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Latest Comments

  • Deco Charm
    Deco Charm
    Looking from the top down to the bottom - an illusion of depth, descending and ascending and filled with dimension.
  • Strut Wave
    Strut Wave
    Hmm! There's something intriguingly offbeat about this one.
  • Strut Wave
    Strut Wave
    An entrance and an exit - moving into a labyrinth/maze, and out again - mysterious yet in control, i.e. no need to tie a string at the entrance to find your way back out again. Cool :)
  • Maybe The Sky Will Fall
    Maybe The Sky Will Fall
    I like the visual effect... technique.
  • Maybe The Sky Will Fall
    Maybe The Sky Will Fall
    Thank you for your comment, Lisa J This file is called My MINDAL Art, in other words, its all in my mind and the way I’m interpreting what happened  between our two boys. They’re no more...

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