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Irritated!!! Thought we were going to be able to just pull everything out of a room, do some minor patchwork, and paint. Nope, moved a floor to ceiling cabinet only to find out it was hiding a missing piece of drywall!!!! GRRRRR
Today, 07:10 PM

You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!
Today, 06:48 PM

I am in New Jersey, with Ma and sis, sitting on the brand new, very comfy, reclining couch. AMERICA!
Today, 06:22 PM
  • Kitt's Photo
    And she didn't even kill me when Sasha walked in!
    Today, 06:43 PM
  • Mann Ramblings's Photo
    Awesome! Enjoy your trip!
    Today, 07:08 PM
  • SolarMaxx's Photo
    Spending time with the family -- always worth the effort.
    Today, 07:08 PM

Played my first and last game of rugby today! There's no percentage in being the smallest player on the field -- thank heaven for beer!
Today, 05:20 PM
  • wildone's Photo
    I was waiting for an update. Glad you went through with it and now you can tell stories of your rugby days :P
    Today, 06:57 PM
  • SolarMaxx's Photo
    Yeh Matt, I guess beer was the prize -- and the recovery medicine! It's normally a friendly game of football on nice Saturdays like this one -- but somebody got a wild hair up their ass and before I knew it -- I was playing for my life!
    Today, 07:06 PM
  • SolarMaxx's Photo
    True Wildone -- a short but eventful day!
    Today, 07:11 PM

I made it to the hotel in spite of Mapquest's directions. Now off to the bar and then dinner. :)
Today, 04:29 PM
  • slytherin's Photo
    Skip the bar and go straight to dinner !! Bad Penguin ! lol
    Today, 04:38 PM
  • Irritable1's Photo
    You use Mapquest???
    Today, 05:09 PM

Amazing to me, the way some people can lie to themselves. Everything is falling apart, you go through friends like kleenix, and its because everyone is always mean to you, not because of anything you did. I am so glad you are out of my life, but every now and then, when one of your more insulting lies gets back to me, I almost want you back in it, just for a second, so I can tell you off again. But its not worth it. You are not worth it.
Today, 04:24 PM
  • Headstall's Photo
    kudos to you for reaching that point
    Today, 05:56 PM

I just hit "905" – and you folks from Saint Louis remember the fabulous liquor emporium..? Every year when I was a kid my mom would take me downtown with her to get her 'Cold Duck,' and this Finish-made cherry wine. A visit to 905 meant Christmas to me just as much as the tree in our living room.
Today, 03:24 PM
  • Headstall's Photo
    I guess I should clarify that Old Sailor was wine...not a person...
    Today, 06:22 PM
  • AC Benus's Photo
    LOLLLLLLLLLLLOLLLLLLLLOOOLLLL! Yeah, my dirty mind went right there; it so reminds me of a porno flick set up from the early days of Nova Studios. OHHH, that was rich. It had me really laughing.

    So you pinched whole bottles of Cold Duck! You naughty boy
    Today, 06:29 PM
  • AC Benus's Photo
    Gary, look. Here's the old sailor now: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wiless/3017023513/
    Today, 06:36 PM

click click clickety-click-click-click click
Today, 11:54 AM
  • rustle's Photo
    wish I typed faster
    Today, 11:55 AM
  • DynoReads's Photo
    I was going to say woobie bear sneaking up on you?
    Today, 12:00 PM
  • Sasha Distan's Photo
    mechanical keyboard clickyness of awesome
    Today, 06:23 PM

I'm getting side-tracked from "Unwilling". I have this amazingly horrifying idea for a story befitting Halloween, and it just won't go away... argh.
Today, 11:44 AM

Lazy fall Saturday! Made my daughter and myself a chai latte, my son a cocoa, and started doing my email, site work, editing, etc... Later today my girl and I will make oatmeal cookies with orange and chocolate chips. Yum!
Today, 11:35 AM

going to be a very nice and warm weekend out. I read somewhere it was October.
Today, 10:37 AM

Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish.
Today, 10:14 AM

Circus is in town! Trapeze artists! :) Strong Men! :) ........and clowns :(
Today, 09:19 AM
  • rustle's Photo
    We ought to start a poll. Does ANYBODY like clowns?
    Today, 11:10 AM
  • Valkyrie71's Photo
    Nobody that I know of. I haven't even started this season of American Horror story and I am afraid to after seeing pictures of the clown! <shudder>
    Today, 11:14 AM
  • Zombie's Photo
    maybe I'll go on the 31st - fright night!! :p
    Today, 01:57 PM

Great start to the day and then, of course, i turned it to sh*t (whatswrongwithyou.com/idiot)
Today, 09:09 AM
  • faxity's Photo
    :( hopefully it'll get better! Anyway, it happens to everyone, so don't be mad at yourself :)
    Today, 09:13 AM
  • Ashi's Photo
    :hug: :hug:
    Today, 10:58 AM
  • rustle's Photo
    If being bipolar has taught me anything, it's that things DO get better. And worse. And better. big hug
    Today, 11:16 AM

Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one :)
Today, 08:59 AM