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Book 3 of MetaWolf *****

This disturbing take on the M/M werewolf genre continues 7 months after "MetaWolf 2 - MetaOrigins.” Kinky sex, non-traditional wolves (a semi-submissive alpha, cocky betas and illoyal enforcers), a Meta (a nerdish drama queen), disturbing twists (bred wolves) and a continued stream of conniving vampires, human assassins and uppity wolves – only outdone by a queen. -- It is advisable to read "MetaWolf 1 - Meta" and "2 - MetaOrigins" before enjoying this novel.


Painted with Boston, Massachusetts as their backdrop, two lonely yet surviving men meet and form a relationship. Take a peak into the minds and lives of Chad and Scott, both human and vulnerable, as they try to make a go at this 'relationship' business everyone speaks so highly about.

Book 3 of Rumors of War *****

After being betrayed by Lucifel and Shatan, Damien follows Lumial's lead and decides to take the battle to heaven.


Ice, the best barrier one could hope for.

Book 4 of Pleasant View *****

In part four of the gay erotic soap and mystery series "Pleasant View," a terrible fugitive from Australia comes to Kentucky and must be dealt with. Meanwhile, Brad and Jack take their relationship to the next level.


College romance with gamers.


Kyle does not want to leave his home behind, but he has no choice. He is assigned to a remote scientific outpost on the planet Tantalus where he meets Jim, the xenobiologist in charge of researching the indigenous species. Almost as soon as he arrives, though, strange things start happening. Things that could compromise Kyle's future, or even his life...


This is a story about Chet Little, first introduced in Cards on the Table... a popular character, he deserves his own story. This is a companion piece to Cards on the Table, but the story stands alone. Reading COTT first would be helpful, but is not necessary. It begins after chapter 16 of Cards on the Table. Many readers expressed an interest in Chet having his own voice, so here it is. I hope it pleases you.


Jensen Stibbings, or Puppy Stibbs as he is better known, longs to find a new family to call his own. But at 15, Being the longest staying and oldest child at Greenstone Children's Home, his hopes are fading. You see Jensen, just like a Puppy, can be a handful.

Follow his journey to overcome his challenges, manage his condition and achieve his goals, in...Puppy for Sale!


Dan has been in love with his best friend Steven for years and on their annual camping trip he intends on confessing all in the hope of finding love, but now Steven has a girlfriend in tow and Dan must deal with that disappointment. With the help of some new friends and sexual frustrations running high, everyone's secrets are about to be revealed.


CJ leaves his home in Miami as a result of bullying. He moves to Washington DC and spends the summer settling into a new life.


Emeric's life sucks; he's unhappy, drifting, lonely and sad. Things go from bad to crazy with the opening of a set of secrets that no one could have prepared him for. He quickly wonders whom he can trust, who is working for 'them,' and why this misfortune fell upon his shoulders in the first place. A twisting thread through history pulls him tighter and tighter, and eventually, either he or the binding may snap.

Book 7 of The Rossford Triptych *****

The final Rossford Novel


One man tries to understand what he had done to make his family keep secrets from him, all the while trying to make a life with his boyfriend. Will he be the better person? Will he get back what is rightly his?


Robbed of a life he once knew, Matthew has fallen into a slump. Everything changes when he makes an unexpected friend. But he begins to battle with his secret; one a small town would threaten to mar him with a tainted brush. When trying to repress his feelings, his world becomes an internal struggle as he longs for a taste of desire. Is it doomed to remain forever unspoken?