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  • Enforcer: Timber Pack Chronicles Book 2
    Enforcer: Timber Pack Chronicles Book 2
    It's definitely Buzz. Now that the story is progressing, I'll explain the cover a little more. First off, Chris did a great job, with very little prompting from me. Jed looks fantastic--just how I...
  • Brother from another mother
    Brother from another mother
    I love them both ! Who's their daddy? :D
  • 1311295602 Lg
    1311295602 Lg
    Love, the fu! :)
  • 1310087576 Lg
    1310087576 Lg
    Omg, that looks just like my cat, Callie! lol They could be twins!
  • 49158
    Ha, I was just going to say that! Kung-Fu cat! lol

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