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Book 2 of Maximlian's Heart *****

Following the events of book 1: Frozen Heart, this story will follow the same characters as they continue with their lives, make new friends.

Couples will form, some will become stronger, others will crumble, and shocking truths will be revealed!


It was close. Humanity almost destroyed itself. Among the ruins there's only one Island city which still has technology the rest of the world can only envy. The entire city depends on spark. If anything were to happen to it… Well. it's better not to think about it. My name's Rick. I'm a Peacekeeper in that city. My city. I'll defend it from anyone who tries to destroy our source of spark. Even if it's a secret agent, deadly and cunning...


This is the story of two former enemies from the elementary school playground, a tall athletic boy and a short-flabby-intelligent autistic kid the same age. Now they're in high school daring to be friends.


Most people, at some point, meet someone who brings a complete change to their lives and makes a huge mess. Usually it is their true love, and they never part. But sometimes this person just vanishes, the only trace of their existence being the trail of destruction and reconstruction they have left behind. Oscar met that someone in the school's toilet. This is how it turned out.

Book 2 of Necromancer Legacy *****

After a battle in the hellish realm, Nick's body is possessed by the most impish of demons. Trapped in the after world, Nick must find a way to get his life back.