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Community Status Updates


Trying to be a poet makes my brain hurt - in a good way! :-)
Today, 06:18 AM

Shakespeare, baby! :D
Today, 05:54 AM

Nothing seems to go right today =(
Today, 03:54 AM
  • Mikas's Photo
    If nothing goes right, say fuck it and turn left
    Today, 04:01 AM

Tillykke med fødselsdagen !
Today, 03:50 AM

happy birthday!!!!!!
Today, 01:17 AM
  • MrM's Photo
    Thank you!
    Today, 01:49 AM

Hello Ms. Parisieene! Long time, no squake! Hiding behind the files I see.
Today, 12:13 AM

Happy Birthday MrM!
Today, 12:10 AM
  • MrM's Photo
    Thank you!
    Today, 01:49 AM

Happy Birthday MrM! I hope you have a great day! :)
Yesterday, 11:56 PM
  • MrM's Photo
    Thank you!
    Today, 01:49 AM

Coming back from late "Summer vacations". Lets see what stories the amazing authors at Gay authors will present us this Fall =)
Yesterday, 09:58 PM
  • Timothy M.'s Photo
    well, there will be an Anthology at least. :-)
    Today, 03:49 AM

Happy Birthday, Tor! I hope you're having a great party! :)
Yesterday, 07:38 PM

today was my 16th birthday. it was a great time.
Yesterday, 07:37 PM
  • MrM's Photo
    Check The Lounge, Sweetie. :)
    Yesterday, 08:22 PM
  • wildone's Photo
    hey, Happy Birthday, it was my 48th.

    I'm old :(
    Yesterday, 09:52 PM
  • AC Benus's Photo
    Happy birthday!
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM

sometimes you have a significant other that just hurts your brain so much your like "why do i stay with him?" and you just want to beat your head against something solid and hard,
Yesterday, 05:30 PM

Started cleaning the truck hoping to find the unwelcome hitchhiker. Saw one under the truck near the open door. Yep that's gotta be the one that was in the truck.
Yesterday, 04:53 PM
  • Valkyrie's Photo
    She saw a snake in her truck earlier.
    Yesterday, 05:44 PM
  • DynoReads's Photo
    I accidentally let a snake free when I dropped the cup hubby put it in when the poor thing tried to get out.
    Yesterday, 10:10 PM
  • Kitt's Photo
    K, I have to ask. Why did hubby put in a cup and hand it to you in the first place?
    Today, 04:31 AM

I think I'm hallucinating. Dad is letting Minion sleep - not only in their bedroom but - on the bed at his feet!
Yesterday, 04:29 PM
  • clochette's Photo
    Now yes. Minion totally finished to melt his heart, but who could resist him really :)
    Yesterday, 04:42 PM
  • Slytherin's Photo
    No one :)Very cute Minion
    Yesterday, 04:43 PM
  • Lux Apollo's Photo
    AWWWWwwwwwwwww!!!!! :D
    Yesterday, 05:04 PM

"You are that seraphic touch by which I melt instant." And the rest of it is here: http://www.gayauthors.org/story/emi-gs/MIP_MGK/29
Yesterday, 04:27 PM