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Halloween 9: The End of Michael Myers * * * * * 1 Ratings


Steven Lloyd is a high school junior in haddonfield high school. He's a strong believer in faith,in people and in the world. He soon meets Kyle but Steven's fate will be put to the test when his great uncle Michael Myers comes to town. Follow Steven as he tries to fight for survival and for love and acceptence from his family and peers.
Copyright © 2007 X Trevor X; All Rights Reserved

Story Note

(Author note: This is a work of complete fiction and is in no way a sneak peek of the next Halloween. This was simply written because there's a lot in the series that went unanswered and since they fail to do so, I took it upon myself to do it. Please do not let the title turn you away. This is not a typical Halloween story and this is a spoiler but Michael Myers does die and the story goes far beyond that. The main goal of this story is romance and how love is strong enough to take down all evil. As always this story has sexual content; you have been warned and all feed back to colormexhappi@aol.com or in the eFiction reviews section will be appreciated.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: The Beginning 1 reviews, 838 words,
  2. Chapter 2: Friendship 0 reviews, 1,471 words,
  3. Chapter 3: Realizing it's Love 1 reviews, 959 words,
  4. Chapter 4: Let the Party Begin 0 reviews, 1,239 words,
  5. Chapter 5: Chaos 0 reviews, 2,309 words,
  6. Chapter 6: Recovery 0 reviews, 2,342 words,
  7. Chapter 7: The Downfall 0 reviews, 2,356 words,
  8. Chapter 8: Be Strong 0 reviews, 2,279 words,
  9. Chapter 9: Chicago 0 reviews, 1,965 words,
  10. Chapter 10: The Chase 0 reviews, 1,482 words,
  11. Chapter 11: The Final Showdown 0 reviews, 1,556 words,
  12. Chapter 12: The Mystery Continues! 0 reviews, 2,520 words,
  13. Chapter 13: Strange Visitor 0 reviews, 1,616 words,
  14. Chapter 14: New Discoveries 0 reviews, 1,522 words,
  15. Chapter 15: Everything Becomes Clear. 0 reviews, 3,122 words,