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Prompt Me! #496 & # 497

Posted by in Writing Tips, 29 April 2016 · 108 views
Prompts, First Line, Creative

Happy Friday, Y'all! Who's ready for a couple of new prompts? Can't believe it's already the last Prompt Me for April. This year just seems to be flying by. Remember, if your prompt response is less than 1,000 words, it can be posted in GA Stories as long as it's part of a collection. Now, let's see what comicfan has for you this week.

Prompt 496 – Crea...

The Four Fuk-Tards Of The Apocalypse Or... It's Over Folks

Posted by in jamessavik's Blog, 30 April 2016 · 46 views

http://s19.postimg.o..._apocalypse.jpg  The end is near! These are the best choices of our venerable political system and wise statesmen. I can only conclude that our civilization is in serious decline if the best we can do is the deeply corrupt, a socialist, billionaire blowhard grifter and a creepy religious fanatic...

Fun Home On Broadway

Posted by in Percy's Blog, 29 April 2016 · 52 views
Broadway show, workplace and 2 more...

The rain blew in tonight. Plan A had been a run in Central Park after work this evening. I ended up working about an hour later than planned and it was drizzling when I left the office. 
Plan B should have been running on the treadmill in the hotel gym. But when I walked off the elevator instead of turning left towards Radio City Music Hall, I turned...

Started Blog

Posted by in Cody Waustin's Blog, 28 April 2016 · 62 views

Okay. So, I have wanted to have a blog/journal, so I guess this is as good a place as any. My blog will be very much like a journal documenting some of my general thoughts and observations. Today has been a beautiful day in West Texas. Weather is beautiful. Wish I could go out and play golf today. Unfortunately, I have to be at my desk... even...

Moving Out

Posted by in James Bond007's Blog, 27 April 2016 · 102 views

Hey! So, I will try and have a 'Weekly Wednesday Update' lol
So, I am having my bed delivered tomorrow and I will officially be moved out!
I am excited to start this new phase of my life. :) Next, my life just seems to become more complicated. I do not even bring up my sexuality to my family, yet I just can't be myself. My sister, the first person I...

stories 2.0

Gay Authors Software Update

Posted by in Site Technology, 27 April 2016 · 321 views
stories 2.0, software update

It has been quite a while, hasn't it? I wanted to write to update everyone on where we are.

We have been in a holding pattern for over a year now regarding upgrading our forum software to the newest version (4.1.x). In many ways this has benefited us, as they have discovered many issues that have been resolved. However it has been a real pain in other r...

Everybody Wants Some (Richard Linkater's Latest Movie)

Posted by in Methodwriter85's Blog, 25 April 2016 · 51 views

Hey, did anyone get a chance to check out the movie trailer for Richard Linklater's newest film, Everybody Wants Some ? It's set during the opening weekend of the 1980-1981 school year at a Texas college, and follows a freshmen pitcher as he adjusts to life as a member of college baseball. 
I was able to catch a screening of the movie last Friday. (I...


C S R Discussion Day: Dean Warner Intrigues By Daddydavek

Posted by in Gay Authors News, 25 April 2016 · 201 views
CSR Discussion and 2 more...

This month I featured Daddydavek's first story on the site, Dean Warner Intrigues. This story has been called absolutely wonderful and great by reviewers. What did you think? Make sure you share your thoughts about this story below, but first enjoy my interview with Daddydavek! Dean Warner Intrigues
by Daddydavek  Who do you like best, Jer...

More Thoughts On Being Crazy

Posted by in Melancholy ... the broken staff of life, 23 April 2016 · 61 views

I’ve been working on this blog entry for a couple weeks now, but every time I think it has developed into something to publish, I don’t. Mostly, it’s all because of my new mental state which is now controlled by the ingestion of 2,000 mg of valproate sodium (Depakote) to stabilize my moods. Mania is mostly held at bay and never lasts more than a week; dep...

Prompt Me! #494 & #495

Posted by in Writing Tips, 22 April 2016 · 155 views
Prompts, Word List, Creative

Happy Friday! A little birdie told me that people were wanting their prompt fix. The prompts are a great way to jumpstart writing, whether you're stuck on your current project or you're looking to write for the first time. Don't forget that prompt responses that are under 1K can be posted in GA Stories, but they must be posted as part of a collection. So...


Author Scramble

Posted by in Site Fun, 20 April 2016 · 328 views
Games, Author Scramble

We haven't done a "fun" blog post for a while, so I thought maybe it was time to bring them back. However, instead of doing a crossword or a word search, I decided to do an Author Scramble. Now, to make this a little bit harder, I've removed all capitalization. I'll reveal the answers in the Weekly Wrap Up on Sunday. I'm not going to reveal how I chose th...

Story Review

Featured Story: Metabattles

Posted by in Gay Stories, 18 April 2016 · 229 views
Story Review, JohnAR, MetaWolf and 1 more...

Welcome to a new week and a new featured story. Today we're looking at the 4th book in JohnAR's MetaWolf series, MetaBattles. 
JohnAR  Reviewer: Defiance19
Status: Complete
Word Count: 102,788 
MetaBattles, the fourth book in the MetaWolf series by JohnAR, picks up right where Book three, MetaShadowlands left off. ...

Writing Conventions, Anthologies And Branching Out

Posted by in layla's Nightwhisperz, 15 April 2016 · 80 views

In June, it will have been a year since the release of my first novel, Guitars and Cages, through Wayward Ink, something that I never would have ever imagined, but that I am immensely proud of. it meant the fulfilling of a dream, it meant that no matter what, i would be able to say that i was a published novelist and no one could ever take that away....


Time Moves On And A Lot Has Happened

Posted by in Nephylim's Blog, 14 April 2016 · 177 views
#News, #CatchUP, #Projects

Time Moves On And A Lot Has Happened It's been a long time since I've blogged here. In the meantime, a lot has happened. 
I have been somewhat successful in getting published, with 11 books and 7 anthologies I've managed to get myself 'out there' although I'm not selling many books yet. 
The publishing journey has been a very interesting one and I've learned a lot, good and bad. On...

New Story

Posted by in Billy Martin's Blog, 12 April 2016 · 161 views
sci-fi, fantasy, coming of age

New Story I've begun work on a new story, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy story. I won't begin posting until it's completed, beta read, and edited. Word of caution, it could take a while. In the mean time, I will continue to develop The Field of Love and at some point, merge it into Trials and Tribulations.  
I hope I don't disappoint.  

Springsteen @ North Carolina

Posted by in Riding Thoughts, 08 April 2016 · 156 views
Bruce Springsteen, North Carolina and 2 more...

Bruce Sprinsteen has cancelled his upcoming show in North Carolina. He claims fighting bigotry and prejudice is more important than a rock show. I fell in love with him in 1976 when I went to a concert in the school gym. I'm a fan of his music but even more I'm a fan of his political activism. :worship: 

Waiting Game

Posted by in lofie's Blog, 06 April 2016 · 93 views

I'm so fucking impatient
i can't stand it today was iight
i found out that m did acid in the 70's
like a lot of acid
So that was interesting
it made me like her more
we're like two degenerates masquerading as proper people im so excited
I'm waiting for chapter 2 of she loves me to go up
And I'm almost done fixing chapter 9
i still have to rewrit...


Ask An Author #38

Posted by in Author News, 06 April 2016 · 273 views
Interview, Ask An Author

Seems like I'm constantly behind lately, but never fear, I didn't forget! For those who have been waiting, here's this months' Ask An Author feature that has been provided to us by Dark! Thank you, Dark, and all the authors who participated and the readers who asked the questions in the first place. Hopefully you enjoy this month's contribution! Ask...

Anthonin Scalia's School

Posted by in skinnydragon's lunch, 05 April 2016 · 149 views
scalia, dumbnames

So is it true, after receiving an anonymous $30 million donation, they wanted to rename the George Mason School of Law to honor the recently deceased justice? 
And the name chosen was the Antonin Scalia School of Law. 
ASSOL or, I suppose, ASSLaw to avoid embarrassment. 
Shit! You can't make this stuff up!

Patriots' Day And Religion In British America

Posted by in Mortal Morphology, 01 April 2016 · 172 views

Although I don't live in a state that recognizes Patriots' Day , I decided to make it my first blog post. If you don't know what this holiday is, don't worry; it's only celebrated in Massachusetts and Maine on the anniversary of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. Well, then, what does this have to do with religion? So, the other day a commer...

Thoughts Before Teaching

Posted by in Hunter Thomson's Blog, 31 March 2016 · 124 views
teaching, gay and 2 more...

In eight hours, I'll be inside a science classroom, watching my new patron teach and taking copious notes about how to do the same when my turn comes. The main thought I've been having during all of the long spring break is "how did this happen?" 
Not the teaching part. I gathered that would happen when I went to teacher college and graduated with a...

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