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Could two young men see beyond their own flaws in order to accept the fact that they deserve to love and be loved?


Brian Chesney is going on a ski trip. What he finds on his trip will change his life forever.


Shekhar is going back home for what would be the most cathartic trip of his life. It could be the making of him or leave him with the deepest of scars. And he knows it.


My thoughts, happy things, nice poems, just positive stuff allowed


When Bryan finally finds the man he wants to be with forever, he thinks his life will be perfect. But it's taken time to convince not only Wyatt that he's sincere, but his own mother as well. Between Wyatt's anxiety to trust again after a brutal breakup with an ex, the ex still trying to wreck havoc in Wyatt's life, and Bryan's own mother's doubts, Bryan is over-stressed. So when Wyatt disappears days after their engagement, he's left devastated and confused.

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