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This is a story about a retired Russian Typhoon Class being overhauled and refitted as a US science research vessel and the romance of a couple of crewmen.


Nolan Parks has to move to a new town, but his problems are coming with him. With his life starting over will Nolan find a way out of the nightmare he lives? Or will he continue to be mixed within the chaos?

Book 98 of MetaWolf -----

Inspired by one of the MetAddicts, this "story" is a collection of in-MetaVerse interviews with characters chosen by readers.


David’s awakening churns toward a New Year’s deadline.

His Journey
Introduction Ch 1
Part 1 Twoey Discovers Himself Ch 2 - 27
Intermezzo Ch 28 - 31
Part 2 Angel in Therapy Ch 32 - 58
Part 3 David Slays Goliath -suffers damage Ch 59 - 81
Part 4 Alex Ch 82 -


Ethan Scott tires of life in the city after several years of living on the streets and decides a trip to the mountains is the change he needs. Little does he know what direction that change will take.


My thoughts, happy things, nice poems, just positive stuff allowed


Short stories are definitely not my strong suit, and this attempt soon became a continuous story inspired by the challenge of First Line prompts.
Constructive criticism and kind encouragement are more than welcome.

Book 2 of Nick and Tony *****

Nick is growing up in 1970's Tulsa. His early adventures have been reckless. When he meets Joseph, all that changes. This is a sweet and tender love story about real people with real problems.


A mother sends her rebellious teen son to live with his father who abandoned him years earlier.


Conner is the Dirty Blond with a great group of friends.

Benji is his best friend.

What happens when one simple chance of fate brings out more.

Make sure to check out my tumblr for thoughts and some inside extras - crashinglovestory.tumblr.com


Nick moves to San Diego for a fresh start. Things aren't going as well as he'd hoped until a chance encounter with Sam in an elevator. It's lust at first sight, but will these two polar opposites create a relationship that endures as they're drawn into each other's worlds.


Diffident - modest or shy because of a lack of self confidence. Sometimes, the most important thing about growing up is finding the courage to move past the circumstances of one's upbringing.

Note: This story is set in the mid 1940's; some descriptive language may not be strictly PC for modern usage.


Rumors of a traveling doctor spread like wildfire throughout Bosefestung, and Arden Grey finds it harder to maintain a humble presence. He gains the attention of the Templar and Mages Hall, half the nobles in the city, the city-state's Guard-Captain, and the city's Underground. Since when had serving the sick and wounded become so complex?


"Where it ends, yo, usually depends on where it starts." But not always.

Book 2 of Rebellion Chronicles *****

Kim Jaehan is happy in love with Suk Dan. Their life seems perfect. They're happy lovers, they have a beautiful home, and successful careers. However, Jaehan is uneasy...afraid that it might all seem to good to last. Irrational jealousy sets Jaehan on a destructive path, and Dan gets tired of holding them together. Can they manage to save each other from a sinister force?