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  • Coffeecake 01
    Coffeecake 01
    That six-sided pan... is that old? It looks like it is.The square pan and the six-sided one are my mom's. Both advertise 'Swan's Down' cake flour, and probably date from the 1920s/30s. These hung o...
  • My... My...
    My... My...
    Those are dummy glasses Zom'bee'... They have to fix with new glass that suits my Eye Sight...
  • Lie Of The serpent cover
    Lie Of The serpent cover
  • Spareribs 06
    Spareribs 06
    Looks like taken right out of a cookbook. And you're using my pan.
  • Spareribs 04
    Spareribs 04
    I would so throw something else in there, but it looks really good. :)

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