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Book 1 of Don't Think, Feel *****

Tony's whole life changes when he finally accepts himself. He keeps looking for love, but maybe it's closer than he thinks.


Lane is from California and doesn't like London - not one bit, but then he encounters a very drunk, naked boy in his local park and things begin to look up


Gunni is a 16 year-old violinist who has just been hired as the leader of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Siggi is the 19 year-old Principal Cello who is not at all happy with this new development. This kind of plot obviously demands that Gunni develops a crush for Siggi, but that's just the beginning. The story is told by Gunni and Siggi in their own distinctive way. Expect everything from humour to drama, and of course music (and plenty of fun in bed!).

Book 2 of Faking Happiness ****-

In Jordan And The Grease Monkey, We pick up Jordan two years after the events in Faking Happiness. A chance meeting on the way back from seeing his therapist, Jordan might just have met his saviour, but will he be?