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Book 1 of The Harvest ****-

In 2050, humanity finds out they are indeed not alone. Massive crafts appear without warning above the capitals of all major nations. The planet Tah'Nar is dying. Chemical warfare reduced the warrior race to sterility. They need fresh DNA in order to reproduce... and so they turn to Earth. Dale Michael assumes he's safe since he's under the age limit for The Harvest. How wrong he is!

Book 2 of MetaWolf *****

This different take on the traditional M/M werewolf genre continues where “MetaWolf1 - Meta” left off: Unromantic sex (nobody being called “baby”), less traditional wolves (semi-submissive alpha), a Meta (a bossy nerd), disturbing twists (Afghan vampires) and a continued stream of conniving wolves, vampires and humans – only outdone by a manipulative Shaman. -- It is advisable to read MetaWolf1 – Meta before enjoying this novel.

Book 2 of Tales Of The Terran Diaspora. ****-

Mparntwe is another tale of the Terran Diaspora.
Set in an earlier time to the tumultuous events of 'Attunga', it is based in Central Australia and tells the story of two young people.
Jarra and Mirrigan, both with serious disabilities, both with serious abilities, live in one of the first great underground communities and experience events which change the world.

Book 2 of The Lilydale Leopards *****

The ongoing story of the Lilydale Leopards football club. Though the club has been saved, there are some unexpected consequences that needs to be dealt with.


FBI agent Grimms inability to work with others has pushed his superiors to their breaking point. They put him on a case in Miami to find a lead to the elusive serial killer Azul. Keanan Blake, hired gun for the one of the biggest dug lords in Miami, wasn’t expecting the stranger to walk into the club and make a fool of himself. They find themselves stuck together, trying to stay alive with two opposing sides wanting them dead. They should always be cautious, especially with each other.


Senana Sa'z Rays has always been angry. Since the day he hit puberty an unholy rage festers in him. It ultimately gets him sent to planet Indiku for a sentence of five years to harvest in the Leeri flower fields. Rays didn't expect to find the dragon La'el or what they would end up meaning to each other - or the people that would want to destroy them.

Book 8 of Rossford *****

The Sixth Rossford Novel


These are short little one-shots/ficlets set in the Tears of the Neko Universe.I've been perusing the writing prompts and using them as a way to get me back into the 'neko mindset' to write the sequel. They are set after Tears of the Neko (unless otherwise indicated)--so it would help to have read that story first of course to be familiar with the characters. Most are sort of funny and silly, as I'm playing around with the characters.


Short stories are definitely not my strong suit, and this attempt soon became a continuous story inspired by the challenge of First Line prompts.
Constructive criticism and kind encouragement are more than welcome.

Book 1 of Storm ****-

A family adventure holiday ends up being a horrific event.


Come meet quirky, irrational, impulsive Jonah, who sometimes runs when life gets too much for him. This time he is in Sicily, Italy. What else? Oh yes. He talks to Zach, his imaginary friend in his laptop, collects people who want to take care of him, and slightly possessive, manipulative boyfriends. Time for a change.


What happens when a straight man is led astray by his best friend's straight son? Can the Greek model of a straight man and a straight boy that have sex and have a "love that is better than that of a woman," continue with their lives as normal or will it forever ruin them for their heterosexual relationships?


Sometimes it's hard to know and do the right and honorable thing.


You find yourself when your life is in disarray. But when the world crumbles, you find life instead. The world ended before Daniel turned fifteen. He watched the horror unfolds from his window, and as his will to live fades, he realized that he is not the only one who survived. This is a tale of friendship, love, survival and about finding yourself when the world is no longer around to define you.

Book 2 of Lonestar Chronicles *****

On a mission from Alpha Jackson, he finds himself travelling to packs all over the country developing goodwill for the Lonestar Pack. As he makes his way from pack to pack can he manage to come to terms with his uncle's death and find his one true mate?