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Community Status Updates


I need good ol advice from people other than my family
Today, 04:45 AM

In every med school, there's always an Amarjit
Today, 03:16 AM

Stressed.... need to sleep but not sure I can...
Today, 01:50 AM

Went to leave my parents house this evening and my low beams wouldn't turn on. So I drove all the way home with my high beams on. Wonder how many drivers hate me right now? :P
Yesterday, 09:48 PM
  • Mann Ramblings's Photo
    Yesterday, 09:50 PM
  • DynoReads's Photo
    I wonder how many slowed down because they thought you were warning them about a speed trap?
    Yesterday, 09:58 PM
  • wildone's Photo
    Aha, i know the problem. you will have a relay switch that needs replacing. Don't go to a dealership as they will tell you that you will need a diagnostic to run. Just buy the correct relay switch and save a hundred bucks.
    Yesterday, 11:07 PM

I am so excited my friend is coming into town tonight!!!!
Yesterday, 08:49 PM
  • Cole Matthews's Photo
    That sounds like fun!
    Yesterday, 08:53 PM
  • Edward's Photo
    yeah their flight was delayed so they won't get here till 11:30. I will be getting them at the airport.
    Yesterday, 09:52 PM

I just deleted a comment before I even got to read it!! D:
Yesterday, 08:48 PM

How did this happen to me, I have turned into a dickensian !
Yesterday, 07:56 PM

Does being a Gold member mean you're better than a lot of people and you rock it like a punk bitch, or is it simply a placebo effect that really but not really kisses your ass?
Yesterday, 06:32 PM
  • drpaladin's Photo
    Goldmember was a sort a salute to the cutesy names Ian Fleming used in his novels. Pussy Galore as a for instance. At least he wasn't as bad about it as Trevanian.
    Yesterday, 10:05 PM
  • The_Jordanator's Photo
    Quick Question: How is awesome member better than gold member?
    Today, 03:35 AM
  • drpaladin's Photo
    There is a thread in the forum explaining the post levels where the tags change. I was Cool before becoming Awesome. Hehe
    Today, 03:52 AM

never let your dad accompany you when you're going to gym!!! :( ......now my whole body aches :,(
Yesterday, 06:26 PM
  • Victor Gutte's Photo
    Yep!!! he totally is but he still should look like Brother Canada though ....:gikkle:
    Yesterday, 07:27 PM
  • Drew Espinosa's Photo
    Brother Canada... *sighs dreamily*
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
  • Victor Gutte's Photo
    so soft and fluffy...... *wipes off drool*

    P.S. how did we end up drooling over Canada :huh:
    Yesterday, 07:32 PM

Hey:) How has everyones day been?
Yesterday, 06:11 PM
  • wildone's Photo
    Super, got out of work on time for the fourth day this week :) How ahout you?
    Yesterday, 06:14 PM
  • James Bond007's Photo
    Reader that is good:) was the walk good?
    Wildone, oh nice! How is work going?
    Yesterday, 09:45 PM
  • Reader1810's Photo
    the walk was excellent and there was a nice breeze along the way...
    Yesterday, 10:11 PM

Last class of the week... Then to reading and helping...
Yesterday, 04:58 PM

Correction: Kim Davis PHD (Pentecostal Hair Do) has been DIVORCED 3 time, married 4 times and had all of her children in adulterous affairs with other men while married. Clearly she is a very HOly woman.
Yesterday, 03:55 PM
  • skinnydragon's Photo
    well, now we didn't think a good person would behave like her, did we?
    Yesterday, 08:58 PM
  • jamessavik's Photo
    Jebus forgives. All others take cash or debit cards.
    Yesterday, 09:01 PM
  • Zombie's Photo

    Today, 03:51 AM

Chapter 39 of 'Cards on the Table' is now posted...cheers http://www.gayauthors.org/story/headstall/cardsonthetable/39
Yesterday, 01:13 PM