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16. Thanksgiving Reviews

Reader1810%s's Photo

Jul 12 2015 01:07 AM

(Chapter 16 Review)

The explanation regarding Dean's project went over my head so I welcomed the change to Turkey day. It was nice that the neighbours got together and celebrated the holiday as a "family".
My suspicions regarding Sean have abated with the events of this chapter and, for that, I am thankful. It would have been terrible to have him be a bad guy in light of the support he offered regarding Dean's realization that he was gay.

View Post Reply from Daddydavek (author)

Sean is a good neighbor, if a bit of a character...


I agree that holidays are better when friends and family gather. I'm glad you enjoyed. it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

joann414%s's Photo

Oct 11 2012 03:48 PM

(Chapter 16 Review)

Dean has got a rich boyfriend, and doesn't seem too impressed, more like uncomfortable around the money part. John is into Dean no matter what, and cares about Debbie also.
I like that John encouraged Dean to talk to his mom, and set her mind at rest about his being gay, and being safe.
I loved the idea of having the neighbor's for Thanksgiving Dinner. People do not do enough of that now days. Great chapter.

View Post Reply from Daddydavek (author)

I think big money is always a little uncomfortable to be around when you come from modest means.

I agree that Thanksgiving is a holiday to share.
Lisa%s's Photo

Jun 02 2012 11:45 PM

(Chapter 16 Review)

Interesting two chapters. Of course being computer challenged, the whole explaination from the marshal about how Weiss hacked into Dean's router and used it to do his encryptions, and the whole hard drive back-up, trebyte (or whatever that word was, lol), totally had me stumped! lol It's too bad they haven't figured out who killed him. I mean, they didn't even figure out who shot at Dean, did they? Even though the guy was lying right there, dead.

Oh, and I was also thinking what Dean was thinking about his 'porn viewing' when the marshal took his computer. lol The U.S. Marshal Service will certainly be in for a treat! lol

Nice chapter about Turkey Day. Dean can certainly be a kept man; he's dating money. hahah

Looking forward to reading more. :)

View Post Reply from Daddydavek (author)

Thanks for your review and continued interest. It is much appreciated.
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