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Short pieces on various subjects.

Book 1 of Don't Think, Feel *****

Tony's whole life changes when he finally accepts himself. He keeps looking for love, but maybe it's closer than he thinks.


Joey Cork, 16, is overworked and underpaid at his parent's Pub. While on vacation with his best friends Shaun and Dean, he is bombarded with calls form his mother about the work she needs him to do when he returns. Only, the final call from her is actually good news. Feeling that she and his father do actually ask alot of him, his mother passes on the news that they have finally hired someone to help him. Meet...

The Saturday Boy!


You find yourself when your life is in disarray. But when the world crumbles, you find life instead. The world ended before Daniel turned fifteen. He watched the horror unfolds from his window, and as his will to live fades, he realized that he is not the only one who survived. This is a tale of friendship, love, survival and about finding yourself when the world is no longer around to define you.


Kieran Tristan Toyne is beautiful, talented, sexy, and independently wealthy. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants; and that includes his friend's dates, cute club boys, fast cars, and motorcycles. Unfortunately his charm and charisma doesn't work on Robin, and Kieran is not used to being denied what he wants. The road to real happiness never did run smooth...


Kristen a star soccer player at his local high school sees a boy standing in the rain and felt a pull. Running home he begun to write a song called Song in My Heart. This begins a journey of fate between Kristen and his mystery boy Chance.

Book 4 of The Judas Tree Novellas *****

Thirteen-year-old Simon sits face to face with Father Strathmore, but what has he done wrong... Experimented with drugs, kissed a boy, or lied in Confession? The priest has a vested interest in finding out, and it is a deeply personal and troubling one.

Book 4 of Knots *****

This is the fourth in the series of stories called Knots. It's the story of Matt and Andy, who were fourteen when Knots was first published and are now sixteen and going into their junior year in high school. This is the continuing story of the relationship between Matt and Andy and the knots they tie that change the course of their lives.

Book 15 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) *****

The CAP saga continues...
JJ and Zach: Two competitive sports, two athletes, both locked in the closet.
Wade: Rebuilding his life with Matt.
Brad: Learning to be a single guy.
Will: Being Will.

Book 2 of Summer in Muskoka *****

Ben and Asher continue their perfect summer. The (much longer) sequel to "The Island's Secret".


Derrick has recently left the comfort of his old school to attend a new prep school on the other side of town. He may not have their money, or their possessions, but once he finds the love of a boy he meets on the bus...he finds something much stronger.


16 year old rock enthusiast Luke Summers is a lonely only child. Forced to move away with his parents to a ranch in the middle of nowhere when his father retires from the Army, Luke settles for the fact life is as exciting as its ever gonna get. That is until he makes an unusual discovery, except this time its not a new type of rock

Book 5 of Rossford *****

This is the fifth Rossford novel


Most people, at some point, meet someone who brings a complete change to their lives and makes a huge mess. Usually it is their true love, and they never part. But sometimes this person just vanishes, the only trace of their existence being the trail of destruction and reconstruction they have left behind. Oscar met that someone in the school's toilet. This is how it turned out.

Book 2 of For the Heart of Phillip ****-

This is the sequel to the much loved (or much hated) story of For the Heart of Phillip. This tells what happened to the two men left in the wake of the last tale.