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Book 2 of Lonestar Chronicles *****

On a mission from Alpha Jackson, Alex finds himself traveling to packs all over the country developing goodwill for the Lonestar Pack. As he makes his way from pack to pack can he manage to come to terms with his uncle's death and find his one true mate?

Book 2 of Tears of the Neko *****

In the sequel to Tears of the Neko, Damien, the duke of Marsten must journey to the mines to deal with a problematic overseer. When his feline lover, Kayden, comes face to face with nightmares from his past, will he be strong enough to survive them, or will he fall prey to his fears and their resolve to draw the Blood of the Neko?

Book 10 of American Songbook -----

After getting dumped by Clem Linton, Nathan Cole spends his time breeding and training horses and sleeping with who ever he pulls in Austin nightclubs when drunk. After he wakes up next to Taylor, Nathan starts to realize quite how wrong his outlook on life is. But dealing with how low he has sunk and being willing to find the strength to pull himself into redemption are not quite as simple as galloping across a field.


CJ leaves his home in Miami as a result of bullying. He moves to Washington DC and spends the summer settling into a new life.

Book 8 of Billy Chase Chronicles *****

Here you will find the very private diary of Billy Chase. Occasionally updated as he lives his life as a closeted teenage boy. This is his life, feel free to peek in from time to time.