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27. Chapter 27 Reviews Book 12 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

Miles Long%s's Photo

May 18 2014 11:05 PM

(Chapter 27 Review)

Product of politics or not Wade is a truly good guy...how it happened is a universal anomaly. On top of that Wade's right, Brad and Robbie are going down...omg...Wade's a shaman.
centexhairysub%s's Photo

Dec 03 2013 04:46 PM

(Chapter 27 Review)

Wade is going to do something really great and help a lot of people and face his mother; what could be a better total package than that...

Brad and Robbie have lost their minds. If they think they are going to come out on top of any battle with Will in this current form; Will is in the right way more than they are and you can tell the rest of the family is already lining up behind Will.
rjo%s's Photo

Apr 10 2012 02:01 PM

(Chapter 27 Review)

My respect for Wade has only increased over the last chapters. Not only has he found a way to honor his uncle but also help the homeless gay kids in DC. If that was not enough, he maybe the only person who can stop the war between Brad and Will. This conflict could destroy the family. Each member taking sides. Sadly, it could come to that. Long ago Isidore and Jim ( JP's brother) had a problems which could have broken the family. JP and Stef stepped in and healed it. Now the situation between Will and Brad could cause even a deeper break. I don't understand why all these smart people can't see it. The person I am most surprised with is Robbie. Brad is much more hard headed than Robbie. I think Stef was right in calling Brad out on this. Maybe just maybe Wade and JP can finish the job before the relationship between Will and Brad is gone forever. Again Mark, you have given us a outstanding chapter. Not only a wonderful story but something to think about in our own lives.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

I try not to write characters that are too similar, but if I had to pick two that were, I'd probably choose Wade Danfield and George Granger. Granger is definitely sluttier, but they have that same sense of honor, and of obligation and entitlement.
Napaguy%s's Photo

Apr 10 2012 11:37 AM

(Chapter 27 Review)

It appears that the relationship between Will and his Dad(s) is on the verge becoming a widening chasm. It seems that a third party (preferably disinterested) needs to mediate a retreat from the precipice and assist in establishing a real dialogue among the parties before this family is split further apart. I seems that JP as the patriarch would be well suited to lead this and keeping it in the family might be preferred although I would not rule out the use of an impartial but respected and skilled family therapist.
Cudo's to Wade for seeing the opportunity presented to establish an opportunity to expand the out reach of The Mission for young men in a very significant way. Good work Mark - you are touching on some very important and significant issues that are frequently swept to the corner and not dealt with and can tear families apart for decades.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Thanks LEN. I'm not sure that JP would want to get too involved. I think grandparents would prefer to avoid those types of conflicts. Besides, he doesn't always have the smoothest relationship with Brad either. :-)
chrisg02%s's Photo

Apr 10 2012 11:26 AM

(Chapter 27 Review)

Enjoying the series -- thanks.
Seems to me (fwiw), the Will -vs- Brad (Robbie) fight looks just right for the plot and didn't take too much space. Maybe its flames would also shed light on a whole lot of the relationships of the father-types in the series?
The characters here are so vigorous that they bring up all kinds of questions. Has Brad been so much hardened by the scars of the 'Omega' battle and by the busy fruits of seeming victory that he can't let up enough to take part in his own family life? Could it become a late success, in a way, for the Omega bad-guys, even though now practically disappeared from view, that after they failed to trash Brad's personal relationship with Robbie or the business success of both of them, the scars of battle they left (and maybe the ruthless streak Brad found for solving parts of the conflict) could eventually break Brad & Robbie's relationships with their son? Can Brad and Robbie manage to tell Will anything about what was at stake there, explaining their absence and distance and attitudes, and start some healing there for all of them? Would Brad and Robbie come to see that they can't always keep hold of all of the reins in their business life, and start to let go some to free up time to try and keep alive the vigor and cohesion of both their family and business organizations? How does their succession-planning go -- given that they already showed some weaknesses in picking people? Could they maybe come to see not only Stef but also Wade as shrewd judges able to help on that? What does all of this do to the choices facing linchpins JP and Stef as they grow older and their energies grow less? Will Brad and Robbie become able to take their place? Could some of it need to skip a generation and maybe involve Matt and Wade?
And how about Will -- and his amazing strength and insight on some aspects of life at only 14-y.o.? Has he suffered in the middle of plenty to develop all of that so soon & so young, and what are its costs for him?
And all of the rest -- thanks Mark for showing & painting this broad canvas.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Wow. That was pretty insightful. Not sure I can answer your questions...but I think that you really focus on the issue of balance, and that's a major challenge for busy parents, and an especially big challenge for Brad and Robbie.
Daddydavek%s's Photo

Apr 10 2012 10:46 AM

(Chapter 27 Review)

Wade's plans for the old hotel in D.C. reveal that he really does have a warm spot in his heart for his deceased uncle and it looks like it will be interesting to see how it effects his mother.

Unlike another reviewer, I think the ongoing contention between Will and his dad and pops did move the story along. Wade is convinced that Brad and Robbie have handled it badly and that Will is going to prevail and Wade's judgment is pretty good. Stef is firmly in Will's corner and when Brad called him on giving Will money, he let them have it. Finally, JP who has tried to stay out of it, is becoming more concerned. I think there may be a really big blow-up still to come before things get worked out.

This is a story about relationships. If relationships between parents and teenage children are not dramatic, nothing is. I just hope that Brad gets over his bullheadedness and realizes he may permanently damage his relationship with Will if he doesn't eat a little crow for screwing up the episode with Pat and how avoiding it made it worse. Beyond that, teenagers want to be treated like adults and be independent, yet they crave lots of attention. Parents are either too much in their face or ignoring them. For parents it's often a can't win situation so you just have to muddle through and keep telling them you love them even when they drive you nuts.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

I really appreciated this review, because in the last paragraph, you summed up the situation perfectly.

You also wrote: "I think there may be a really big blow-up still to come before things get worked out." You have no idea. :-)
PrivateTim%s's Photo

Apr 10 2012 08:44 AM

(Chapter 27 Review)

I kind of wondered if in Wade's plans was using the old slum buildings for missions..... but then again I also thought about Kimpton who takes old hotels and turns them into luxury boutiques....

I am wondering what is up with Brad and Robbie.... it sounds like they have more plans then just NOT going to St Barts, it sounds like they have active plans to do something else maybe with the family. Maybe a family retreat to Colorado or someplace to remove the distractions and have a real pow wow. I don't think the fight is going on too long, it is pretty realistic. I battled with my father my entire sophomore year and part of my junior year. I lucked out with my teen, but then circumstances were different.

I like the play with Shane Jackson, it would be nice for Will to know some gay teens and nice for Shane to get some support or comfort too.

I am looking forward to the CO river trip and hope we get to see Alister again, Will's buds from junior high and especially what is going to happen with Ryan and Will in those cool desert nights :)

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

I'm not quite sure that "comfort" is what Will has in mind for Shane Jackson. ;-)

The Colorado River trip happens in Chapters 29 and 30. Hang in there.
Hermetically Sealed%s's Photo

Apr 10 2012 07:59 AM

(Chapter 27 Review)

Interesting that Wade wants to help expand Tim's operation. I wonder if Wade was more irked at being accused of using his uncle to get at his mother . . . or because it was so obvious. LoL Still, it's an interesting move, since his doing it basically in her back yard.
Really disappointed that half the chapter was wasted on the Will/Brad fight. It would be one thing if it was actually going somewhere, unfortunately it's not, it's just repetitive at this point. Attend ice rink event, snipe, walk off, repeat next chapter. Even though it has gotten to the point I just skim any of Will's chapters, I find myself hoping that trip to Arizona happens soon, if only just to change the scenery.
I know you probably don't think it, but I do honestly hate to criticize your work, as you are genuinely one of my favorite authors. But this fight is just going on too long with zero movement. Its the same setting, same argument, same tactics. I feel like I am back watching movies with my younger sister, and she's hitting the rewind button to repeat her favorite scene. It was always amusing the first couple of times, but then it was just irritating to the point of grabbing the remote so that we could get on with it.
Sorry for bitching. I genuinely am.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

You can bitch as much as you want (insert heart emoticon!). It's totally fine. But here's the deal. I'm trying to show Will as a realistic young teen, and that means he'll be annoying, and relentless. If he annoys you, skip the chapters he's involved in; I totally get that. You won't offend me. But I do have a method to my madness, and even if it seems like nothing is happening, tension is building, and that is something.
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