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[Luc] Chervil by Luc

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C James

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Posted 12 February 2007 - 03:09 AM

Discuss Luc's Fairy Tales Anthology story, "Chervil", in this thread.

Spoilers below!!!

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    Gay Dad

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Posted 14 February 2007 - 06:05 PM

A great retelling of the Rapunzel story that followed the original faithfully, while showing the small touches and details that make it the author's own.

While he was suitably fit from long days spent in the saddle, he had been in that saddle so long that it was quite possible that his skill with a sword might be just a bit rusty from lack of practice.

I had to smile at this line. Fairy tales aren't supposed to have that sort of innuendo in them. Either that, or I have a dirty mind.

On a more serious note, the lament and pain of the witch when she realised her consort prefered a male rang a familiar tone with me. It is that of the wife who discovers her husband is gay -- something I've personally experienced. While others may disagree, I felt sorry for the witch at that point.

I liked the way the ending stayed true to the original (with the tears that heal), but also providing hints as to why Chervil was unable to father a child -- as surely only a true mortal would be able to do that and Chervil had too much magic in his being to allow that to happen.

Chervil's father and the witch both did wrong in the name of love and paid a price. The story doesn't say, but I hope that both found their desires after they had learnt their lessons.

As for Matthias and Chervil -- they also paid a price but it was one that both were happy to pay.

Well done, Luc! :great:

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Posted 17 February 2007 - 12:24 AM

OK, now I know about Rapunzel! I might have read a summed up version a long, long time ago, but it just didn't come back.

But this makes for an even better read; I had no clue where it was headed at the beginning. I enjoyed the tone of "classic" fairy tale, with all the mating/ breeding issues. The witch's character is not too stereotypical, as she has inner suffering; she's wicked enough to drive the plot to what I thought would be a very unhappy end. Of course the Prince and Chervil are very pleasant characters.

So I enjoyed the fact the story flowed naturally telling a compelling story. The ending, with both heroes "riding into the sunset" and giving up on wordly rewards was extremely cute, and the few lines here and there like "It also occurred to him that his father would likely be more pleased by the arrival of a beautiful witch bearing his heir than the arrival of his son with a beautiful young boy." made it a story with a point too.

One little detail, the layout was nice, but on my CRT screen the pink/ red stripes tended to give some clusters of letters have an unintended glow, and sometimes it made reading a bit annoying.

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Jack Scribe

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 12:13 PM

...So I enjoyed the fact the story flowed naturally telling a compelling story. The ending, with both heroes "riding into the sunset"...

I also enjoyed the story and the freshness of re-telling/twisting an old tale. I must ask, Luc, was the end tag line a naughty double entendre? 0:)

And in truth, as things are wont to do in tales such as these, everything worked out nicely in the end.

Each time I sprinkle chervil on a soup or salad, I'll probably think of your story and fantasize.

Jack B)

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