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Tangled Webs * * * * * 8 Ratings


The last thing Bryan was expecting to encounter was a web of confusion in his own home with him at the center of it
Copyright © 2012 Jammi; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

For all reading Tangled Webs,  I'm putting the story on hold for reworking and rewrites.  Bryan's journey will continue soon. 
Thanks to everyone who has read and shown interest in the story so far. 



Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 8 reviews, 2,513 words,

    Colton Bryan Dobbs has been gone for a year.  He returns to find his life forever changed, and it turns out that's the least of his worries

  2. Chapter 2 8 reviews, 2,789 words,

    Bryan tries to settle into his life...but doesn't have much luck

  3. Chapter 3 4 reviews, 2,418 words,

    When nightmares plague Bryan, Jeff suggests he reach out to his dad

  4. Chapter 4 6 reviews, 4,499 words,

    Bryan's world gets a little more confusing as he attempts to make amends with his parents 

  5. Chapter 5 3 reviews, 2,641 words,

    While Bryan remains comatose Jeff goes looking for answers

  6. Chapter 6 4 reviews, 2,721 words,

    Bryan wakes up, but something's wrong.

  7. Chapter 7 6 reviews, 11,772 words,

    Bryan awakens to a world of confusion and Jeff learns a big secret

  8. Chapter 8 6 reviews, 7,950 words,

    The proverbial cat is out of the bag as Jeff learns some truths about Bryan.  Some questions are answered, but the answers lead to more questions.

  9. Chapter 9 5 reviews, 5,599 words,

    Thomas and Jeff decide Bryan's fate

  10. Chapter 10 3 reviews, 11,218 words,

    Jeff and Thomas take Bryan to California, while Marianne and Marshall realize his gone

  11. Chapter 11 6 reviews, 9,326 words,

    Bryan starts mending fences with his dad. Sorry for the delay guys.  the olympics interrupted normal posting :P  but here we go with the next leg of jeff and bryan's adventure

  12. Chapter 12 5 reviews, 5,022 words,

    Jeff has a gift for Bryan, who meanwhile starts to open up to his dad.

  13. Chapter 13 5 reviews, 7,639 words,

    I apologize profusely for the delay on this chapter.  Last time Bryan's older brother showed up.  This chapter continues right where that one left off.  See how Alden's presence affects everything.

  14. Chapter 14 4 reviews, 5,060 words,

    Jeff and Alden come to blows over what is best for Bryan

  15. Chapter 15 4 reviews, 3,888 words,

    Bryan opens up to his dad about his experiences.

  16. Chapter 16 3 reviews, 5,696 words,

    Bryan takes a stab at being social, with mixed results.  Meanwhile Aldan and Jeff come to blows yet again.