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Community Status Updates


Xmas shopping in shorts is odd ...
Today, 04:25 AM

I have this feeling that pretty much all my status updates for a while will be about the quest for a house.
Today, 03:37 AM
  • Headstall's Photo
    That is because it is so EXCITING!
    Today, 03:41 AM
  • Cazpedroso's Photo
    Or because it's so frustrating?
    Today, 05:02 AM

Adenovirus BEGONE!
Today, 02:29 AM

on a bus with standing room only, there was an older guy and two teens in the priority seating for seniors and handicapped. The older gentleman got up to offer me his seat...
Yesterday, 11:14 PM
  • Ron's Photo
    Typical, and good on him.
    Yesterday, 11:37 PM
  • rustle's Photo
    In defense of the teens, many of them have no training in social graces.
    Today, 06:08 AM

i know I haven't logged in for a while so I dropped in to say hi :)
Yesterday, 10:31 PM

Family Christmas is over and I'm exhausted! Onto fun Christmas when it's just the two of us. Yeah!
Yesterday, 10:07 PM
  • AC Benus's Photo
    Always the best
    Yesterday, 11:58 PM
  • Cole Matthews's Photo
    Today, 12:17 AM
  • Daddydavek's Photo
    Ours is tomorrow with about 40 people coming. My mom will be smiling ear to ear.
    Today, 01:46 AM

and my two weeks vacation starts... NOW.
Yesterday, 06:45 PM
  • Mann Ramblings's Photo
    those of us working in retail ask for you not to speak of the outside world...
    Yesterday, 08:59 PM
  • Lisa's Photo
    Lol, poor Mann doesn't get to see the outside world until December 26th!
    And coincidentally rock - I bought my kid rock climbing shoes today at EMS.
    Yesterday, 10:59 PM
  • Daddydavek's Photo
    Today, 01:46 AM

Was on our way to airport when got call that our guest had missed her plane! Have to waste 6 more hours and try again. :\
Yesterday, 04:14 PM
  • Sasha Distan's Photo
    no offense, but how disorganised do you have to be to miss a plane? I know they are internal flights, so there's less check in time and fuss etc, but I will always turn up to a flight with an hour to spare, because I'd rather waste one than wait 12 hours for another flight.
    Do something fun with your extra six hours!
    Today, 03:46 AM

Happy birthday! Your screen name is the same as the real name of my favorite aunt!
Yesterday, 03:55 PM

Help! This is so presumptuous. I need a poem for the emotional effects of the common cold, picked up at Xmas. I keep going Bronte. And no honey in it because I'm allergic....
Yesterday, 02:42 PM
  • carringtonrj's Photo
    sorry didn't see this until just now. will give it some thought. xxx
    Today, 04:19 AM

went to go look at houses today: how the hell are you supposed to pick one?
Yesterday, 01:00 PM
  • Ron's Photo
    Both in Toronto and in Boston, my partner and I looked at 30-40 places in each city and over several visits. Take your time, be flexible, don't settle too easily.
    Yesterday, 04:08 PM
  • Kitt's Photo
    When you walk into the right one you will know it.
    Yesterday, 06:49 PM
  • Efmaer's Photo
    My criteria were fairly simple. It had to have a fenced yard for my Wiggles, all one level, and I didn't want it to look like the box it came in.
    Today, 02:22 AM

board .. defragging an exchange database .. nevermind some jim beam will make the time pass a bit easier
Yesterday, 12:47 PM
  • Graeme's Photo
    Alcohol's a lubricant -- it makes things flow easier. At least, that's my excuse :P
    Yesterday, 07:38 PM

You have about 10 hours to enter GA's 100 Million contests in the Lounge!!
Yesterday, 12:07 PM

May your heart be filled with joy, your mind with peace and your life with love. Merry Christmas to my friends at Gay Authors !!
Yesterday, 11:44 AM
  • SolarMaxx's Photo
    Merry Christmas Matt!
    Yesterday, 01:04 PM
  • MarcW's Photo
    same to you matt
    Yesterday, 05:22 PM