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Twelve-year-old Carlos suspects today is not going to be good. A boy from the spokes is coming to live with his family and Carlos has to give up the bottom bunk. Stefan has read all about living rim-ward, so he knows a little about what will occur in the perpetual summer of living on a farm along the rim. He’d like to know more but the source of that information is napping next to him. Both boys do not know their lives are going to dramatically change within the hour.


My name's Johnny Gallagher and I'm...a robosexual. This my story of how I fell in love with not only the robot, but its soul too.

Book 8 of Billy Chase Chronicles *****

Here you will find the very private diary of Billy Chase. Occasionally updated as he lives his life as a closeted teenage boy. This is his life, feel free to peek in from time to time.


Chad was outed, his life in shambles. His son, Justin, was his only lifeline to happiness.
Roy had enough. His attempts to find love and happiness had failed. He decided to simply live without trying to find a companion in life.
Together, they begin to learn what it really means to be gay.