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Book 2 of Two Timers -----

Adam is going home for his birthday the weekend before his family Cosplay event. He's bringing Patrick to meet everyone and Justin just because. All is not well because a troublesome neighbor is killed and Adam's mom is blamed.
Adam has to find who is framing his mother and clear his name.


Control. Discipline. Be Strong. Be Good. My mantra. I can do it. I have done it for years now. I need to do it, it's my job. But damn if those two intriguing lords have me faltering, willing to disobey my Master to help them.


Xak admits he over analyzes the fact that he over analyzes everything. After his boyfriend/best friend/future Alpha gives him an Alpha command, his brain is sent into overdrive


Four years ago as a college sophomore, Jason betrayed his best friend and roommate. Now he has a second chance...will he have the courage to take it?

Book 2 of The Alliance Series *****

Book two in The Alliance Series.


Raised in a strict life that he never really questioned, realizes he can't.

Book 5 of CJ *****

CJ's summer of 2014


Young man wins the Superpowerball. Will he find love? Or will meet the man of his dreams?


The semi-autobiographical story of a straight college boy named Matt who realizes he's not so straight when he crosses paths with a gay high school boy named Parker...

Book 2 of W.A.R. *****

Billy just wants to be normal. He just wants his friends to get along. But friends don't always get along, and life is anything but normal when your best friend's life is falling apart.


Reflections of the past, realities of the present, and hopes for the future. These aren't prompts, and anything could wind up here, from poetry to monologues. It's all about words, and the forms they lead us to.


There is a defining moment in everyone’s life when he or she suddenly realizes who they are. Sometimes it can be a welcoming revelation, other times it can be disheartening. Zac Barnes’s moment comes when he first looks into the brown eyes of Adrian Lewis. How will their lives be affected if Zac choses Door Number 3?


After Adam Washburn recovers from a brutal beating that places him in a coma, and when he comes to he discovers he has an unusual ability. Now he has to decide how he is going to use this unique skill. Will he use it wisely or will it end up getting him into trouble?


The 23-year old son of a small town, gay police detective in western Massachusetts disappears in Los Angeles while working in the film industry. And the detective -- recently divorced and in a new relationship with a terrific guy -- reluctantly goes to investigate. Along the way, he learns some surprising things about himself.


Jason Chris is not just another celebrity and former Disney kid. He has a purpose and a Destiny.

Cody Isn't just an internet boy toy, he is man with ideals and dreams of a better future. What part that future is lies in the not only his destiny but also Jason's and how these two men change the world's destiny.