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After a huge row between his twin brother and their father, Russell’s mother sends him off to stay with her cousin in Europe, with no explanation. Reluctantly, the shy nineteen-year-old faces the issues which have kept him in his brother’s shadow for the past four years. It’s a twisted path of denial, anguish and unexpected joy, as Russell struggles to deal with long buried emotions and hopes.


James Hunter grew up the broken down projects in Brooklyn in the 80's and 90's and has spent his life being haunted by his fear of turning into his abusive alcoholic father. While has parents come in and out of his life, he finds guidance in his teacher who his helps explore his love for writing and with his attraction to guys, including falling madly in love with his best friend. James battles himself and his close minded environment to come out and find who he truly is.


Four school boys at an all boys performing arts boarding school in the welsh countryside where love, alcoholism, homophobia, and the death of a loved one are all frequent occurrences in the scary world of adolescence.

Book 1 of MetaWolf *****

A different take on the traditional M/M werewolf romance topic: less romantic, less traditional, more disturbing and with more conniving wolves, vampires and humans.


You find yourself when your life is in disarray. But when the world crumbles, you find life instead. The world ended before Daniel turned fifteen. He watched the horror unfolds from his window, and as his will to live fades, he realized that he is not the only one who survived. This is a tale of friendship, love, survival and about finding yourself when the world is no longer around to define you.


Jason must deal with the loss of his brother. His brother's best friend and Marine buddy takes an interest in him but can it work?


The prompts of 2014


Dan has been in love with his best friend Steven for years and on their annual camping trip he intends on confessing all in the hope of finding love, but now Steven has a girlfriend in tow and Dan must deal with that disappointment. With the help of some new friends and sexual frustrations running high, everyone's secrets are about to be revealed.

Book 2 of Summer in Muskoka *****

Ben and Asher continue their perfect summer. The (much longer) sequel to "The Island's Secret".


Carrington is tired of his friend Mary trying to set him up with guys - he insists that he is not gay. Then he is introduced to Shenton, and things change, instantly, and forever.


Zane is in the closet with only his best friend knowing about his secret until someone new shows up. The only problem is that this person brings his problems with him and has Zane help him. Will they come out unscathed in the end?

Book 2 of Upstaged -----

The Von are on their way up but their dream tour throws up the issues and insecurities of those left behind. And then there's the mysterious stranger who seems to delight in torturing the hapless members of The Von by snapping them in compromising situations and sending them back to their boyfriends back home. But it isn't until Erik is kidnapped and Asher is hit by terror from his past, that the torment really begins.


Chad was outed, his life in shambles. His son, Justin, was his only lifeline to happiness.
Roy had enough. His attempts to find love and happiness had failed. He decided to simply live without trying to find a companion in life.
Together, they begin to learn what it really means to be gay.


On the Global Explorer, science, espionage, and environmental activism meet Sea Cadets enrolled in a United Nations science program. The goal of the Explorer’s crew? To save the world from global warming, widespread hunger, pollution, post-Soviet Russian thuggery, and a myriad things adults created but that their children must solve.


Three, unlikely to meet, high school teens cross paths through an interconnected dream. They are brought together for a journey that will bring truths from the earths greatest myths and discoveries from beyond, and a destiny to be fulfilled, a destiny that will leave these three and more with mixed feelings. Between putting all the pieces together, dealing with life's drama and the danger of who they are that puts themselves and those they care about at risk, it leaves a questionable fate.