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Rural Nebraska small town teens face historic flooding and a life threatening struggle for their lives against a band of resurrected Pawnee warriors.

Book 1 of The Sponsors -----

Zhas is enslaved as a child and brought to a new world to be a zhalja for a man of wealth— to be his steward, entertainer, host, and most vocal advocate in business and politics. However, the easy and charming life of a zhalja is not nearly so simple as Zhas originally imagined, and soon he's struggling to reconcile what he has been taught and what he truly wants.


Clint runs a tech company and hooks up on Grindr. Teo Apodaca is a culinary entrepreneur who has an opinion and always feels inclined to share it. Yet despite Teo's air of invulnerability, he's hiding a rather turbulent past involving an old friend who suddenly appears after two years MIA. Teo is stuck between a difficult past and the promise of a future love as Clint learns that not all pain has to hurt.

Book 2 of Necromancer Legacy *****

After a battle in the hellish realm, Nick's body is possessed by the most impish of demons. Trapped in the after world, Nick must find a way to get his life back.


This is a story about a boy raised by his stepfather and he unwittingly becomes a slave


Kendall, at 25, puts all his cards on the table and walks away from his best friend, Michael. Being a cop hasn't prepared Michael for the hit he takes. Is there a way back for these two?


When Bryan finally finds the man he wants to be with forever, he thinks his life will be perfect. But it's taken time to convince not only Wyatt that he's sincere, but his own mother as well. Between Wyatt's anxiety to trust again after a brutal breakup with an ex, the ex still trying to wreck havoc in Wyatt's life, and Bryan's own mother's doubts, Bryan is over-stressed. So when Wyatt disappears days after their engagement, he's left devastated and confused.


Hi, my name's Josh. This is the story of how I met Nathan. He was... well. Weird, I suppose. Not much makes sense now, but maybe writing will help. Or not. Anyway, here goes.

Book 2 of Reid *****

Continuing story of Reid Granton


Omar loses his planet and his soul mate and has to adapt to a new world under the terrene of his friend Ivan; who has a different agenda for Omar. After finding a new love will Omar be able to keep him safe from Ivan’s raft? Or will Omar have to succumb to Ivan’s will?


Harry Potter fanfic. On his 17th birthday Harry comes into his creature inheritance. He also finds out that he has been lied to his whole life.


In a three-kingdom war, the golden boy of a brutal, power-hungry nation meets an unlikely rival that prompts an even more unlikely strategy.


Back in 2012 where people feared the doom of the world, Aidyn Scott must face his fears. Aidyn has strong feelings for a class mate, Noah Wesley. Skylar, Aidyn's little brother is just starting highschool and has began getting feelings for others. Specifically a new kid in town named Gresyon Payne, a blind boy whom he guides around the school. How will these four boys find their way through the "end of the world"?


Nicklaus and Fieo are drawn to each other but so much stands between them and joining in besedad. Nick has some very real fears to work through, but will he have the time and space he needs to overcome his past? Fieo's mission to find the Collectors will take them far from Caeorleia and stress on their already tenuous relationship.

Will their journey tear them apart or finally bring them together?


Brian Chesney is going on a ski trip. What he finds on his trip will change his life forever.