Palouse Writing Project - Introduction

            The Palouse Writing Project is intended to look at the nuts and bolts of writing a novel, Palouse, about the coming of age of and the coming of maturity to a young prodigy musician and the love that grows between him and a young musician.  The project likely will extend over the next year.

            Those who follow the project will be able to see and can comment on the decisions that need to be made; will see portions of the novel as it is written and possibly changed from the initial story outline; will see some of the devices—spreadsheets and the like—to keep characters straight; will see the research that serves as the baseline of the story, and will see the beta version of the completed novel.

            The novel will not be written in the order of the story outline/summary.  It will be written, likely, in somewhat random order as ideas and the muses dictate.  This means that there will not be a nearly complete novel until late in the process, and it means, as a consequence, that it cannot be posted in regular chapters until it is almost finished.

            How successful this project is will depend on those who post responses to the various Palouse postings.