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The prompts of 2014 and 2015

Book 2 of Unison Island Spinoffs -----

Louis and Cade were introduced in Buried Treasure, here is their story.

Book 99 of MetaWolf -----

Little snippets set in the MetaWolf universe, inspired by prompts, of different length, posted in irregular intervals, mostly light-hearted or steamy. Most likely not enjoyable without being familiar with the MetaWolf series (Meta, MetaOrigins and MetaShadowLands so far).


Four school boys at an all boys performing arts boarding school in the welsh countryside where love, alcoholism, homophobia, and the death of a loved one are all frequent occurrences in the scary world of adolescence.


Marshall and Lee have an unusual relationship. Lee may be the Dom, but Marshall gives as good as he takes.


What happens to warriors when they get old? They need to find new adventures, new places, new peoples, and new ways view themselves.


Kendall, at 25, puts all his cards on the table and walks away from his best friend, Michael. Being a cop hasn't prepared Michael for the hit he takes. Is there a way back for these two?


Come meet quirky, irrational, impulsive Jonah, who sometimes runs when life gets too much for him. This time he is in Sicily, Italy. What else? Oh yes. He talks to Zach, his imaginary friend in his laptop, collects people who want to take care of him, and slightly possessive, manipulative boyfriends. Time for a change.

Book 2 of Tears of the Neko *****

In the sequel to Tears of the Neko, Damien, the duke of Marsten must journey to the mines to deal with a problematic overseer. When his feline lover, Kayden, comes face to face with nightmares from his past, will he be strong enough to survive them, or will he fall prey to his fears and their resolve to draw the Blood of the Neko?


The kids of the Global Explorer and schools throughout the world show that they can make a difference. Armed with science leavened with a touch of magic*, they help bring the Enlightenment to the most closed societies of Earth.
[*It’s magic only until you understand it.]


Hiroki Hayashi lost an expensive pendant and to earn money he offered Akihiko Itou to buy him for the night. It was supposed to be a way to get enough money to buy the pendant but now he is suddenly Akihiko's wife!


Responses to selected prompts

Book 3 of MetaWolf *****

This disturbing take on the M/M werewolf genre continues 7 months after "MetaWolf 2 - MetaOrigins.” Kinky sex, non-traditional wolves (a semi-submissive alpha, cocky betas and illoyal enforcers), a Meta (a nerdish drama queen), disturbing twists (bred wolves) and a continued stream of conniving vampires, human assassins and uppity wolves – only outdone by a queen. -- It is advisable to read "MetaWolf 1 - Meta" and "2 - MetaOrigins" before enjoying this novel.

Book 1 of The Harvest ****-

In 2050, humanity finds out they are indeed not alone. Massive crafts appear without warning above the capitals of all major nations. The planet Tah'Nar is dying. Chemical warfare reduced the warrior race to sterility. They need fresh DNA in order to reproduce... and so they turn to Earth. Dale Michael assumes he's safe since he's under the age limit for The Harvest. How wrong he is!


Corbin's girlfriend is late after their first time. Add to that this boy named Declan that just confuses Corby to no end - who, in the end, will be the right one?