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Short stories are definitely not my strong suit, but I guess it's good to be challenged once in a while. Constructive criticism and kind encouragement are more than welcome.
So far this is one continuous story, so you might want to start with ch 1.

Book 7 of Bridgemont *****

George Granger has been home for six months on parole, anxiously awaiting news that he has been exchanged, hoping that once he is, he can once again return to active duty in the Royal Navy. Now, in May, 1799, his wish is granted.


Carrington is tired of his friend Mary trying to set him up with guys - he insists that he is not gay. Then he is introduced to Shenton, and things change, instantly, and forever.

Book 1 of The XXX Series *****

An online relationship turns real, but they only have five days to savor the sweetness of love in person.

From Stinson Beach to McLaren Park and The Castro, San Francisco guest stars in this erotic romance, and who knows – many things can happen in five days.

**this story contains sexual situations**