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He lived alone with a father who beat the hell out of him. His mom abandoned him years ago. There was a roof over his head, and food, when his dad let him eat. One day, all that changed: he ran in fear for his life with nothing but the clothes on his back. And his journal.


Can long distance relationships really work? If two people are completely wrapped up in each other, can love remain intact when 1,000 miles separates you from your other half? How long will it last? How long can you keep it up? Forever and ever?


Peter, the quiet, scholarly, marching band member, and Tom, the outgoing, popular, athlete, meet on a bus returning from a football game. Outwardly so different, inwardly so much the same. They develop a strong relationship but being the 1950s they must hide their true feelings from friends and family. The boys coming of age includes guidance by and friendships with a priest, store manager, farmer, landscaper, janitor, executive and art professor.

Book 1 of The Croxburgh Chronicles *****

Colin McCann’s life is about to be turned upside down. After happily chatting to the gorgeous American, Kit Hansen, he thinks nothing of helping drunk Denny Harrison home to his front gate. On Monday morning at school, however, he is summoned to the deputy head’s office to meet two detectives, who grill him about his movements on Friday night before informing his that not only was Denny murdered that night—his body found face-down in Casham Ponds—but that Colin is the prime suspect.


Clint runs a tech company and hooks up on Grindr. Teo Apodaca is a culinary entrepreneur who has an opinion and always feels inclined to share it. Yet despite Teo's air of invulnerability, he's hiding a rather turbulent past involving an old friend who suddenly appears after two years MIA. Teo is stuck between a difficult past and the promise of a future love as Clint learns that not all pain has to hurt.

Book 7 of Bridgemont *****

George Granger has been home for six months on parole, anxiously awaiting news that he has been exchanged, hoping that once he is, he can once again return to active duty in the Royal Navy. Now, in May, 1799, his wish is granted.


Responses to selected prompts


When confronted with his family’s bigotry, Reece is faced with the first of many choices. He can continue to tolerate the caustic atmosphere or he can walk away and finally focus on making himself happy. His cousin’s friend Dave unintentionally becomes the catalyst that forces Reece to make a choice. He can only hope it's the right one.


David is more fragile than he thinks. His world churns on the journey toward a New Year's deadline. Only one person can rescue him.

Book 5 of Knots *****

Matt and Andy start Knots 5 in the summer before their senior year in high school. They’ve tied some pretty big knots in the last three years. Matt is still unsure about his sexuality. Andy knows he’s gay and wishes Matt did too. It isn’t to be at least for now. Matt and Andy are in their twenties at the time of this writing, so they could be a married couple, or as in Matt’s case, could have a wife and a couple of children.


With the help of Father Frederick Monohan, Mike Faraday works through the wreckage of war left in his mind toward a happier future.


Could two young men see beyond their own flaws in order to accept the fact that they deserve to love and be loved?


Brian Chesney is going on a ski trip. What he finds on his trip will change his life forever.


Shekhar is going back home for what would be the most cathartic trip of his life. It could be the making of him or leave him with the deepest of scars. And he knows it.


A man comes out in middle age after dealing with guilt from a decades-long relationship with his married best friend.