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Book 2 of MetaWolf *****

This different take on the traditional M/M werewolf genre continues where “MetaWolf1 - Meta” left off: Unromantic sex (nobody being called “baby”), less traditional wolves (semi-submissive alpha), a Meta (a bossy nerd), disturbing twists (Afghan vampires) and a continued stream of conniving wolves, vampires and humans – only outdone by a manipulative Shaman. -- It is advisable to read MetaWolf1 – Meta before enjoying this novel.


Jason must deal with the loss of his brother. His brother's best friend and Marine buddy takes an interest in him but can it work?

Book 5 of Rossford *****

This is the fifth Rossford novel


When Jason agreed to basically babysit his friend's step-brother, he knew the kid was a temperamental brat--I mean, Brad had told him that the kid had even tried to kill him, so the hateful attitude didn't surprise him. Unfortunately, what he didn't expect was a beautiful, sixteen year old mute whose anger was born from something much darker than just disliking his stepbrother. And finding out what that is pushes Jason to fold or go all in.