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Alone and scared, a young teen must find the courage and skills needed to survive in a world gone mad after everyone disappears.


Man's future isn't all rosy dreams...there are bumps along the way due to human nature and environmental disaster.

Book 3 of Sword of Kings -----

After several setbacks and a few surprises, Kieren and the others are ready to begin the final leg of their journey. Will they reach their intended destination in time and will Kieren be able to complete the task assigned to him?


Ethan Scott tires of life in the city and decides a trip to the mountains is the change he needs. Little does he know what direction that change will take.


In many ways, Sloan Stevenson is a regular guy. A product of the modern world of Studio 54 and the 'do your own thing' attitude of the swinging 70s, he has his thoughts of independence shaken by meeting a great guy and his twelve-year-old daughter, Katie.


Kazuma and Hyde learn to fight for love and life, even when it means hurting others.


A Deadpool/Spider-Man fanfic. Wade wants to be a hero, but fighting bad guys isn't enough to keep things interesting. Wooing Spider-Man might help, though. And exploring his kinks definitely will. Of course, he never thought anything would come of either of these things. Boy, was he wrong!


Stuff that needs a home which cannot be my head.


Noah Kenner lives in a world that many of us might not recognize. At least not YET! June, 2012...the world as we know it...is over. Due to a large scale global holocaust, and the outbreak of a man-made virus, the few survivors left are now the targets of government execution squads. Lawless anarchists run rampant in the streets. Death camps are in place to imprison and murder all who go against the new world order.

Book 2 of Ashes of Fate *****

After the defeat of the one of the Icarus Confederacy's enemies, and hurting from the loss of one of their own, the Confederacy returns home to regroup. Despite their need for respite, the war isn't over yet.


He lived alone with a father who beat the hell out of him. His mom abandoned him years ago. There was a roof over his head, and food, when his dad let him eat. One day, all that changed: he ran in fear for his life with nothing but the clothes on his back. And his journal.


Mysterious Dr. Pettit has done it before, but things went awry. All he needs is a sponsor - and a safe place - to try his experiments again. Will his 'program' work this time? Will his 'subjects' experience the hoped for benefits? What side affects will come to the fore in 'Second Adolescence'?


David is more fragile than he thinks. His world churns on the journey toward a New Year's deadline. Only one person can rescue him.

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Book 5 of Knots *****

Matt and Andy start Knots 5 in the summer before their senior year in high school. They’ve tied some pretty big knots in the last three years. Matt is still unsure about his sexuality. Andy knows he’s gay and wishes Matt did too. It isn’t to be at least for now. Matt and Andy are in their twenties at the time of this writing, so they could be a married couple, or as in Matt’s case, could have a wife and a couple of children.

Book 1 of The King's Mate *****

My grandmother made me talk to Diarmad Guerin every year after Christmas Mass since I was three. The letter he gave me a few weeks before my eighteenth birthday changed my whole world.