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Book 2 of The Underwood Saga *****

In the face of a coment strike and with science powerless, the ICM calls upon the UK’s IPI to destroy the comet and avert the destruction of life on Earth. What is needed is the help of the most powerful Sorcerer that the UK has ever produced: Merlyn Emrys. What they have is Sorcerer Milo Underwood – newly risen to the rank – and his team. With no other way to contact Merlin, join Milo and his team as they attempt to find Avalon and secure Merlin’s assistance in averting catastrophe.


My thoughts, happy things, nice poems, just positive stuff allowed

Book 3 of Nick and Tony *****

In this story we will find out what happened to Nick's friend Tony.


After Adam Washburn recovers from a brutal beating that places him in a coma, and when he comes to he discovers he has an unusual ability. Now he has to decide how he is going to use this unique skill. Will he use it wisely or will it end up getting him into trouble?


They came to New Skye in search for a better future. Colonists, descendants of the brave people who boarded the generation ship Ionas knowing it would take decades to reach a new planet. They found a beautiful world, richer beyond their wildest expectations...

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