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15. Chapter 15 Lessons Reviews

Jaro_423%s's Photo

Sep 03 2014 01:26 AM

(Chapter 15 Review)

It's still good but somehow it's changed and not got the same edge on it that it had before. Not sure quite why that is. Sorry, that's just my feeling about it. Maybe the surreal has put me off and it's just a personal reaction and nothing to do with your writing or how the story is panning out or not panning out.
Somehow the court scene failed to really capture attention and imagination, though you did try to add a cliffie there regarding the bail question.
JT seems to be out of the equation now so that danger seems to have passed by, though there might be some interest from what happens to him since his dad will not be too pleased unless he regards Andy's hospitalization as sufficient work and JT can convince him of this.
Andy's dealing with his mother's death still is not great material for exciting and interesting reading. Though his near death experience (if that's what it can be called) was perhaps dramatic, it did not appeal to me as a great story line.
So I have to say the chapter is a little disappointing after what has gone before. Maybe it will pick up with future chapters. I hope so. Up to this point I have really enjoyed the story and for the sake of seeing where Andy and Joey's relationship goes I might continue for a bit longer.

View Post Reply from Billy Martin (author)

Sorry about this chapter not meeting your expectations. It didn't meet mine either. When writing and posting weekly as I started out, life events can affect one's writing, and it did mine.

Hopefully, if you didn't give up on the story you will find it smooths out and returns to what you liked about the story to begin with.

The main thing is, from my point of view, you took the time to write your thoughts down and caused me to reflect on how my story made you feel or not feel. Thank you for that!
Daithi%s's Photo

Aug 22 2013 02:30 AM

(Chapter 15 Review)

I understand why the high bail since he actually asked for no bail in the first place. And any judge that releases them is crazy and should lose his seat. Both of them told the judge they did no wrong that that the abuse is what is normal for punishment. Their son is wrapped like a mummy and will need plastic surgery to remove the scars. How the he'll is that acceptable punishment. He even has the pictures to show the extreme punishment

View Post Reply from Billy Martin (author)

I don't think the judge had any intentions of letting either walk out of his court room without the issues being resolved.

Thanks for leaving a review and I'm sorry I missed you writing it when you did.
Kiltie69%s's Photo

May 13 2013 04:36 AM

(Chapter 15 Review)

Been a year since I last did some reading and reviewing on the site. Glad I started with re reading of Trials, forgot how good it was. All ill say Billy is your writing can get an auld Scotsman to have wet eyes on a public train.
Chapter was intense, looking forward to what is to come.

View Post Reply from Billy Martin (author)

It's awesome to have you back! I'm sure more than just me are glad to see you again, and writing.

Sorry about the water filled eyes :)
PrivateTim%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 07:44 PM

(Chapter 15 Review)

I wonder where we can go from here? You seem to have tied up a lot of storylines in the last couple of chapters.

I can't imagine a judge in KY imposing a $1,000,000 bail on someone who only earns probably no more than $40-50k. That would be a pretty clear violation of the 8th Amendment and the ADA wouldn't have asked for $1,000,000 knowing that. The ADA would ask for remand (no bail) since the preacher is new in town and therefore a flight risk and the severity of the charges. It would be up to the defense to ask for a reasonable bail, like $100,000, or even an OR release and then it is up to the judge to either split the difference or go with remand.

The remaining, but minor sub-plot might be what happens with JT? Is his experience today an epiphany or just temporary? If it is life changing then CPS has another case to deal with.

View Post Reply from Billy Martin (author)

Thanks Tim for the thoughtful review. Nothing was decided in the chapter concerning bail, or any other issue. Perhaps we'll learn what happened in the next chapter.

Again, thanks for taking the time to add a review. :)
Lisa%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 12:44 PM

(Chapter 15 Review)

Wow this was an intense chapter. I'm glad Andy finally was able to put his mom to rest. Funny, no matter how old you are, when you lose your mom, it's like part of you dies too. And no matter how old you are, you still miss your mom. And poor Andy had to lose his mom at such an early age.

I'm concerned about the trial for Joey's "parents". I use that term loosely. lol The judge already ruled about bail, so why should he give a fuck if the Adams' can't afford it? It's their problem, not the Judge's.

Judge Whitt should just lock 'em up and throw away the key. Oh, and why wasn't Andy's dad there at the trial? Shouldn't he have been there since he's the "foster" family?

Another great chapter Billy! Looking forward to more!

View Post Reply from Billy Martin (author)

Thank you Lisa!

I always look forward to your reviews :)
comicfan%s's Photo

Apr 29 2012 11:08 PM

(Chapter 15 Review)

Another chapter down. I see you made some other changes to the story which flowed nicely since my last view of the tale. Can't wait for more.

View Post Reply from Billy Martin (author)

Thanks Wayne. I have some soul searching to do before the next chapter.
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