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16. Mire Ch. 16

*HJ*%s's Photo   *HJ*, 13 Jan 2012

           So young but so like his mother and father. Jake would be a wonderful ruler providing that he could survive the war. The way he perceives things is utterly amazing. Tonight when Tim gained his powers I thought we would both be destroyed, but Jake put part of my mind at rest.

            I pledged my soul to the kingdom nearly 3 centuries ago. When a vampire or guardian pledges, they give up their ability to mate. Our souls bond to our kings or queens. Do not misunderstand, though, the bond is one sided. We tether to their souls but they remain unattached. One could imagine my surprise when I came across Tim.

              His thin form curled into my body, and I felt the nausea and the pain he was feeling from gaining such a massive amount of power in such a short time. I kissed his forehead, and he twisted to look up at me in confusion. His eyes sparkled with worry and discomfort.

            “What’s happening to me?” he asked.

            “You have gained your powers. Do not fret, though; you will be fine in an hour or so. All warlocks feel like this after gaining their powers,” I smiled.

            “Warlock? Powers? What in the heck are you talking about,” he groaned hold his head.

            “Tim, you are a warlock.  Do you know what that is?”


            As I was about to explain, Amy came barging through the door. I am really fond of Amy. When she first arrived with Jake, she was all business—even after losing her mate. I respected her composure even if most of it was due to Jake. She had an attitude and bluntness to her that I respected. She was young and hotheaded but had the makings of a great warrior. She was what the kids now days referred to as a real firecracker.  

            “Mire,” she sighed. “I know you are bonding in here and such but we have a problem. A big one.”

            I sat up, and Tim followed my lead. “What has happened?” I questioned.

            “Jake and Donovan had retired to their room. Apparently Minx appeared wielding a golden dagger dripping with black gunk,” she calmly delivered.

            “Did he cut or touch anyone with it?”

            “Donovan killed him before he could touch anyone.”

            “Where is his body?” I asked as I rushed out of bed. Tim went to follow my lead but I stopped him. “Stay,” I whispered, “I will be back shortly. Rest,” I said as I kissed his forehead.

            Amy and I hurried from the room. She began to explain in more detail what had transpired.

            “Donovan said that Minx’s body disappeared in a black smoke. The dagger was left on the ground— in fact, it is still there.”

            “Where are Jake and Donovan now?”

            “Donovan is trying to console Jake. They are still in their room.”

            “Let us move quickly.”

            As Amy and I hurried through the corridors my anger was mounting. Whoever was behind such an attack was ruthless and cruel. The black dagger was ancient dark magic and had been banned for centuries. On top of all that, they sent Minx to do the deed. Jake and I needed to speak with Serian and quickly. Such an attack was meant to bring down our defenses and make us unprepared for an ambush.

            “Mire, you look mad as hell,” Amy said as she hurried to keep up with me.

            “An attack like that…Amy if that dagger would have cut either of them it would have been disastrous.”

            “How so?”

            “They would have been forever imprisoned in their worse perception of hell for eternity. I would not wish something of the sort on my worst enemy.”

            I opened the door and found Donovan holding Jake on the bed. I scanned the room. Donovan had done well. The Dagger lay toward the middle of the room amongst shards of glass and wood from the broken vanity. Thankfully, neither they nor the guards had touched the Black Dagger. I walked in with Amy following closely behind. Four of the kingdom’s best guards were lined in front of the windows.

            “Has anyone come in contact with the dagger?” I asked firmly.

            “No one sir,” said one of the guards.

            “Make sure that no one goes near it until Serian arrives, so that she may dispose of it. That dagger is very dangerous and any contact with it will imprison you in your worst perception of hell for eternity. I suggest you keep a safe distance.

            I did not see the point in downgrading the situation. I looked over at Amy, who had made her way over to Donovan and Jake. Jake was a mess and was completely understandable. He slumped into Donovan’s chest and I could see the unhealed cuts on his arms and hands. I gathered he had been the object that broke the vanity.

            I placed a hand on Amy’s shoulder and gestured to the cuts covering our leader.

She nodded, “Can you have one of the guards bring me two bowls, one with warm water and one that is empty? I will also need a clean cloth and a pair of tweezers.”

            “Elijah, please retrieve the things Amy asks for,” I said to the blonde haired guard closest to us. After Elijah left the room I placed my hand on Jake’s shoulder. “Jake,” I smiled, “Donovan did not kill Minx. He killed an illusion. Had Donovan actually dispatched Minx, his body would be here.”

            “Thank fucking goodness,” sighed Donovan in relief.

            That boy did have a way with words.

            “You mean that wasn’t really Minx?” Jake asked wiping tears from his eyes.

            “No, it was not. Minx would die before he killed you or did what that illusion almost did.”

            “We really need to figure out who is behind all of this. Otherwise we will be entering into battle completely blind,” Jake said putting his head in his hands.

            “I know one thing for sure. Whoever is behind this is not only dabbling in forbidden dark magic, but completely experienced in it. The black dagger can only be conjured by the darkest of magic and the most powerful of witches and warlocks. The spell has been banned for nearly a millennium. I honestly cannot fathom who would be evil enough to use it.”

            “So what you’re saying is that we are dealing with a witch or warlock?” Donovan asked.

            “Yes, most likely a rogue. We are in alliance with both the warlock and witch kingdoms. Had Serian not stepped up first then Casmir would have,” I replied.

            “I take it Casmir is leader of the warlocks then?” Amy asked.

“Yes he and Serian are on speaking terms for the sake of the race.

“I thought they were separate races,” said Donovan.

“No. You see a witch and a warlock are one in the same. A warlock is simply a male witch. Of course the term ‘warlock’ originally meant ‘oath breaker’. When the male witches tried to imprison female witches, and name the male race dominate over the females, the females were very upset. Therefore female witches began to refer to male witches as oath breakers. After the war’s end males simply retained the term ‘warlock’.”   

            “So, basically what you are saying is that the males were being macho assholes and the females wouldn’t stand for it, right?” Donovan asked in all seriousness.       

“Yes, warlocks seemed to believe that their powers were greater than that of a witch simply because they were male and believed that the witches should serve them as wives and mothers. Some still believe that way, which is why witches are so secretive.”

            “Alright, if witches and warlocks don’t normally communicate then how do they mate?” Amy asked.

            “The Civil War of Witches took place a very long time ago. After the end of the war the new separate kingdoms set laws against mating and since then witches have mated with humans and so have Warlocks. Over time their powers developed certain characteristics that became specific to each gender. Warlocks are more abrasive with their magic and witches are soothing with theirs.”

            “Basically, what you are saying that they have equal strengths just different ways of expressing it; different spells and traditions,” Jake said understanding my point exactly.

I found myself slightly jealous that I couldn’t have explained it that easily.

             “Yes. A witch will tap directly into elemental power and almost ask for assistance as to where a warlock manipulates and sometimes drain’s the energy of what surrounds them.”

            “Alright, so are those laws still intact?” Amy asked still thirsting for knowledge on the subject.   

            “No, past rulers saw fit to remove the laws after the tension died down.”

            “So they mate now then?”

            “They try, but for a witch and a warlock to conceive a child is rare. They have evolved over time and each of their power cores is extremely stronger due to their past need to survive each other. When they attempt to conceive a child it cannot handle the two power cores combined. Most mothers miscarry or the child will die when the powers awaken.”

“So a child born to a warlock and a witch and living to gain its power is pretty much unheard of?” asked Jake.

            “I only knew of one who survived,” I said.

            “Who?” Amy asked.

            “Her name was Arcana. She was murdered not long after she gained full use of her powers.”

            “Who killed her?” Donovan asked as Elijah returned with the supplies Amy had asked for.

            As I spoke she began picking out the tiny pieces of glass that had been lodged in Jake’s arm. “Her father Raul. Sadly, he believed that his child could not be more powerful than he. He killed her brutally and without mercy and attempted to absorb her power. ”

            “He sounds pretty evil. Could he possibly be the one experienced in the dark magic?” Jake asked slightly wincing as Amy retrieved a rather large chunk of glass from his shoulder.

            “No, Raul was murdered shortly after he murdered his daughter,” I sighed.

            “By whom?” they asked me in unison.

            “Arcana’s mother…High Priestess Serian.”

            Their mouths all dropped and Amy dropped her tweezers into the bowl in her lap. I sighed deeply recalling Serian’s state that night. Of course the first person she came to was Tamari. They were almost like sisters. When one hurt so did the other, when one was in trouble the other had her back. True friendship was what they had.

That night she need her friend.  

            “Well,” said Jake, “I was not expecting you to say that.”

            “None of us were,” said Amy as she finished with Jake’s left arm and quickly healed the cuts with a slow swipe of her hand.

            “Enough of the history lesson for now,” I smiled, now thinking of getting back to Tim. “Jake, I do not advise staying in the presence of this dagger. I suggest that you and Donovan relocate until Serian arrives and removes it. Also, in light of the attack I recommend the room in which you stay be guarded. I will give the orders if you will allow it.”

            “I trust your judgment Mire,” said Jake respectfully. “Give the orders if you think best.”

            I nodded and caught the gaze of Priam, our best guard and warrior next to myself. He smiled and came forward.

            “Priam, my old friend; I am afraid you know this drill well my friend. Place three guards outside the windows and doors of Our Lord’s room, and then double our guards patrolling the perimeters.  Keep an eye out for Serian’s arrival. I believe you remember her style.”

            “Yes, Sir,” he saluted me.  

            “Now, all of you get some rest before Serian arrives. I am certain she knows who is behind this. You know where to find me if anything else occurs. Sleep safe my young friends.” They all nodded with smiles as I left.


            When I arrived back to the room Tim was sitting up against the headboard of the bed looking worried and pale. I quickly came to sit beside him and pulled him into my arms. He immediately relaxed in my embrace.

            “Is everyone alright?” he asked looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes.

            Since gaining his powers I noticed how much richer his green eyes had become. I could almost see the power surging through them.

            “Yes, my love everyone is fine. Just a failed attack on Jake is all,” I explained.

            “Attack?” It was then that I realized Tim was completely oblivious to everything that was going on.

            “We are on the edge of a war with the guardian empire & Jake is the king of both races…” In short, I explained the entire confusing situation to him including our mating situation and the entire history of witches and warlocks.

            “Oh, wow… So our mating has never happened before?” he asked entrancing me with those eyes again.

            “No, and frankly I’m not exactly sure how it will turn out. I hope very well.”

            “Will I turn into a vampire?”

            “I wouldn’t think so, but like I said I have no idea what to expect. I mean I age one year every century. Witches and warlocks age like humans. I really cannot fathom what will happen between us.”

            Tim had laid his head back on my chest and sighed. I felt the wave of nausea that hit him, and it was strong enough to make me nearly gag. The nausea passed after a few moments, and Tim turned around in my arms and smiled at me.

            “What?” I asked smiling.

            “I was wondering how you felt about our age difference,” he laughed.

            “Why on Earth are you concerned about our age difference?”

            “I was just curious. I mean you must be ancient.”

            From anyone else the comment would have offended me, but coming from Tim it only made me burst into laughter. He joined in.

            “How old are you though? I’m just curious,” he giggled.

            “I am afraid I am quite ‘ancient’, as you put it.”

            Tim raised an eyebrow at me and grinned widely, “I want an exact age.”

            “I am seven hundred and seventeen years old.”

            Tim’s beautiful emerald eyes widened and his jaw fell slack. I found his reaction rather hilarious and burst into another fit of laughter. Several minutes later, I calmed down. Tim was still slightly shocked but not nearly as much.

            “Ancient enough for you?” I asked.

            He only nodded with a slight smile. I pulled him tighter against me with a grin and a kiss to his temple.

            “If it helps, I am only twenty four in human years.”

            “That sounds much better than seven hundred and seventeen.”

            I laughed and kissed his head as he smuggled into my side and lay his head on my chest. He still had a fever but I hoped it would disappear soon. Tim being in pain or discomfort did not bode well with me. I had heard how mating was, but I had never imagined it to be like this. We had yet to seal our bond and I still knew that I never let anything or anyone hurt him. I knew without one shred of doubt that I loved him more than my own life.

            After a few minutes Tim was sound asleep against my chest and wrapped up tightly in my wings. I drifted off to sleep with his warm breath ghosting over my heart and his sweet sent filling my nose.

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