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3. More questions Reviews

Timothy M.%s's Photo

Jul 14 2014 02:08 AM

(Chapter 3 Review)

Well I'm guessing they don't want to call too much attention to the case, but are hoping someone may have seen the assassin come out of the woods and get into his car somewhere.
Poor Dean, one failed attempt with a silly girl, and he's turned off sex, but I can understand why. Being too well endowed isn't always a blessing. Though being able to blow himself sure compensates. :)

View Post Reply from Daddydavek (author)

Did I mention I let some of my fantasies get incorporated into this story?
Andrew_Q_Gordon %s's Photo

Jun 05 2012 09:43 PM

(Chapter 3 Review)

A thousand bucks? That's it? :blink: They must not want to solve this one - no one's gonna stick their neck out for a measly $1000.00.
Instead of asking for more hours at the grocery store, why didn't dean go into porn? I mean he is a freak of nature that would/could be well compensated for his well endowed endowment - not that I know anything about what porn pays or even what porn is - 0:)

View Post Reply from Daddydavek (author)

This is small town Indiana, not D.C., Philly or Baltimore!
K.C.%s's Photo

May 29 2012 10:40 PM

(Chapter 3 Review)

I think the cops know more than they are saying. Dean blowing himself had me giggling and squirming at the ame time! Posted Image

View Post Reply from Daddydavek (author)

Giggling and squirming but not choking?
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