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  • Magnolia
    Me, too.  Beautiful! 
  • Sully April #1
    Sully April #1
    Awwww, how cute
  • Sully April #1
    Sully April #1
    Lock him up !!!! After his escape attempt today you need to teach that rowdy teenager a lesson :P
  • Sully April #1
    Sully April #1
    Krista, we're thinking possibly between 80 and 100, but not sure. His mom (Bernese Mountain Dog) was 100 lbs and his Dad (Border Collie) was 50 lbs.   He was born October 9th, so he's actually...
  • Sully April #1
    Sully April #1
    Wow how much larger will he get? lol.. He's only six months old? 

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