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These are a few of the short flash fiction pieces I've done in response to various writing prompts I've been given. I will post the prompt and then the short pieces I came up as chapters here. I'd love to see any pieces inspired by any of these prompts from others too!
Copyright © 2011 Cia; All Rights Reserved.


Table of Contents

  1. Running Cia's Brain 3 reviews, 493 words,

    Prompt: Pretend that there is a small man/woman operating the control system of your brain. Write about your day from his/her perspective.

  2. Teddy Bears' Picnic 2 reviews, 461 words,

    Prompt: What was your favorite book as a kid? Recount the way it made you feel when you read it.

  3. Flashy 2 reviews, 620 words,
    GA Prompt #33: Your protagonist has a serious quirk. That’s right, it’s impossible to ignore yet there is no mention of it. Tell us, nay, show us a story in which your protagonist aggressively seeks a goal while those around him/her try their darnedest not to react to the quirk.
  4. Leather and Chains 4 reviews, 509 words,
    Prompt: You wake up chained to the wall of a medieval torture room. The torture devices are laid out on a table in front of you. Write this scene.
  5. Taming the Lion 2 reviews, 877 words,
    Prompt: You wake up in a darkened circus tent, wearing a bright blue and yellow clown costume and a fluffy red wig. There is a dwarf standing over you with bucket of water. "You okay?" he asks. Write this scene.
  6. Speghetti 2 reviews, 868 words,

    Lugh's Creative Prompt #37

    Mention all these words in a story that ends in a compromise: mechanic, bathtub, speghetti, stool



  7. Be Okay 3 reviews, 1,140 words,

    Lugh's Writing Prompt #35: Write a story about a parent looking for a child. The child was on public transportation that "crashed" earlier that day.

  8. Kissing in the Caves 2 reviews, 1,054 words,

    Writing Prompt: It was that summer feeling. It had to be.

  9. Rupert the Bear 2 reviews, 893 words,
    GA Prompt #43: Write a story with the first line:
    Her laugh broke the silence.
  10. Death by Dust Bunnies 3 reviews, 916 words,

    This isn't a prompt, per se, but a comment I made to Renee which instantly flashed this scene in my head.

  11. Blinding Light 1 reviews, 327 words,
    Prompt #14: Write a story where the character can't see anything. The idea is to use the other senses to describe the scene to the reader.
  12. Presentation 1 reviews, 595 words,

    GA Prompt #49: Take two people who dislike each other and stick them in the backseat of a taxi. What happens?

  13. His Soul's Happiness 1 reviews, 1,239 words,
    GA Writing Prompt #61: Your task is to create a new character dealing with the Spirit of any other holiday.
  14. The Pearl 5 reviews, 941 words,
    Prompt: I found the strangest thing in my pocket…
  15. Only For You 1 reviews, 746 words,
    GA Writing Prompt #67: "They are already playing the entrance music, and you decide to tell me that now? Are you crazy?" And there is your first line. Just what is going on?
  16. A Little Tease 0 reviews, 349 words,

    This was my attempt at sensuous without sex.

  17. Connecting 2 reviews, 1,556 words,

    GA Prompt #81   Beginning Line: "Oh my god, I think I killed him!"

  18. His Balloon 0 reviews, 381 words,

    GA Prompt #83: If a dream is a wish your heart makes, what is it if you are forced to live out a child's dream?

  19. The Finish Line 1 reviews, 867 words,
  20. Hideous 3 reviews, 355 words,

    Response to GA prompt 142 Starting Line: “Because . . . how could you not know this was done to me?”

  21. Just A Girl 0 reviews, 333 words,

    Prompt response from GA Prompt 219: A letter was mistakenly delivered to you. You had opened and read it before you realized it wasn’t meant for you. What was the letter about and what do you do about it?


  22. Mine 3 reviews, 1,236 words,

    Creative Prompt 278 First Line: "Please, I can explain."

  23. Thankful 3 reviews, 309 words,

    Prompt 370 – Creative
    Tag – List of Words
    Use the following in a story – turkey, gift, flowers, blue sweater, and a pen.

  24. First Contact 4 reviews, 302 words,

    This 300 word story took third place in the Queer Sci Fi group on Facebook's first Annual Flash Fiction contest. The story had to include an LGBT character and fit within the theme 'Endings'.

  25. Dear Santa 7 reviews, 999 words,

    This is inspired by my Wednesday Briefers group. I have 3 prompt inspirations: A picture of a gingerbread man, and the phrases, "Shake that booty" and "Dear Santa".

  26. Cool Countdown 1 reviews, 1,029 words,

    This story is a follow up to last week's short, Dear Santa, posted as part of my Wednesday Briefer's group. This week I'm featuring a New Year's Eve prompt inspired by the words: alcohol, glass, glitter. This should basically stand alone, but these are about 1k in length, so for the most enjoyment, go back a chapter and read Dear Santa first.

  27. No Flash 3 reviews, 952 words,

    This is a piece I am doing for April Fool's Day for my Wednesday Briefers group. I'm considering turning it into a serial story after I complete my existing story. It was inspired by the two pictures in the chapter and I incorporated the prompt, "Have your character burn himself/herself."