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Book 1 of Gone From Daylight Spin-offs *****

Taryn's story that led him to become a vampire. Prequel to Gone From Daylight.


Shane and Adam were a fated disaster from the beginning. Shane didn't see it, he believed that all of their dreams were about to come true. He didn't know how close to the edge they were. Instead of rising to fame with the love of his life, it all fell apart. Now years later through the lives of Ian and Aries, mirror images of themselves, they have a second chance. Four souls in two bodies? Ghosts? Possessions? There are many theories, what mattered is who would come out in the end.


My stabs at writing prompts.

Book 2 of MetaWolf *****

This different take on the traditional M/M werewolf genre continues where “MetaWolf1 - Meta” left off: Unromantic sex (nobody being called “baby”), less traditional wolves (semi-submissive alpha), a Meta (a bossy nerd), disturbing twists (Afghan vampires) and a continued stream of conniving wolves, vampires and humans – only outdone by a manipulative Shaman. -- It is advisable to read MetaWolf1 – Meta before enjoying this novel.


Kyle and Ryan's day-to-day life gets changed as they meet David. How will they react to life's twist of fate?


After crash landing on enemy soil, Varo and his crew must try to survive while being hunted. The predator is now the prey.


Jason must deal with the loss of his brother. His brother's best friend and Marine buddy takes an interest in him but can it work?


This is the story of two high-schoolers in the mid-70s growing closer and learning about life and love in rural Ohio.

Book 3 of Outback ****-

The Outback adventure continues with Kes the young adult son of Bas Silverton.

Book 1 of The Lonestar Chronicles ****-

Jamie has always been picked on and seen as the weakest member of the Cajun Red Pack. He is a seventeen year old werewolf. He is seen as weak because no one has seen his wolf yet so they believe that he is so pathetic that his wolf has abandoned him.


Joey Cork, 16, is overworked and underpaid at his parent's Pub. While on vacation with his best friends Shaun and Dean, he is bombarded with calls form his mother about the work she needs him to do when he returns. Only, the final call from her is actually good news. Feeling that she and his father do actually ask alot of him, his mother passes on the news that they have finally hired someone to help him. Meet...

The Saturday Boy


By 1943 the war is going very bad for Germany. With a shortage of U-boat captains due to heavy losses, a young 21 year-old Lieutenant-Commander Lukas Stein is promoted to Captain and given command of his own boat.With a young crew that does not trust him and a prototype vessel being pressed into service, still not fully tested, Lukas will have to grow up quickly. Follow him and his crew as they try to navigate the torturous waters of the Atlantic.


Chad was outed, his life in shambles. His son, Justin, was his only lifeline to happiness.
Roy had enough. His attempts to find love and happiness had failed. He decided to simply live without trying to find a companion in life.
Together, they begin to learn what it really means to be gay.

Book 2 of The Sole Scion Cycle: Second Cycle of the Centurion Chronicles *****

Three years ago Avery Winters sacrificed his life to save mankind from the horrors of the past. While he succeeded in eliminating the threat posed by an alien species, he left his son, Daniel, without his father. With his father dead Daniel Winters is the sole scion of a bloodline that dates so far back in the past that all believe his bloodline has long became extinct. As the last of his line the burden his family carried throughout the centuries falls completely upon him. Can he survive it?


A gritty story of a casual meeting that turns into more than you might expect. You'll meet Rex, a real estate agent, Joe, a new-to-town out of work welder, and watch as people and events occur that shape their lives. You'll have a first row seat to a story that reflects adult situations, adult language, sex--and personal development--as well as a fun approach to life.