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1. Have you ever...?

BeautybutBroken%s's Photo   BeautybutBroken, 24 Jul 2012


Have you ever

wanted to touch a fire flame?

Or been with tons of people

but your the only one to blame?


Looked in broken glass

and seen who your really are?

Wanted to turn around

but you've went too far?


Seen an old friend

getting put in the ground?

Searched for a reason

when there's not one to be found?


Thought you was okay

but your scars are still there?

Screamed that this game

is anything but fair?


Lost something you thought

you couldn't live without?

Known that they were lying

there wasn't even a doubt?


Wished upon a star

no matter what they say?

Looked left and right

but couldn't find your way?


Have you ever

wanted to hide the truth with lies?

Or felt the sting of betrayal

that you couldn't deny?





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