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C S R Discussion Day: The Window Washer By Zenith

Posted by in Gay Authors News, in CSR Book Club 25 July 2016 · 59 views
CSR, The Window Washer, Zenith

This month we're featuring Zenith's story, The Window Washer . Did you have a chance to read it? Hard to believe the discussion day is already here, but it is. Check out my questions to Zenith, where I pump him for vital information like his clothing habits, and he reveals his favorite places to plot! :o ​ Have you ever gone out in public, realized y...

My Garden

Posted by in Lucky dip, 25 July 2016 · 4 views

My Garden My garden – if this brings up a vision of a wide, green expanse, think again. My garden is a collection of around 40 pots and planters crammed onto a patio outside my ground floor flat and I love it dearly. 
When I moved down here for my first job I was terribly homesick. Mum (who had the greenest of green fingers) included two ready-planted pots in...

Happy Yet Sad

Posted by in My Life ~ My Views, 24 July 2016 · 49 views

Happy Yet Sad Feelings. Both happy and sad. They lay beside each other with a thin gap, needle like. Some are happy for some thing and they cry for being happy, called happy tears. Some are sad and again cry here too, called various names. Breaking apart, grieving or just tears. Happy and sad, both has different roles in someone's life in various situations. Or in...


Weekly Wrap Up (July 17 - July 23)

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 24 July 2016 · 76 views
Weekly Update

I'm back! A huge thank you to Cia and Steve for their work on the blog during my vacation. I hope everyone had a great week, but before I get started on the wrap up, I wanted to give a quick reminder that the theme selection for the 2017 anthologies has started. To post your suggestions, visit the thread , but please make sure to read the guidelines poste...


Writing Prompts #516 & #517

Posted by in Writing Tips, 22 July 2016 · 70 views
Prompts, Creative, Word List

Happy Friday, Y'all!!!!! Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! To help start your weekend off right, it's time for some new prompts. Hopefully one of these great prompts will inspire you, and don't forget to share your responses (at least a link) so that they can possibly be featured next week. Also, as always, remember that prompt...

Avocados, Noise And Utopian Zombies.

Posted by in stuff!, 22 July 2016 · 73 views
words, etymology

Avocados, Noise And Utopian Zombies. Sometimes it's really funny when you look into words and just how they came about or came to have the meaning that they have today. I don't guarantee that I've got it right for this list of words, but it's interesting and amusing anyway. 
It means testicle. No really. It's from the Aztec word 'ahuakatl' meaning of testicle, maybe it got...


Posted by in asamvav111's Rainbow Couch, 22 July 2016 · 49 views
Prose Poetry, Love, Vista and 1 more...

Somewhere on the other side of the rainbow, in a land far far away, there will be a tree. An old majestic tree it will be, with its red, green and purple leaves, and its ancient curved branches extending their embrace from one horizon to another, standing solemnly in an emerald valley beneath the starry night in a solitary prayer. Underneath that tree old...

Called A Faggot For The First Time

Posted by in TetRefine's Blog, 21 July 2016 · 170 views

Today I had a belated first of sorts. For the first time ever, I was called a 'faggot' in a disparaging way. I've always been easily able to pass off as straight, so I've been able to avoid really any direct harassment for being gay. I think too that a lot of (especially straight) guys feel more comfortable around me because they view it as "he's gay, but...

Mount St. Helens

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 21 July 2016 · 50 views

https://s19.postimg....2b/DSCN0479.jpg  Mount St. Helens wreathed in cirrus clouds. https://s19.postimg....pf/DSCN0495.jpg  
Debris field caused by St Helen's lahars  https://s19.postimg....b7/DSCN0525.jpg  Mount Adams- another stratovolcano about 35 miles east of St. Helen's. It is 2nd only to Rainier i...

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, "the Faggot"

Posted by in Melancholy ... the broken staff of life, 20 July 2016 · 46 views

As far as I am concerned the only sure therapy to a psychologically troubled mind is to have a productive hobby and to practice it on a regular basis. Medicinally, I am stable with an effective mood stabilizer and an anti-depressant specifically developed to treat depression associated with bipolar disorder. 
That leaves my hobby which is writing. I’...

Health Update

Posted by in Musings from Valhalla, 19 July 2016 · 163 views

I've been having 'female issues' since the beginning of the year and recently underwent some updated testing. About three months ago, I had an ultrasound that showed a small, septated cyst on my left ovary. I also had a cervical polyp that was removed during the examination. Septated means segmented, and as far as cysts go, that is generally not good. The...

It's Live! Cosmic Inception Is An Ebook!

Posted by in Stuff from Cia, 18 July 2016 · 50 views

As with the other two books in my Saving Corleia series, Cosmic Inception is now available as an eBook published with Dreamspinner Press! Today is the official release day, and to celebrate I'm doing a tour on a bunch of websites and blogs for the next ten days while running a Rafflecopter contest with a variety of prizes. 

One Way To Name That Tune ...

Posted by in Musically speaking , 17 July 2016 · 81 views

One Way To Name That Tune ... I feel I should start this post Once upon a time there was a world with virtually no internet. ... 
Anyway, back in 1992 the UK Arts Council declared my local city to be 'UK city of music' for the year. This was the signal for an amazing year of musical performances, experiments and experiences. My workplace decided to re-package one part of our oper...

So, This Happened

Posted by in Dabeagle's Blog, 16 July 2016 · 128 views

We're in a little bit of a tail spin over here. 
In March of this year we were asked if we'd consider adopting our foster child as his mother wasn't doing what she needed to. We said yes and we've been laying the groundwork since then. So you understand, this mother has had 10 years with this child. She is a meth addict who will not cooperate with tr...

Love is Love

***out Now*** Love Is Love Poetry Anthology: In Aid Of Orlando's Pulse Victims And Survivors

Posted by in Cazpedroso's Blog, 16 July 2016 · 109 views
Love is Love, Orlando, Out now

https://cazpedroso.f...ove-is-love.jpg  Blurb  LOVE IS LOVE Poetry Anthology A collection of poems written by over fifty authors in aid of the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse Attack. On June 12, 2016, the most horrendous mass shooting in US history and an unfathomable act of hate was directed at the LGBT comm...

The Seashell Soundtrack

The Seashell Soundtrack The Seashell: https://www.youtube....14oevhZU1SVnJgQ
~~~~~~~~~~ From the Brothertiger album 'Out of Touch' and 'The Pearl' by Brian Eno and Harold Bud.  1. The Pearl (The Cove)
2. Fall Apart (The Love Song of a Sea God)
3. Engulfed (Under the Wine Dark Sea)
4. A Stream With Bright Fish (Neptune and the Wonders...


Posted by in Foster, 13 July 2016 · 76 views

7.13.16 Wilbur and Charlotte  Sometimes

2017 Anthology Theme Selection

Posted by in Anthology News, 13 July 2016 · 180 views
Anthology Themes

It's that time of year again!!! As those who have been here for years can tell you, it's the members who help us determine the themes for the years anthologies. Even with all the recent changes to the anthology, we still want the members to help us come up with suggested themes. From now, until July 30th, the GA membership can suggest themes and then a g...

Is The C Word Still Offensive?

Posted by in Strife and Harmony, 12 July 2016 · 132 views
Profanity, Sexism, Feminism and 1 more...

Okay, so I know on the main forum, we can't say cunt. I think we can on our blogs? Anyway, the other day, this dude called these women cunts on another board. They didn't even seem offended. The took the word, cunt, as a compliment. What the fuck? My uncle once tossed his son out of a god damn window for calling his mom that. Is this word even considered...

So, What Have I Learned About Relationships?

Posted by in Life is worth an entry, 11 July 2016 · 130 views

I tried dating someone older and for a while it was fun. He was mature, thoughtful, understanding, considerate, and let's face it sex was amazing. He had the experience and I had the energy to go extra innings, let's leave it at that. 
So what ruined it: 
A simple call to his cell raised a few questions and things just happened from there, you c...

The Hello Project

Posted by in Blog of Cynus the Pan-Ace, 11 July 2016 · 71 views

I personally believe that the sickness in our society, the one which leads to the upwelling of depression, anxiety, violence, and bigotry, is rooted in the same cause for all symptoms. Terry Pratchett put it bluntly when he said, “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.”  
Others have expressed the same sentiment in diffe...

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