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With his brother gone and everything he loves at risk, Drew tries to keep what is left of his life safe. Can he take back what belongs to him, and save the boy he has fallen so in love with?
Copyright © 2010 *HJ*; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Serious editing going on in the beginning chapters SOME IS PLOT RELATED noting too major, but some of it does make a real difference  It has been long over due. Shouldn't be too awful long before it's finished. Chapters 1-14 have been edited so far. I would suggest not staring this story until the editing is done or stopping at the last edited chapters until it is caught up. I will update this note as editing is done. CHAPTERS 13 & 14 HAVE BEEN EDITED! I suggest that you go back and re-read them. So stuff has been changed and a couple conversation have been added. Chapters 15 & 16 are on the way. <3 you all!

Table of Contents

  1. Cars and Chicks 2 reviews, 1,646 words,

    Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. All characters and events a purly fictional. Any resemblance to real events or people is pure coincidence.

  2. High School and New Faces 2 reviews, 4,312 words,
  3. Persistence and Background Info 1 reviews, 1,674 words,
  4. Stormy Weather and Guilty Hearts 3 reviews, 2,214 words,
  5. Last Words 1 reviews, 3,493 words,
  6. He Dreams in Anguish 0 reviews, 3,479 words,
  7. Roomies 0 reviews, 2,292 words,
  8. Reuniting Old Friends 0 reviews, 2,174 words,
  9. Keys & Air Mattresses 1 reviews, 2,648 words,
  10. Thunder and Lighting 1 reviews, 1,549 words,

    Things will be calm in Clearwater for a bit, but not for long. Our characters need time to recover and some...well they just need time to plot ;). Sorry for the shortness that is this chapter btw.

  11. Aftermath & Unwanted Answers 2 reviews, 3,541 words,

    Edited :)

  12. Settling Down 1 reviews, 3,087 words,

    Edited :)

  13. Home Cooked Meals & Scary Movies 1 reviews, 4,213 words,


  14. Pitching Tents 1 reviews, 3,840 words,


  15. David 2 reviews, 4,004 words,
  16. The Cat is Out of the Bag 1 reviews, 3,119 words,
  17. Vendettas Deepen 1 reviews, 3,766 words,
    Things heat up...
  18. The Truth 1 reviews, 3,126 words,
    Luke finally grows a pair. :0....hehe.

  19. Falling Out of the Closet 1 reviews, 2,325 words,
  20. Happy Happy Joy Joy 3 reviews, 2,868 words,
  21. The Hurricane 3 reviews, 3,335 words,
    Alright this chapter is back up BUT the second half is 100% different after much thought on the subject.
  22. Explantion 3 reviews, 2,149 words,


    Make sure you read the re-write of chapter 21!

  23. Is this Reality? 3 reviews, 3,154 words,

    Sorry this was a few days later than what I said it would be, but I broke my foot =[. Now that I am confined to my bed expect chapters more frequently. As always please comment & rate after reading! :D

  24. Honesty is Key 3 reviews, 4,157 words,

    Please enjoy!

  25. "I Cried Like a Baby" 3 reviews, 2,832 words,

    Big thanks to CassieQ for editing this chapter. I don't know what I would have done without her invaluable editing skills since Frosty is out of commission for the time being :( . So, props to CassieQ because she is completely and totally awesome! I hope you enjoy the chapter Darlings!  

  26. Complications 3 reviews, 4,294 words,

    Big thanks to Frosty and Cassie for their wonderful editing work on this chapter! <3 you girls! Chapter 27 should be up quicker than this one since I nearly have it finished. I hope all of you enjoy this chapter, there are not many more left to go.

  27. Aggressive Much? 6 reviews, 4,654 words,

    Okay, I know this is like months and months late, but honestly I just ran into a wall for a bit. I am seriously just going to stop saying "The next chapter will be up soon" because I jinx myself or something. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this! 

    *Big thanks to CassieQ for editing this monster! Also, thanks to Sunshine for stepping in for Frosty!