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Community Status Updates


There's a thunderstorm brewing, in my head, in my life. Hail the size of nickels they said, winds gusting a gale. Soaked, struck and blown away.
Today, 09:59 PM

I'm dating again and Justin Bieber is giving a free strip show on instagram, what a weird day
Today, 09:15 PM
  • C. When's Photo
    I like to imagine the two are related. I'm happy you found a guy and I hope he makes you happy.
    Today, 09:22 PM

A little book humor in today's comics: http://www.gocomics.com/getfuzzy
Today, 05:27 PM
  • Reader1810's Photo
    I haven't read Get Fuzzy in I don't know how long. Thank you for posting that. :)
    Today, 08:38 PM
  • Ron's Photo
    My pleasure. :)
    Today, 09:59 PM

Hungarian Goulash, fresh asparagus with lemon butter. Nice holiday dinner.
Today, 04:56 PM

Coming soon: Not The Sun, Book 4.
Today, 04:50 PM
  • C. When's Photo
    I know what I'm rereading this week. ^-^
    Today, 06:42 PM

So hard to breathe tonight.. darn asthma ! :(
Today, 04:35 PM
  • slytherin's Photo
    Thanks.. medicine not working so good tonight.. :(
    Today, 04:56 PM
  • C. When's Photo
    Hopefully, it's better tomorrow. *hugs*
    Today, 05:22 PM
  • Zombie's Photo
    poor little blue one :(
    Today, 07:09 PM

Good Night Guys... See you tomorrow... :)
Today, 02:45 PM
  • Shane's Photo
    The Shiny, thats my nickname here on GA :P

    Today, 03:36 PM
  • clochette's Photo
    Lol then you should go take a look in Last Post Win, there we all fight to win the shiny ;)
    Today, 03:39 PM
  • The Eminent MGK's Photo
    Yeah you have to come and join in LPW with us Shane. Then you can be the shiny all you want, you'll get lots of pulling remind ya. And Thank You all... :)
    Today, 08:57 PM

I was visiting the local firefighters today and had to think about Fire and Icing. Is there an update in sight?
Today, 01:50 PM

Almost there...
Today, 11:43 AM

A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my work over the past few months; your critiques and commentaries meant a lot to me.
Today, 11:19 AM

The latest segment of Third Shift is posted. Cory is feeling quite guilty about Sandy leaving. Lawson tells us about his past.
Today, 10:31 AM

I keep bleedin', keep keep bleedin' words.
Today, 10:17 AM

Online survey: if Mary Poppins went to Baskin Robbins, which flavor of ice cream do you think she'd order…? www.baskinrobbins.com
Today, 10:02 AM
  • Reader1810's Photo
    "rum punch" for Mary? That's scandalous! lol
    Today, 03:18 PM
  • AC Benus's Photo
    I think she was a secret tibbler, just her and her friend, Bert
    Today, 03:27 PM
  • Defiance19's Photo
    Oh, Mary! I knew there was more to you that I loved...
    Today, 03:57 PM

OMG! National Trust cream teas sold out!! Major flap...
Today, 08:24 AM
  • northie's Photo
    @AC Yes, the BH delights of queues, complaints and tantrums (see zombie's original entry) ...
    @Timothy M I love scones but NOT with cream
    Today, 12:01 PM
  • slytherin's Photo
    BH ?? Poor zombie, but you could make them yourself.. Lazy green thing ! ;-)
    Today, 06:31 PM
  • Zombie's Photo
    thanks for all the sympathy, guys... :p
    @slytherin - lazy green thing had some back home from the freezer :D
    Today, 07:08 PM

Happy mother's day to those celebrating today!
Today, 06:20 AM