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Returning home to Australia to attend his mothers funeral, a lot more surprises suddenly turns his life around.


College romance with gamers.


This is another adventure of the Horus crew. A transport mission takes the men to Rho 59, a dwarf planet on the edge of the Titan Empire. A Titan group plans to stir an upheaval in the Empire of Titania and deprive the ruler of his power. The Horus crew unintentionally gets involved in the Titan plot. Will they find a way out of the predicament?


Cammy knew he was ‘different’, and not just in his dress sense, but he didn’t care. He knew people thought he was ‘odd’, but his mother said he was unique and that’s just what Cammy wanted to be. Pretty much everyone in the school adored him. Cammy had an enormous crush on Thorne, but Thorne didn’t seem to know he existed―until today.


Silas Drake never stays in one place for very long. He has nowhere to call home and no family, at least not that he has any desire to see again. He's a homeless gay teen and just trying to survive in a small Colorado town with not much beyond his name; only his survival skills from years of scouting, his dog, Adelaide, and the small bit of supplies to get him through each day. His life is in for a change when the last person he expected to see is standing in front of him.

Book 2 of The Lilydale Leopards *****

The ongoing story of the Lilydale Leopards football club. Though the club has been saved, there are some unexpected consequences that needs to be dealt with.

Book 4 of MetaWolf *****

MetaBattles is the 4th MetaWolf book, a ‘polarizing’ and politically incorrect series of the M/M werewolf genre, with kinky sex, non-traditional wolves (scheming betas, raping enforcers and gamma assassins), a Meta suffering from PMS, and nine vampire queens – only outdone by a pack on ‘‘roids au naturel.’ –- It is advisable to read the first three novels (Meta, MetaOrigins and MetaShadowLands) before and MetaPrompts in parallel: http://www.gayauthors.org/story/johnar/metaprompts




A neurotic and fallen from grace man must confront the recent events in his life, despite his sanity being destroyed by delusion.

Book 2 of Brothers ****-

Damon and Domonique have been searching for their beloved for over a century and finally found him in Seattle, Washington at an auction.
Sounds simple right? Meet beloved, claim beloved, live happily ever after. Well what happens when someone fro their past comes back and threatens their very existence.
Tyler is an 18 year old werebear who has been looking for his mate for two years. What happens when he comes across Damon AND Domonique? Will he accept that his mate is a vampire?


Imagine being stuck in a home where all your parents seem to do is argue. For Xavier, that was life. Learn about the events near the end of his parents relationship that causes Xavier to become 'a problem child'.<br /><br />Frightened by his parents arguing Xavier commonly escapes and find himself at his friend Kade's house.


A group of short stories. This one is something that came to me in that period between sleep and wakefulness. It's a story of love from afar.


"I will take care of you when you are old," my patient told me more than a quarter of a century ago. I paid no heed as the relationship was professional and my mind had no room for more than my wife and children.Time went by, my wife died, the children grew...and Luis is taking care of me.This is our story.

Book 2 of Necromancer Legacy *****

After a battle in the hellish realm, Nick's body is possessed by the most impish of demons. Trapped in the after world, Nick must find a way to get his life back.


Stolen from the lab that created him and crushed under the overwhelming guilt of the death of a beloved uncle, Casey seeks what little peace he can in the only place that accepts him--the ocean. Arriving at his family's old cottage, Shawn senses something odd about his neighbors--Martin outright tells him to f-off and the young Casey is terrified of his uncle's retribution. Shawn's determined to get beneath the currents of Casey's fears and find the man he knows is hiding there