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Community Status Updates


Next weeks trip to MN might just be a no internet trip. I think I might need to disconnect for a few days....
Today, 09:56 PM

I've posted some images of 'the rook' that Emeric and Silviu need to climb in the new chapter of "Bound & Bound." Check out the story forum.
Today, 09:17 PM

If you like horror movies, It Follows is really a very good one.
Today, 08:28 PM
  • Graeme's Photo
    Great, thanks! Another movie I need to add to my list of shows to avoid....
    Today, 08:48 PM
  • K.C.'s Photo
    It looks scary good! I can't wait to see it. :)
    Today, 09:48 PM
  • Cole Matthews's Photo
    KC, I wonder what your impression will be. I thought it was a fascinating concept, with a clever way of building suspense, and some character building which horror movies usually avoid. You wonder about them, which was surprising.
    Today, 09:59 PM

I need a new job! Anyone want to hire me as their cabana boy???? :P
Today, 08:20 PM

So, cut me out of your life and leave me like class is over. When the night goes and the day comes, I'll still be your Casanova!
Today, 07:00 PM
  • Celethiel's Photo
    like listening to music i see :p

    Today, 07:14 PM
  • Wade's Photo
    Damn skippy! ;)
    Today, 07:31 PM
  • MrM's Photo
    You are special, Wade. When I put my favorite musak lyrics up I get no love whatsoever! :(

    Today, 07:59 PM

Chapter 9 of Song and Dance has now been posted...cheers
Today, 03:52 PM

Whew! I'm glad I made it home ok! I drove through a very nasty snowstorm on the way home from work. Spring can come anytime, now! :/
Today, 03:17 PM
  • MrM's Photo
    Cia must be a vampire like me.
    Today, 04:46 PM
  • Cia's Photo
    Yes, yes I am! Actually, I burn through spf 100, UV spf 50 shirts, and the shade. And if I get a burn, I get a rash in the burn. Itchy burning is NO fun. I'll take rain any day. You can keep your yeucky snow, though, Valkyrie! I don't like that either.
    Today, 05:06 PM
  • MrM's Photo
    I live in San Diego which is basically Vampire Hell....and I work for diurnals. I need to switch my hours so I only have to be up at night. I can't hardly sleep when its lovely and black out.
    Today, 07:57 PM

Friday: get farrier to put new shoe on horse. Monday morning: discover horse has partly pulled off new shoe, and get Christian to remove it. Monday evening: get farrier to put old shoe back on horse. Rinse and repeat.
Today, 02:46 PM
  • slytherin's Photo
    Poor Copper :((
    Today, 03:47 PM
  • slytherin's Photo
    @carlos LOL !
    Today, 03:47 PM
  • dughlas's Photo
    Even our four-legged kids have issues with new shoes ... apparently Copper thought the new one wasn't trendy enough.
    Today, 05:40 PM

I swear, tooth pain is the absolute worst!!! Two teeth which are severely infected, one minorly infected, and that means lots of pain. Pain pills only work temporarily :( Can't wait until the antibiotics kick in!!!
Today, 02:38 PM
  • Renee Stevens's Photo
    Thank you Sasha and Valkyrie. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in fairly quickly so that the pain is more manageable. *crosses fingers*
    Today, 03:33 PM
  • craftingmom's Photo
    oooh, hope it gets better soon!
    Today, 03:48 PM
  • slytherin's Photo
    Eww, poor Renee ! *crosses fingers here too*
    Today, 03:48 PM

It's way after five here, the bar is open, drinks are on me. Have fun!
Today, 02:33 PM
  • craftingmom's Photo
    I'm in! Already had my two hard ciders--should make for an interesting chapter!
    Today, 03:52 PM
  • LitLover's Photo
    I'll take a gin and cranberry !
    Today, 06:26 PM

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse, I was wrong! Time to pull blankets over head and hide from the world :(
Today, 02:30 PM

Chapter 3 is out!
Today, 02:09 PM

Having successfully (mostly) tackled the.motorcycle, I tried the overpass today. Still scary but doable.
Today, 02:08 PM

its such a nice day outside.... glad I took the afternoon off.
Today, 01:32 PM

Chapter 10, 'Confessions', just uploaded!
Today, 01:31 PM
  • Valkyrie's Photo
    Man...why does work have to interfere with my reading on GA? :P
    Today, 01:33 PM
  • albertnothlit's Photo
    lol, I know right?
    Today, 03:48 PM