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anonymous dreamer

Member Since 31 Jan 2010
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just sent in my very first efiction chapter ever! so excited! =) Updated 01 Dec · 1 comments

About Me

Hmmm... well, where to start...?


Well, I guess I can start with my name: anonymous dreamer. It sums me up pretty well, I guess. I've always been the shy, quiet type. I was always that kid who sat in the back corner in the classroom, where no one could see me, keeping to myself. Whenever someone would try and talk to me, I would always get nervous, and start fumbling with my words, and then become really embarrassed and self-conscious, and I would try act normal and calm, but I would always end up talking incoherently, and then... *sigh* Basically, I was an awkward and anxious mess growing up, and to an extent, still am. So I'm not really a people person, as you can kinda tell, nor a good talker for that matter. So that's where the anonymous part comes in. I like the concept of just being invisible in a crowd. I can exist without being judged, yet still open up to the select few that I meet, trust, and learn to love. I guess that's why I'm here at GA.


As for the dreamer part, being quiet all my life, I've had to keep all my thoughts inside. Unfortunately, I've always had a over-active imagination. I'm constantly thinking about something or having make-believe conversations inside my head. For a short period of time, I actually thought I had ADHD, because I could never really focus on anything, and I was always easily distracted by shiny objects and squirrels. So keeping all these thoughts inside my head, it drove me crazy! So recently, I took a creative writing class at my school, and I fell in love with writing, because it finally gave me a chance to release all these ideas I've been hording inside my head all these years. I'm still pretty new to writing, so I may not be the best, but I do it just to release my pent-up feelings. Plus, it's fun! I guess that's another reason why I'm here at GA.


Huh... for a guy who's not the best talker, I didn't realize how much I can rant about myself! Wow, I feel really egocentric right now, haha!


Oh, and by the way, just because I'm not the most eloquent or articulate talker there is, it doesn't mean I don't like talking. It's just I'm not good at it! I really don't mind talking about myself (again with the egocentricism!) or anything else for that matter. Plus, being quiet all my life means I'm a really good listener! So if you ever just feel like talking about something- about life, about you, about squirrels- don't ever be afraid to approach me. My words may be shy and awkward, but at least they're sincere. =)


Yours truly,
John aka the anonymous dreamer

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