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Member Rules:

Users are allowed to have only one (1) member account. Users are not permitted to sign in under another member's account. Any violation of this rule may result in immediate termination of the person's member account.

You must disclose in your signature if you are an active agent of a political party or other political organization that would be subject to campaign finance laws. Due to the inclusion of minors on this site, all members must post an accurate age on their profile.

Disruptive posts will be removed at the site management's discretion,and the member responsible will be subject to disciplinary action. Disruptive behavior will be dealt with as deemed appropriate by site management.

Members with their own sites may mention them in their posts, blogs, and their signatures.

Authors not hosted on this site are welcome to post new stories and chapters in GA Stories, or post links to their own story pages in the Story Café.

Status Updates:

The current version of the forum software allows members to display status updates on the home page of the forums. It must be emphasised that the rules described here for forum posting also apply to status updates. However, as status updates display more prominently than a normal post, there is much less tolerance to rule violations. In particular, status updates containing coarse language, harassment or links deemed to be solicitation and/or spam may be removed or edited without notice. Disciplinary action may also be taken, especially when there have been repeat violations.

Live Chat:

GayAuthors.org offers, as a service to its members, a chat room. The same rules that apply to member posts on GayAuthors.org's forums apply to discussion activity in the chat room. Failure to abide by the rules may result in the members removal from and/or permanent loss of the ability to participate in Live Chat.


Signature Rules Explained:

In order to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience while browsing the Gay Authors Forums, we feel that a signature size limit and format policy is needed and must be enforced strictly.

The above rules have been written, revised and voted on by the Forum Moderation Team in order to provide members with suitable signature options that will allot them enough space to share a moderately sized and creative signature, while also providing an incentive for members that help to cut down on heavy bandwidth usage and page loading times. The faster pages load, the more enjoyable browsing the forums are for everyone.

Signatures that violate these rules will be removed by moderators.

* Annoying flashing graphics are defined as images that rapidly changes text or color to distract other members .Gif images that change are accepted if each image is constant for at least 3 (three) seconds.
** The website http://tinyurl.com/ may be used to shorten links to provide more space for regular text.

GA Stories:

GA Stories is an area where members can post their original stories and poems. Members may also,via eFiction, leave reviews for Authors. The same rules that apply to posts on the GA forums above also apply to the review system in GA Stories. Any reviews found to be in violation of these rules will be removed without the consent of the author, and the author may be subject to further moderator action.

Stories in GA Stories must:

Stories that do not meet these requirements may be removed by Site Management.

Members may, at anytime, remove their selected, or collective, works at anytime without any further obligation to GayAuthors.org, its site management team, or its parent company CDEJR Web Services, Inc.

A Note on Site Management & Forum Moderation:

Please bear in mind that there is often a "grey area" and we understand that. Use your best judgment, and we will use our best judgment. We will always act as we deem in the best interest of the site and the community at large.

Violations of these rules will be dealt with as deemed necessary by GA site management. Depending on the nature of the violations, this can include informal or formal warnings and the temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges and/or the member's account .Attempts will be made to use informal means and give advance notice of moderator action when possible. However,management reserves the right to take any action at any time that it deems necessary to protect the site, authors, and members.

Remedies for violations of site rules and standards:

Removal of offending post/posts.

Verbal warning.

Increase in member warning level.

Temporary, or permanent, suspension of posting privileges.

Temporary, or permanent, suspension of member account.

Revocation of member account.

Attempting to"Rules Lawyer" (Using published rules to try and escape and or mitigate the final determination of the Forum Moderation Team) your way around what GayAuthors.org or its Site Management has determined is a violation of community standards will not be considered a defense. GA management will always act to enforce what we consider to be the "Spirit of the Law". If you have any questions about our community standards as they apply to specific cases, you can always contact us.

The site management team will never disclose any details of a disciplinary action without the prior consent of all parties involved. This includes all Site personnel, any complainants, witnesses, and the member with whom the disciplinary action was leveled against.

Privileges to the forums are at GayAuthors.org's discretion. Continued and/or extremely disruptive behavior will result in a user's participation in the forum and member account being suspended or terminated.

A Note on the Forum Warning System:

Members warning levels are not publicly visible. Meaning a members warning level is visible only to themselves (the individual member), Global Moderators, and Site Administrators only. By increasing a members warning level it is not the site management's intention to shame a member. The warnings systems sole intention, being visible only to the member owning the status and not to any other members, is to act as a visual reminder when posting & visiting the forums after the status has been raised.

The warn system operates on a points basis. The current overall levels for the accumulation of warn points, not for individual violation amounts are as follows:

The Current Actions
25 points = 7 days no Posting
35 points = 7 Days Post Moderation
50 points = 7 day Site Suspension
75 Points = 14 day Site Suspension
100 points = Permanent Ban

After having received an increase in warning level, a member's on site action will be reviewed periodically and the warning level will be reduced as deemed appropriate.

Community Standards & Posting Guidelines:

Before posting a response READ! Don't post in a thread if you can't be bothered to read what everyone else has written. Typically, this means reading the ENTIRE thread. For some of the longer story discussion threads, at least read the posts on the last two or three pages. If in an author forum read the chapter threads for the last two or three posted chapters. Don't post a new thread/topic when there is already another one on the same subject. This means searching the forums first to see if the subject is being discussed elsewhere.The Forum software offers a search feature that can be utilized to this end.

Some Guidelines on Forum purpose:

For new members: Read some of the threads in the forum where you want to post before you start posting. Each forum has its own style and norms for behaving. You would want to know if you're at a monster-truck rally or the opera before you get dressed and decide how to act. Same thing goes for the GA forums.

Gay Authors Announcements: For public communication from site staff to members regarding site changes or special events.

Help Questions and Answers: For public communication with the site Administrations and technical support staff. Essentially, if you have a technical problem with the site, or some other issue or suggestion that is related to the site itself, then this is the appropriate forum.

Advertising Set Up & eBook Creation Forums: Technical forums for members who purchase these packages from the store to communicate with site staff. Topics created by members are private between them and site staff.

The Lounge: A general purpose forum. While many threads in this forum are not serious, please still take a look at what the thread is about before posting. There are many threads in this forum where jokes and chatting are inappropriate.

Sports Bar: A place for the sports enthusiasts on the site to discuss their favorite sports.

Games & Humor: Fun and games, and anything that shouldn't betaken seriously.

Video Gamer: Place to discuss your favorite video games and news.

Teen Forum: For teens who want to interact with other teens (and recent ex-teens), or who are looking for help. Threads asking for help should be treated seriously, not as a place to make jokes.

Member's Q&A: General forum for any member who is looking for answers. Not always serious, but jokes should be discouraged.

eBooks: This forum will contain topics for the eBooks available in our site eBook store.

Various Author Forums: Be careful and practice as suggested above, read through the forums/threads. Author Forums and threads often have a very different feel than the rest of the GayAuthors.org Forums. What may be common place in one author forum, may not be as accepted in another. This is largely based on either the author themselves or their fan base.

Writer's & Editors Corners: These forums contain a large amount of informational posting about writing and editing. Requests for beta or editor help can be done in the editor forum; please ensure you read posting guidelines within these forums before you enter conversations or start topics.

Sneak Peeks: This forum is the place to post small snippets of new story ideas for feedback from site members.

Writing Workshops: This forum contains private and public workshops as well as our prompt forum. There are literally hundreds of writing prompts to help our authors get motivated.

Anthologies: This forum contains information on how to participate in GA.'s quarterly and special anthology events for site authors.

On Post Content:

Have something to say. It's ok to post a question - e.g., "I'm not sure how I feel about x, what do you think?"

If you disagree with someone, explain why. A thread full of "I disagree"(or even "I agree") with no additional reading isn't much of a discussion.

Other than in the GA Help and Announcements, do not start a thread to just discuss forum operation. This includes: top posters, post count, how great-or bad- a thread is, debating some issue you have with a moderator, talking about other members, etc. Basically, these threads are inherently "off-topic" from any of the GA purposes. This includes posting about OTHER (non-GA) discussion forums

Try to stay on-topic. Obviously, there is plenty of gray area here. The goal, though, is to streamline the operation of the forums, and not let threads get bogged down or hijacked with a discussion that has little or nothing to do with the topic in the title of the thread.

Two tips may help:

(1) If a different discussion crops up in a thread, create a new thread to address that issue in the appropriate place.

(2) If the thread devolves into the equivalent of a two or three people having what is really a 'private' conversation in public, then take it private. GA has chat, private messaging capacity, email, etc. - so there is no need to turn every thread into a chat room or email.

Keep it legal. No porn. No copyright violations. No soliciting. Please be extra wary, since minors (where legal) are welcome to participate in the GA community.

Using the Report Feature:

If at anytime a member finds fault with a post, or discovers something that may be against site rules, the member is expected to use the "report" Feature. This feature can be found at the bottom of every one of GayAuthors.org's 200,000--and growing--posts. The use of this feature will alert Forum Moderators and Site Administration to the potential issue. Posting a response may potentially escalate the situation into more than it needs to be, so instead please use the report function. Failure to use this function and posting a response may result in member involvement in Moderator action which they were trying to avoid.

On Structure:

If you want to refer to an article or a story you read somewhere else, post the LINK, not the entire article. Many times the content is copyrighted, and it's illegal to post it without permission. If you do post a link, it can help to include a short description what the link is.

Write in English, not netspeak (e.g., you not u, before not b4). None of us is perfect and no one wants to be the grammar police, but it is hard to read posts with no capitalization, punctuation or words written out. ALL CAPS IS AKIN TO SHOUTING. Do not do it.

Don't be the grammar police. If someone made a typo, chances are many of us noticed it. It happens. Get over it. [If the typo is funny or has a Freudian meaning, by all means, point THAT out.]

Use quote tags ([ QUOTE][ /QUOTE]) and edit out the part of someone else's post that you are responding to. Do not simply quote the ENTIRE prior post in your reply.

Don't post multiple times in a row in the same thread. Edit your original post if you want to add something. If you want to address multiple posts, then separate your post into paragraphs doing so (e.g., In response to member X, Then in response to member Y.).

When posting to a previous post that includes a photo, remove the photo from your post. The photo is still present in the original post; you including it in yours is not only redundant but adds to the threads load time.

Keep your post short. Keep your paragraphs even shorter. Feel free to use bullet point lists if you want to make several points. It makes it easier for other people to refer back to your post.

What should never be posted:

Offensive posts - Racist, homophobic ,anti-religious, or misogynistic posts (or other posts targeting protected minority groups) are completely prohibited. Slurs of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Harassing posts and behavior - Personal attacks or insults against other GA members are strictly prohibited. It is not acceptable to insult any other member with terms like "stupid," "idiot," "moron," or worse. It is ok to disagree, even vehemently, but stay on the topic and do not attack other members. Repeated negative or critical posting directed toward another member may also constitute harassment.

Coarse Language - If you can't say it during prime time on network television or the radio, then don't post it here. Don't bother inserting ***s instead either. We want to keep the site clean, and there is little that vulgarity adds to the content anyway.

Spamming posts - Spamming is the posting of an identical or similar post in multiple threads. It is forbidden.

Posts Compromising Member Privacy - Do not post private information about other posters. This includes full names, places of employment or schooling, email addresses, street addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Basically, this is an ANONYMOUS community. Feel free to share information about yourself as you see fit, but do not compromise the safety and privacy of anyone else.

Copyrighted & Other Prohibited Material- Warning! Intense Legal Content Ahead: Do not publish, post, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful material or information; upload or attach files that contain software or other material protected by intellectual property laws(or by rights of privacy) unless the user owns or controls the rights thereto or has received all necessary consents; upload or attach files that contain viruses,corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another's computer; delete any author attributions, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels in any file that is uploaded; or falsify the origin or source of software or other material contained in a file that is uploaded; Finally, do not download any file posted by another user that the user knows, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in such manner.

Translation: If it doesn't belong to you, DON'T post it without permission AND attribution (giving credit to where it is from). Do not pass along viruses and other bad things that harm computers.

CDEJR Web Services, Inc (GayAuthors.org site Management & Administration)retains the right to change and/or modify these Member Rules & Community Standards at anytime without prior notification.

This copy of Member Rules & Community Standards--posted 4/25/2013--supersedes any previously posted or publically available copies.

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