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Premium Promo

Premium Promo: Galactic Conspiracies Series

Posted by in Gay Stories, 22 June 2016 · 107 views
Premium Promo and 2 more...

While the majority of the site is free, Premium Stories are available to members for a small fee. Premium access can be purchased in increments of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. We'll take a look at each of the stories that can be found in Premium to give you an idea of what is available. Some of our Premium Stories are part of a series. Today w...

The Year Of Newness

Posted by in TetRefine's Blog, 24 June 2016 · 64 views

2015 kicked my ass, but I've now come to realize I'm better for it. I lost my job, had very little money, and I could see my relationship of 6 years crumbling. So I did what just about every gay man in his 20s does to cope, and turned to partying and Grindr to help me get away from it all. Predictably, it all ended in disaster that even a blind man could...


Writing Prompts #508 & #509

Posted by in Writing Tips, 24 June 2016 · 42 views
Prompts, Creative, Word List

Happy Friday, Y'all!!!!! Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! To help start your weekend off right, it's time for some new prompts. Hopefully one of these great prompts will inspire you, and don't forget to share your responses (at least a link) so that they can possibly be featured next week. Also, as always, remember that prompt...

Ever Been A Victim Of Violence?

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 23 June 2016 · 87 views

If you have, you know how much it sucks. You know that your survival isn't guaranteed when you are helpless in the hands of those that have bad intentions. 
It's happened to me twice as an adult. I pretty much lived with it as a teen. 
Once was a rather serious beating I took as an 18 year old freshman. There was more too it than that but it was...

When Your Other Favorite Forum Becomes A Nightmare

Posted by in Strife and Harmony, 20 June 2016 · 154 views

Over the years, I've loved two forums, this one of course and another. The other forum, as of late, has gone to shit. A certain group of assholes started harassing me almost constantly. The staff was almost certainly aware of it and did nothing. They resorted to things like neg repping random posts, comparing me to a member who is a total nutjob who actua...

When Love Takes Over

Posted by in Riding Thoughts, 20 June 2016 · 82 views

Story Review

Featured Story: Thaw

Posted by in Gay Stories, 20 June 2016 · 242 views
Story Review, Thaw, Puppilull

Being the start of a new week, Monday's are also a good time to take a look at some of the different stories that can be found on Gay Authors. With so many great works, it can be easy to overlook one and Monday's provide an opportunity for us to help make one of them stand out and maybe catch your interest. Today, we're bringing you a review by Timothy M...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 12 - Jun 18)

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 19 June 2016 · 121 views
Weekly Update

It's once again time to take a look at what has happened here on GA this past week. Emotions have run high after the news about the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida. While many of us couldn't find the words to say how we felt, Steve managed to do what we couldn't, and shared some thoughts on what happened in Orlando . Some authors, both here at GA and...

New Things Are Coming

Posted by in CassieQ's Fractured Thoughts, 18 June 2016 · 49 views

I am the type of person who likes documenting my life sometimes, so here is a blog post. :P 
I realized that it has been over a year since I posted a story. But this year, two things happened that I am hopeful will get some new work up. 
Firstly, I realized that Adderall was completely fucking up my life. I did really well at work (I had the...


Poetry Call In Aid Of The Orlando Families/survivors. .

Posted by in Cazpedroso's Blog, 17 June 2016 · 128 views
OrlandoPoetry, fundraising

Calling all poets. A fellow author, Lilly G Blunt, is putting together a poetry anthology. with all the royalties going to help the survivors and families of the dead. The suggested route for the money at the moment is https://www.gofundme...ulsevictimsfund but this has not been confirmed yet. Details can be found in the Public Facebook Grou...

Studly Ranch Hands ~ Coming Soon To Gay Authors Premium

Posted by in Renee's Story News, 16 June 2016 · 85 views

Keep your eyes out, I'll have a new story coming to Gay Authors Premium in the very near future!  http://www.gayauthor...1644_196848.jpg

Marc got what he’d wanted for years, but it’s enough to tear apart his friendship with Casey. Marc tries to avoid Casey, but that’s not always possible....

Story Announcement For 0's And 1's Book 2

Posted by in Life is worth an entry, 15 June 2016 · 51 views

Before I start, I just want people to know, Equality Florida has raised 4.6 Million for the victims of the Orlando attack:  This is an awesome cause and I'm probably going to donate again, when I get my next pay check.
Now to the main subject: I am postponing the publication of Book 2 until O...

Goodbye Rambo

Posted by in Melancholy ... the broken staff of life, 13 June 2016 · 119 views

Was it inevitable? We’ll never know. 
What is known is that my son’s 90 lb. German Shepherd bit me yesterday morning with no provocation. I was sitting at the desk working on the laptop and Nana was rummaging around my chair. I reached down to pet her and Rambo chomped down onto my forearm and wrist with enough force to draw blood. Luckily for me, th...


Posted by in Foster, 12 June 2016 · 83 views

6.11.16 Momentary
Glimpsed here
and there
A day
Of mundane attitudes
Of an embattled heart

Greytones, Or A Soap Opera In Print

Posted by in Mortal Morphology, 09 June 2016 · 63 views

Sometimes mediums (as in TV or literature) transcend each other. For example, a book being turned into a film, or even vice versa. But you normally don't find, 9 times out of 10, a television show — or the idea of a television show — transmuted onto paper. 
This is my goal. After thinking about how 'soap operas' captivated their readers and elicited...

2016 Summer Anthology - Wicked Games ~ Now Live

Posted by in Anthology News, 09 June 2016 · 495 views

Attention all GA Members! Put your pen and paper down and put on those reading glasses, if you have them. It's time to do some reading, as the 2016 Summer Anthology is now live for your enjoyment! We had seven authors take up the challenge of the Wicked Games theme and there are eight new stories and poems for you to go through. Don't forget, if you like...

Last Post Wins

Posted by in Site Fun, 07 June 2016 · 169 views

Last Post Wins

This year, the topic Last Post Wins (found in Forum Games and Humor ) celebrates it’s ninth year and is probably the longest running game with thousands of replies and a few hundred pages.

The first post starting the game was on June 7, 2007 by Razor. The rules are simple, the last person to make a post is the winner.


Hangin' Out At Alumni Weekend

Posted by in Methodwriter85's Blog, 05 June 2016 · 67 views

University of Delaware has something we call Alumni Weekend, where hordes of former Blue Hens come back and visit campus to relive their past, including and up to staying in the dorms. 
I wound up spending a nice afternoon with a couple that I knew in passing at UD, Johanna and Chris. Johanna was an R.A. with my friend Stephen, and we wound up connec...


Posted by in The Wisdom of M, 03 June 2016 · 90 views

Live! "Don’t commit suicide because that’s what they want – If you commit suicide, they win. Choose life if only to spite them and p*** them off."  
~Genesis P Orridge of the influential band Throbbing Gristle.


Ask An Author #39

Posted by in Author News, 01 June 2016 · 243 views
Interview, Ask An Author

I'm back! Did you miss me? A huge thank you to AJ, Cia, Steve, and Slytherin for helping cover me while I was gone. It was much appreciated. Speaking of being back, Ask An Author is returning to start the month off right! Ask An Author is one of our most popular blog features, and I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Dark for supplying us month after month....

Touching Base

Posted by in Blog of Cynus the Pan-Ace, 31 May 2016 · 96 views

This is something I wrote to my Patreon supporters, but I figured I'd seek some input here, too.

Hello everyone!

I'm writing to inform you of a number of things going on with my writing at the moment.

First, I will soon be releasing another serial titled "Fearless". It's a shorter work, only 11 chapters long, and it was fun to write,...

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