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Growing up in Mississippi in the 70s.


Emeric's life sucks; he's unhappy, drifting, lonely and sad. Things go from bad to crazy with the opening of a set of secrets that no one could have prepared him for. He quickly wonders whom he can trust, who is working for 'them,' and why this misfortune fell upon his shoulders in the first place. A twisting thread through history pulls him tighter and tighter, and eventually, either he or the binding may snap.

Book 2 of Unison Island Spinoffs *****

Louis and Cade were introduced in Buried Treasure, here is their story.


I'm Aphrodite's son, and I have to find her son (Ero)s bow, it all seem fake to me, but its real. I have to quest out with these kids. Poseidon's son is definitely a keeper. A rainbow sunshine, and everything nice girl who saved me twice. A random satyr who kidnapped me. What else do I need? Oh maybe a evil vicious thing with eight heads and shoots acid, or a hundred feet giant serpent... Oh and a better birthday gift next time.


Painted with Boston, Massachusetts as their backdrop, two lonely yet surviving men meet and form a relationship. Take a peak into the minds and lives of Chad and Scott, both human and vulnerable, as they try to make a go at this 'relationship' business everyone speaks so highly about.


They say you can't escape destiny!
Louis spent a passionate night with a handsome man he met at a bar after the celebrations for his graduation. The next morning he ran away hoping to forget all about it. He was certain that he would never cross paths with that man again. Who would have predicted that he would meet that man again as his boss Xavier White?

Book 99 of MetaWolf *****

Little snippets set in the MetaWolf universe, inspired by prompts, of different length, posted in irregular intervals, mostly light-hearted or steamy. Most likely not enjoyable without being familiar with the MetaWolf series (Meta, MetaOrigins and MetaShadowLands so far).


Hunter is a sixteen year old high school student. That’s the closest to normal his life will ever get. He was groomed to be the perfect spy by what some would call the golden age in USSR Intelligence. Adopted at age five by the quintessential American family, he has to balance a web of lies to maintain his cover. Keeping his new family safe; juggling missions and surviving the perilous high school halls where love is about to throw a monkey wrench into this well-oiled machine’s core.


Cammy knew he was ‘different’, and not just in his dress sense, but he didn’t care. He knew people thought he was ‘odd’, but his mother said he was unique and that’s just what Cammy wanted to be. Pretty much everyone in the school adored him. Cammy had an enormous crush on Thorne, but Thorne didn’t seem to know he existed―until today.


This is another adventure of the Horus crew. A transport mission takes the men to Rho 59, a dwarf planet on the edge of the Titan Empire. A Titan group plans to stir an upheaval in the Empire of Titania and deprive the ruler of his power. The Horus crew unintentionally gets involved in the Titan plot. Will they find a way out of the predicament?

Book 1 of True's Prompts *****

Nick & Bobby have a rough start to their relationship but they perceiver and build a life together... they decide to adopt an older child, but things grow out of control.


The story follows a young, pessimistic seventeen-year old boy named Erik who has little faith in himself. But one day, Gabriel- the boy he has been crushing on for four years gets run over by a bus in front of him which changes both of their lives forever. This story will explore the changes of the two boys as they gradually become closer together and figuring out who they really are.


Silas Drake never stays in one place for very long. He has nowhere to call home and no family, at least not that he has any desire to see again. He's a homeless gay teen and just trying to survive in a small Colorado town with not much beyond his name; only his survival skills from years of scouting, his dog, Adelaide, and the small bit of supplies to get him through each day. His life is in for a change when the last person he expected to see is standing in front of him.


The summer before his senior year of high school, Jake is thrust into a dangerous world he had no idea even existed. Before his inheritance the only things Jake was overly concerned with was his strange dreams, and figuring out how to deal with being in love with his best friend. Now, saddled with a heritage that makes him the sole heir to both the Guardian and Night Stalker kingdoms, Jake learns that not everything is black and white, and the people he can trust are few and far in between.

Book 2 of The Lilydale Leopards *****

The ongoing story of the Lilydale Leopards football club. Though the club has been saved, there are some unexpected consequences that needs to be dealt with.