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Control. Discipline. Be Strong. Be Good. My mantra. I can do it. I have done it for years now. I need to do it, it's my job. But damn if those two intriguing lords have me faltering, willing to disobey my Master to help them.

Book 4 of CJ *****

CJ's education, in school and life, continues.


David’s awakening churns toward a New Year’s deadline.

His Journey
Introduction Ch 1
Part 1 Twoey Discovers Himself Ch 2 - 27
Intermezzo Ch 28 - 31
Part 2 Angel in Therapy Ch 32 - 58
Part 3 David Slays Goliath -suffers damage Ch 59 - 81
Part 4 Alex Ch 82 -


They came to New Skye in search for a better future. Colonists, descendants of the brave people who boarded the generation ship Ionas knowing it would take decades to reach a new planet. They found a beautiful world, richer beyond their wildest expectations...


This is the story of a young man (older teen) who feels like he has lost everything. When he feels like he is at his lowest, he finds love and starts making his way back to himself...

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