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This is the story of a young man (older teen) who feels like he has lost everything. When he feels like he is at his lowest, he finds love and starts making his way back to himself...

Book 2 of The Underwood Saga *****

In the face of a coment strike and with science powerless, the ICM calls upon the UK’s IPI to destroy the comet and avert the destruction of life on Earth. What is needed is the help of the most powerful Sorcerer that the UK has ever produced: Merlyn Emrys. What they have is Sorcerer Milo Underwood – newly risen to the rank – and his team. With no other way to contact Merlin, join Milo and his team as they attempt to find Avalon and secure Merlin’s assistance in averting catastrophe.


My thoughts, happy things, nice poems, just positive stuff allowed

Book 3 of Nick and Tony *****

In this story we will find out what happened to Nick's friend Tony.


William Aaron Roberts finds himself fighting his feelings for his best friend, Brett, and with his parents, all while dealing with the results of his grandma's stroke.


After Adam Washburn recovers from a brutal beating that places him in a coma, and when he comes to he discovers he has an unusual ability. Now he has to decide how he is going to use this unique skill. Will he use it wisely or will it end up getting him into trouble?


This story is a spin-off of one of my previous stories, JOHNNY BREEZE AND ME. If you've not yet read that story, I urge you to read it as it will introduce you to many of the characters you will find in this story, as well as the events that led Daniel to where his is in this story. Enjoy!


They came to New Skye in search for a better future. Colonists, descendants of the brave people who boarded the generation ship Ionas knowing it would take decades to reach a new planet. They found a beautiful world, richer beyond their wildest expectations...


Reflections of the past, realities of the present, and hopes for the future. These aren't prompts, and anything could wind up here, from poetry to monologues. It's all about words, and the forms they lead us to.


While pretending to be cool when he is with his friends and trying to be intelligent when he is editing his popular weblog, Adam actually is going through a lot. He is able to ignore his own problems by running from reality. It works, until someone in the real world becomes interesting enough to stay for.


Dorian Gale is beginning his freshman year in college. New friends encourage him to join Campus Pride, a gay organization on campus. There is only one problem: Dorian’s father is Senator Jonathan Gale. A series of events on campus might jeopardize his father’s political aspirations, and Dorian could become a delicate situation to his father’s campaign


Jason Richardson decides to leave the touring company of "Wicked" and take a position as Artistic Director of the Rosemont Theatre in Austin, TX. Upon his arrival in Austin, the first person he meets is Johnny Breeze, a theatre employee... and both of their lives change forever.


As a cute little alien fox-hybrid, what would you do when the object of your affection is a human soccer player down on his luck? Well...Kidnapping is always an option. [M/M, some angst, menage, threesome/moresome,overabundance of cute, and a dash of humor]

Book 2 of Love Without Boundaries *****

The saga of Marshall and Lee continues...


In a world where humanity has forgotten it's magic and only the shifters still believe, old secrets threaten the very foundations of life.