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Book 2 of A New Life *****

The continuation of "A New Life" by TheEggman. This book will cover the summer vacation months of 1998.


Luke decides to make changes for the better. His Aunt Cathy couldn't be happier for him.


Past and present collide with Phoenix Russell's tale. In the past he found a friend in Maxwell, and developed feelings for him. When Max entered high school though the two became distant. In current time fate has brought Max and Nix back together but there are things that still stand in their way.
Will Nix find his way into Max's heart, or will someone else come along before long?


They came to New Skye in search for a better future. Colonists, descendants of the brave people who boarded the generation ship Ionas knowing it would take decades to reach a new planet. They found a beautiful world, richer beyond their wildest expectations...


In the future, three boys move to a new town to start new lives. Taxon, Hunter and Elijah find themselves in a new home with a whole new adventure.


story of emotions, truth, and frienship.


Lee has been going through the same routine in his life. Seeing his friends find love has made him question his own choices and when he meets Tris at the friday night bonfire he is captivated at first sight. One kiss is all it takes for him to want her for his own, and after that night he thinks he's found his cinderella and his one chance at love. What Lee doesn't know is that some princesses have bigger secrets than being covered in soot.


I wish I could turn back the clock and go with you. How many times had Morgan St. John said these words, tortured himself. But there was no going-back, only going forward and live.


Facing death, a young man is given the ultimate opportunity: eternal life among the descendants of the ancient Atlanteans. However, when push comes to shove, can he survive in the cutthroat world of their ancient politics?


Dillon has always been seen as one of the lucky ones. Normal beyond normal. Nice looking, good grades, popular, basketball team, and the envy of most with a girlfriend like Chelsea. However, it's his new best friend, Conner, that has suddenly thrown a wrench into the machine. And while Dillon's sexuality has never been something that he had to 'think' about in the past...his confusing new feelings for another boy have left him 'Lost In Question'.


One mistake. One last chance to fix it, but time’s about to run out.

Book 2 of Carthera Tales *****

Benny had his mate for a few short weeks. A moment in time that is slowly dragging him down. Yuri is alive, he's well... but he's not really there, not the Yuri Benny loved. His mate screamed at the sight of him. Jerret was happily mated; Davis had found his mate in a human. But Benny is all alone with his rage and pain slowly eating him up inside. Something had to change.


No growth can come without sacrifice. the trials of 6 souls are weighed against humanity and their penance is to ensure the safety of that which they turned their backs on.


Love, the meaning of


this is the story of a young teen who fancys his freind... what should he do?