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Book 2 of Carthera Tales *****

Benny had his mate for a few short weeks. A moment in time that is slowly dragging him down. Yuri is alive, he's well... but he's not really there, not the Yuri Benny loved. His mate screamed at the sight of him. Jerret was happily mated; Davis had found his mate in a human. But Benny is all alone with his rage and pain slowly eating him up inside. Something had to change.

Book 6 of The Secret Melville *****

1844. In the spring Redburn leaves Peru for New York on a warship. He has nothing, and feels like a failure. Worst of all is the loss he leaves behind him in the Pacific – his husband is dead, and Toby is lost and presumably long buried. What awaits him in the fall when he arrives back 'home,' to a place he has not been for four years? There he must consider what his brother wants for him, against how Redburn might honor the noblest sacrifices of the men who love him have made.


I have loved my best friend for a long time but he doesn't know I'm Gay. What do I do?<br />Now he's living with me.<br />Help!!

Book 14 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) *****

Flux continues the CAP series in 2002, where everyone is still trying to cope with the horrible aftermath of 9-11, and is trying to move on with their lives. Many of the characters in this story were introduced in prior stories.


Kieran Tristan Toyne is beautiful, talented, sexy, and independently wealthy. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants; and that includes his friend's dates, cute club boys, fast cars, and motorcycles. Unfortunately his charm and charisma doesn't work on Robin, and Kieran is not used to being denied what he wants. The road to real happiness never did run smooth...

Book 2 of Like a Train Wreck ****-

It's been over four years since Miracle was left in small town Colorado for what seemed like the biggest test of his life, and that was life on his own. He found mild comfort in a friend, and he's hit Vegas, with a past, that's not only troubling, but one that makes many curious. Caught between past reflection and an uncertain future ahead, Miracle finds himself still lost in a world that still seems so big, like whats left of his grief for a love so deep.

Book 2 of The Paradox Series *****

If there is one thing Spencer Rawlins knows, it is that wounds take time to heal. Spencer intends to take as much time as possible to become whole once again, but old foes are not so easy to forget--for even as his life starts to piece back together, something else more precious begins to shatter.

Book 2 of Homestead Pack *****

Quintin Marshall has found himself sick of his boyfriend and his abusive ways and goes home to Montana.


Jason must deal with the loss of his brother. His brother's best friend and Marine buddy takes an interest in him but can it work?

This started as Prompt 342


This story is about a young man trying to break through the expectations set by his father and small-town life.


Set in the UK & US, FEYA tells the story of Jake and Cody, their families and the people they will meet but do not know yet. A story of close friendship, developing love and Heartache. When Jake finds out he is Moving to the US they both struggle to deal with it. Whats worse, Jake is in love with Cody, and Cody...Well he's having difficulties with his own identity. How will they cope when the very fabric of what it means to be best friends on the verge of more is ripped apart?

Book 2 of Faking Happiness **---

In Jordan And The Grease Monkey, We pick up Jordan two years after the events in Faking Happiness. A chance meeting on the way back from seeing his therapist, Jordan might just have met his saviour, but will he be?

Book 4 of Rossford *****

This is the fourth Rossford Book

Book 1 of Faking Happiness *****

Meet Jordan Price - A young man on verge of emotional implosion, if only he knew it. A Rich father, handsome and egotistic, Jordan is haemorrhaging money, friends and weight as his drug and drink fuelled lifestyle spirals out of control.


Playback - Harlem Nocturne. The scene opens on a darkened street, a lone figure...you get the picture, in black and white, narration and all...