Advent Calendar, Aditus and 1 more...

When do you start the holiday season? For quite a few Americans it's the end of November, often the day after Thanksgiving, though stores are starting earlier and earlier. But for a lot of the world, the countdown begins on December 1st with many marking off the days to December 25th with an Advent Calendar. And today we're featuring a GA version created...

Bullshit 101 - On The Job 2

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 30 November 2016 · 57 views

As a public service, I am going to show you how to detect bullshit. When you hear these phrases, you know that you are in t he presence of major league bullshit.  
We offer an upwardly mobile career path with competitive compensation.  
Bullshit! You'll get laid off before you can make any real money unless management likes you. 

Distractions Abound

Posted by in Renee's News, 27 November 2016 · 138 views

So, as some might have noticed, I've been a bit distracted lately. The site news blog sometimes appears late, and/or I forget something that I'm supposed to include in the blog. Or maybe you have sent me a PM and it takes longer than usual for me to respond. And let's not talk about me being way behind in answering reviews for my premium story "Rough Stoc...


Anthology Discussion Day - November 2016

Posted by in Anthology News, 26 November 2016 · 180 views
Anthology, Discussion

Well, it's the last discussion day before the Special Anthology is due. I can tell you, that as of right now, there are three entries with the proof team, and four have been submitted. Just a reminder, that the deadline is December 14th, so if you have a story you're working on for it, you still have time to finish up and get it submitted to the proof tea...

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Posted by in Methodwriter85's Blog, 26 November 2016 · 63 views

Well, the 2016 Thanksgiving weekend is upon us...I guess my biggest "Thanks" is for the fact that I'm in generally decent health and I'm still gainfully employed, even if I'm not making too much. 
I pretty much worked on Thanksgiving morning, and then I went over to my Vegan Sister's house for a Vegan Thanksgiving. It wasn't too bad. Then today my mo...

book covers

Judge Me By My Cover

Posted by in Wolf At The Keyboard, 19 November 2016 · 155 views
book covers, artwork and 2 more...

So let's dive right in and make people angry: I fucking hate most gay fiction book covers and story promo images used online. I detest them. They're shit.
I see some ridiculous things, some terrible things, and some things which are generally pathetic. I have beef with people simply taking images from google and shoving them together in paint or Photoshop...

Update On Where I've Been

Posted by in Blog of Cynus the Pan-Ace, 17 November 2016 · 213 views

All right, I think it's about time I sat down and gave everyone the full rundown of what happened.
Over the past two and a half weeks I have lived a romance novel as deep and epic as anything I've ever written. I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me, yet here I am, and oh what a story it is.
It begins three years ag...

Born To Run

Posted by in Riding Thoughts, 17 November 2016 · 125 views
Bruce Springsteen

"The Presidential Medal of Freedom is not just our nation's highest civilian honor – it's a tribute to the idea that all of us, no matter where we come from, have the opportunity to change this country for the better," Barack Obama   Asbury Park Press   

A New Underground Railroad- Story Idea

Posted by in Life is worth an entry, 14 November 2016 · 77 views

I was chatting with some friends on facebook and got an interesting idea if things do go sour for LGBT in affected areas. 
What if a new underground railroad was set up to help runaway gay kids find safe havens in states like Massachusetts or California. 
My first thought on this, it is basically illegal to help a child under the age of consent...

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