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A series of short stories that is enriched with drama, romance, and deep characterizations.
Newer Chapters will start at the end of the chapter list.
Copyright © 2010 hh5; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. The Hand that Feeds You, Needs You – Looking for Gabriel with Prologue and Epilogue 0 reviews, 6,411 words,
    This is a story that been revised with the addition of Prologue and Epilogue. Call it if you will a story within a story. The balance between Seth real life and the story about his search for his loving brother Gabriel for all he knows ran away without leaving a word to him.
  2. Who am I? 1 reviews, 2,000 words,
    I was asked to write a compelling romance story by my very close internet friend. To me it was a strange request since I haven't a clue to what I was going to write about until I did. I hope you like it as much as he does. Thanks for reading. Enjoy.
  3. Just this once 0 reviews, 2,983 words,
    This story is about a kid in history class, I remembered. I wondered if things were different. If he was given a second chance would we really become friends. Would it really matter, if we did?
  4. My Journey's End 0 reviews, 3,665 words,
    We're all on a long journey to find love. But what if you accidently found someone to love in a place you never expect. Would you be willing to pay the price to have him?

    This story is based on an event in my life. The challenge was to going from fact to fiction because I know in heart I really loved him.
  5. The Hand that Feeds You, Needs You – Jeffrey and Sally 0 reviews, 1,860 words,
    This story is about a brother that leaves for college. Leaving behind his family and his lover not knowing that there is price to pay.
  6. The Hand that Feeds You, Needs You 0 reviews, 593 words,
    This is a simple story about a teen who ran away from home.

    * An EMO kid named Brian gave me this quote that he learn in church with his boyfriend.
  7. Social Bubble (with Epilogue) 0 reviews, 2,332 words,
    This is my Gay Author Anthologies – Spring 2009

    The epilogue was added to match up with the Gay Author Anthologies – Spring 2010 of Behind the Curtain.
  8. efiction Reviews as of 12/20/2010 0 reviews, 886 words,