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  • Don't Fall Asleep
    Don't Fall Asleep
    :lol: cute :P
  • Puppy Pics
    Puppy Pics
    Sully, wasn't that Dr Quinn's boyfriend in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" :lol: Now Spike, that's a cool name, a vampire with very sharp teeth :funny: :P He is adorable though ! Very cute :)
  • Puppy Pics
    Puppy Pics
    I love how his eyes look more alert. :)
  • Puppy Pics
    Puppy Pics
    He's a Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie mix or a Bordernese.  He's only about 3 weeks or so and the lady who has him doesn't let her pups go until they're 8 weeks, so we won't get to bring...
  • Puppy Pics
    Puppy Pics
    Omg, Renee, I just wanna reach into the computer and cuddle with him! He is so adorable! What kind of dog is he? What's his name? So he's not six weeks yet and you don't have him yet? Is that what...

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