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A love story between an autistic teen and his brother. The boy only recognizes 3 facial expressions, and it limits how he interacts with the world. Over the years, he studied and learnt to recognize 32 of his brother's faces. A special bond developed between them as he understands the world through his brother.

Book 14 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) *****

Flux continues the CAP series in 2002, where everyone is still trying to cope with the horrible aftermath of 9-11, and is trying to move on with their lives. Many of the characters in this story were introduced in prior stories.

Book 0 of The Sole Scion Cycle: Second Cycle of the Centurion Chronicals *****

Sole Scion is a multi-part Science Fiction Series spin-off of the Centurion Cycle that takes place 10,000 years after the end of the First Cycle. After 400 generations since Planet Fall the history and gods of Ares has long been forgotten. Its people however continue to survive on the Blue Star. Know as Earth by some and Terra by others the Scions of Ares are about to face enemies more foul than the ones they left on dying homeworld. This time the enemy is themselves.


Jonas Marks has just graduated high school when he tells his father he is gay. The end result is that Jonas is tossed out of his home. With no money, no job, and no place to call home he ends up on his friend Jenny's couch till he starts working at Kroger's. Then his life just gets strange.


Two boys from Earth Analogue III awaken on World, and learn that if they ever will fly again they must find a dragon. You may recall that these boys, Paul and Larry, died when their plane crashed on a search and rescue mission north of J’ville, Wyoming.

Book 1 of Ice Fairy Continued *****

The saga continues! With Brett and Sam faded from the spotlight, it shines brightly now on Ryan, Caleb, and the emerging relationship of Colby and Jake. Will Amber be in sight this time?


Button is a little boy who was dropped on his father's doorstep. Watch as he and his two dads grow with each passing year.


Gunni is a 16 year-old violinist who has just been hired as the leader of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Siggi is the 19 year-old Principal Cello who is not at all happy with this new development. This kind of plot obviously demands that Gunni develops a crush for Siggi, but that's just the beginning. The story is told by Gunni and Siggi in their own distinctive way. Expect everything from humour to drama, and of course music (and plenty of fun in bed!).


For the past 8 years DCI Frank Prosser has had a total obsession - searching for his son, Alex who simple never returned from school one day when he was 9. Every waking moment is dedicated to the search to the detriment of his family. But after 8 years does Alex even exist anymore?

Book 3 of Knots *****

This is the continued story of Matt Spence, Andy Gibson, and their friends. Knots 2 covered the first half of their sophomore year in high school. Knots 3 covers the second half. Matt and Andy are struggling with their sexuality along with the trials and tribulations that come with being a teenager. Decisions they make cause them to tie knots in their lives that have both good and bad consequences.


Zach is set up on a blind date from hell and gets more than he hoped for


There is a lot of drama within the financially struggling Lilydale Leopards Football Club, but hidden behind the scenes is a player holding a secret.


Response to the 2014 Writing Prompts


He could have been a bright boy, doing well at school with friends and family and a future. Five minutes inattention had stolen it all and left behind…something. Can anyone bring the light back to Shade?


10 people; 8 hours – conflict and opportunity