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so, the end of Veil of Shadow is on the horizon. Dear readers: end the trilogy first (Book 3) ... OR ... a fantasy project that will knock your socks off? Opinions please. Updated 02 Dec · 1 comments

About Me

So, stuff like this I don't like doing but .. I am determined to fill this in! Being a reclusive sociopath won't work forever, though I never know where to begin on things like this. Okay let's see.

Um .. basic 'vital statistics'. 186cm tall and 80kg, for those folks using imperial that's 6'1 and 175lbs. Blue eyes, dirty blond hair that normally masquerades as brown. I used to wear it long but it got too much trouble to keep that way, so it's cut short now.

If I chose to describe my personality I'm not sure what I'd put as the most important attribute. I dislike mentioning this but, like my sexuality, it's a part of me that I was born with and have no control over. I have Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of higher-functioning autism. The way it has shaped me as a person and the effect it has had on my life goes far beyond 'complex' and the subtle details of it could damn near fill a book.

In these kinds of "About Me" sections on any website or similar, I always *want* to mention it but seldom do because I can't help thinking most people will just misinterpret WHY I bring it up at all. The simple truth is that both my sexuality and my atypical 'condition' make me who I am, in a very big way. I'd be a much different person if they weren't present. My preference is that people know that there is a fundamental reason for things being the way that they are. It's all about understanding smile.png

In summary, all this means I can be (often, but not always!) really socially backwards, very slow to understand people that I don't already know (since there is no natural ability to empathise and this has to be learned the slow and painful way) and kinda dorky and awkward even after that. On the flip side, I'd like to think I'm kindhearted, generous and a loyal friend once I do get to know someone, so I hope that balances things out!

Ah! This is why I don't write these things, it's either far too little or far too much! So changing topic a bit.

More mundane details about my life. My real name is Hamish, from my Anglo-Scottish heritage. I live in New Zealand, near Hamilton but not in the city itself. I am now finally in the vaunted 30s and my friends *still* (jokingly) give me crap about being older than them, but I still get carded buying alcohol every so often, so if I can be mistaken for 17 it can't be too bad wink.png I've done some tertiary study after high school, but I never graduated (bachelor's degree in computing 2 out of 3 years completed) and have had a variety of different jobs in that same period.

I am philosophical about life and love and open to many kinds of possibility. That's part of why I love writing so much. It is the playground of the mind and the boardwalk of dreams. After all, isn't that why we are here?

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