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Tom is an Australian lawyer living in London returning to Australia for his mother's funeral. On the plane he meets Matt, a Texan lad on a world trip before going to college. Their encounter brings back all the memories Tom has tried to suppress for the last thirty years.


Joey Cork, 16, is overworked and underpaid at his parent's Pub. While on vacation with his best friends Shaun and Dean, he is bombarded with calls form his mother about the work she needs him to do when he returns. Only, the final call from her is actually good news. Feeling that she and his father do actually ask alot of him, his mother passes on the news that they have finally hired someone to help him. Meet...

The Saturday Boy


After mysterious visit from a powerful someone, as a child, life turns in a new direction. A road of darkness, corruption, and bitterness will pave the road to a journey no one has ever seen.

Book 3 of Outback ****-

The Outback adventure continues with Kes the young adult son of Bas Silverton.