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Born in 1842 in Scotland, with the help of a wealthy uncle, Edward John Lester gains a good education, and studies to become a doctor.
An unexpected turn of events finds him falsely accused of a crime, and he is sent to the Swan River Colony.


Tony is from the North. Mitch is from the South. Tony is Catholic. Mitch is Baptist. Tony drives a Mercedes. Mitch drives a pickup truck. Tony wears designers. Mitch wears jeans and t-shirts. It's a mismatch made in Heaven


We give you twenty-four bits and pieces of all flavors to celebrate the most mystical time of the year.


Harry Sussman is a perfectly nice guy in his early 30s. He's a successful architect who lives in western Massachusetts. He's intelligent. He's stable. He's reasonably good-looking. He just wants to meet a nice guy to marry. Now how hard can that be?

Book 9 of The Secret Life Of Billy Chase *****

Here you will find the very private diary of Billy Chase. Occasionally updated as he lives his life as a closeted teenage boy. This is his life, feel free to peek in from time to time.

Book 16 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) *****

This story starts in June of 2003. The invasion of Iraq is over, George Bush has landed on the aircraft carrier and proclaimed "Mission Accomplished", and the insurgency has yet to begin. Some may think America is at the height of its power.

Meanwhile, in the CAP world:

JJ and Will, both in doomed relationships that seem to be working. Will they unravel, and if they do, who is behind it?

Book 8 of Christmas at Famous-Barr *****

Earth shattering events are few and far between, but when they come, they have lingering effects.

Two teenage boys were swept up by the winds of change, and punished for it. A firebrand reformer enlists the help of a reluctant correspondent, and both unwittingly help a department store man come up with a durable innovation to bring a little joy into people's lives.


Predators devour their prey. When the predator becomes prey himself, why should he expect mercy? What follows is the story of what happened when the tables got turned.

You can follow conversation about the story at http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/42145-predator-prey-%E2%80%93-by-parker-owens/?p=641726


Five schools in three years and Toni has one more chance if he wants to stay out of military school. Maybe this time he can stay out of trouble long enough to graduate. If only he could stop thinking about the overly-friendly King of Jocks that seems intent on making friends with the new guy. Toni learned the hard way that making friends with the schools golden boy is a very bad idea. If only he could stop thinking about him...

Book 2 of Unnamed *****

Every story has an origin. The two lovers, the two weapons: plucked out of their common lives by an unseen hand, broken and remade, set upon the stage, and for what purpose?


College professor Geoff Johnson's 1890's Queen Anne style house is so big he has to hire someone to help maintain it. Usually, every four years that person has always been a freshman at Warnton College where Geoff works. The house is always full of students many of whom Geoff has had affairs with. This year all of that comes to a crashing end when his life takes a dramatic turn.


The thing I do when I'm trying to create some prompts. At least I think it'll be more than one prompt eventually.

Book 7 of The Best Circle of Hell Stories *****

Kiorl has been lonely for a long, long time: and more irritatingly, he's been aware of that fact. All his usual distractions have been wearing thin for a decade or so, and this leaves Kiorl wondering if he is even capable of being loved.
Luckily, someone is about to arrive in the Innermost Circle who might try and find out.


There is a defining moment in everyone’s life when he or she suddenly realizes who they are. Sometimes it can be a welcoming revelation, other times it can be disheartening. Zac Barnes’s moment comes when he first looks into the brown eyes of Adrian Lewis. How will their lives be affected if Zac choses Door Number 3?


Darren likes quiet. Paul does not. You can probably guess what happens next.