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22. Explantion Reviews

joann414%s's Photo

Aug 11 2012 07:53 AM

(Chapter 22 Review)

How awful to have a monster for a father. So glad that Jordan is found, and being returned to his family. Wonder how the family is going to feel about who his doc is though. Drew's dad must really hate him, and he even knows about Luke. Sick people in this world today. Great chapter.

View Post Reply from *HJ* (author)

Thank you, but you must remember that Senator James was Drew's step dad. Drew's biological father died of cancer. Love your reviews as always.
Lisa%s's Photo

Apr 09 2012 08:07 PM

(Chapter 22 Review)

HJ - I've been reading this on and off whenever I have time, since March. I finally got to the last chapter only to realize it is the last chapter! :(

I absolutely LOVE this story! Your characters are so vivid and even David, who I of course HATED, am now sympathetic towards. And of course Rose and Jane are the best! :)

I'm so glad they found Jordan. They should all thank Jared profusely for even noticing him down in Texas. Jordan's gonna need a lot of therapy; his "father" (and I use that term very loosely) really screwed him up.

What a great author you are HJ! I can't wait to read more! Hopefully you'll update within the year? lol

View Post Reply from *HJ* (author)

Actually, I will be updating very soon; within the week. The chapters should just roll out from there. Not saying you will get a chapter every week, but they will come more often then 3 times a year :). As for your review :D. Really made my day. Reviews fuel my work. I write to please my readers and when I know I am doing that I work even harder. So thanks for turning my dull day to technicolor!
Rebelghost85%s's Photo

Feb 26 2012 03:54 PM

(Chapter 22 Review)

Oh man. I'm so happy Jordan was found. Now he needs Drew to help him get through the horrors he's faced and move on with his life.
Great story. I'm very happy that I found it. I can't comment on the edits because I just read it today.

View Post Reply from *HJ* (author)

I'm glad that you like it!
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