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Book 2 of Upstaged *****

The Von are on their way up but their dream tour throws up the issues and insecurities of those left behind. And then there's the mysterious stranger who seems to delight in torturing the hapless members of The Von by snapping them in compromising situations and sending them back to their boyfriends back home. But it isn't until Erik is kidnapped and Asher is hit by terror from his past, that the torment really begins.


Carrington is tired of his friend Mary trying to set him up with guys - he insists that he is not gay. Then he is introduced to Shenton, and things change, instantly, and forever.


On the Global Explorer, science, espionage, and environmental activism meet Sea Cadets enrolled in a United Nations science program. The goal of the Explorer’s crew? To save the world from global warming, widespread hunger, pollution, post-Soviet Russian thuggery, and a myriad things adults created but that their children must solve.

Book 1 of DSJ ***--

When the countries on Earth are divided in so many ways, a huge private corporation plans and builds a deep space exploration vessel to go way beyond the boundaries of our own solar system, with no certain outcome of if they would be returning or not... But by pure chance they come across a cargo vessel that has been damaged by fire, with all crew lost, which changes everything for the crew of 11 on board the very first Deep Space Research and Exploration Shuttle named "Star Voyager".


Oli Volkov is not particularly good at being a werewolf. He much prefers his quiet life on the outskirts of town, working freelance for an ad agency, and visiting home whenever he absolutely has to. But when his neighbour comes to him with an injured dog who is actually a wolf, Oli finds that his life is about to undergo some rather dramatic changes.


In spilled blood and desperation, their fate was sealed; in a quiet corner of the world, far removed from genocidal wars and marauding "demons," the stage is being set. Tragic soul mates, a human weapon, an elven exile and a tortured empath are pushed into play. Between ancient mysteries, relentless hunters and scheming gods, the truth runs deeper and they were trapped here long ago...


Four school boys at an all boys performing arts boarding school in the welsh countryside where love, alcoholism, homophobia, and the death of a loved one are all frequent occurrences in the scary world of adolescence.

Book 8 of Billy Chase Chronicles *****

Here you will find the very private diary of Billy Chase. Occasionally updated as he lives his life as a closeted teenage boy. This is his life, feel free to peek in from time to time.


After a series of unfortunate events, Nate and a group of other homeless youth are recruited and trained to defeat a new hate movement against immigrants and gays while he must struggle between the man he must stray away from to keep him safe and the man who is not even alive.


Mikhail is a young gay man going through life trying to ignore his biggest problem, but life won't allow him to escape. The story takes place in South Africa.


My efforts at Prompt writing....

Book 2 of Carthera Tales *****

Benny had his mate for a few short weeks. A moment in time that is slowly dragging him down. Yuri is alive, he's well... but he's not really there, not the Yuri Benny loved. His mate screamed at the sight of him. Jerret was happily mated; Davis had found his mate in a human. But Benny is all alone with his rage and pain slowly eating him up inside. Something had to change.


Hey there. I'm sure you want to know what this story is all about, so I'll tell you. It's a story about how my life was changed on that fateful day when Denn's Mobile Circus came to town. Yeah, I know. Unless it's Cirque du Soleil, nobody really cares about a circus. But trust and believe when I say you haven't been to a circus quite like this before.


Then step inside.


Short pieces on various subjects.


Remember Jeff? Our unlucky friend from To Move Forward? With the help of a couple of friends, hopefully he can find that lasting love he has been looking for all his life. Good luck guys: No Instructions Included.