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34. Chapter 34 Reviews Book 12 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

Miles Long%s's Photo

May 19 2014 01:18 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

I think things will get worse before they get better, because I don't think Robbie and Brad get it yet, but I do think it's good Will came back to the mainland. Really awesome story, thanks.
centexhairysub%s's Photo

Dec 03 2013 09:34 PM

(Chapter 34 Review)

I never really thought about Will going to Santa Cruz but that is a good place for him to go for a day or so. He is going to have to contact JP and Stef soon.

I think that Brad is finally getting it a little bit. I think Robbie has now decided to be a hard ass even though he was the more calm one to start with...
Daddydavek%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 02:56 PM

(Chapter 34 Review)

I think Will's decision to go to the beach house at Santa Cruz was a good one, as was his decision to come home.
Brad's e-mail to Will ended fine despite having four paragraphs of how mad he was and also being defensive. No e-mail or call from Robbie was another negative sign.
With all the opinions and judgments flying about, I am glad to see that you are telling the story the way you want it told. All parents make mistakes. Kids always make mistakes, it's called learning by experience and growing up. I liked how the e-mails pushed the story along and we could hear Will's reaction to them. Good job and keep on writing what feels right for you!

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

The e-mails were a new device, but I thought they worked, and I'm glad you did too. If I were Will, and I was going to be honest about that e-mail, I'd have to acknowledge that Brad loved me, but I'd still be convinced he was clueless as to why I was upset. Brad isn't seeing his point of view, and Will knows that he won't really listen or change until Brad does.
Hermetically Sealed%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 01:04 PM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Meh. Once more Will is the Golden Child. "Oh Will you're so perfect! Oh Will, how mature you are, so wise beyond your years, you did everything right! Oh Will, we're so proud of you. Don't you worry about your evil nasty dads! They'll get everythig they deserve!" Maybe a little over the top, but I'm on percocet and it brings out my snark. Sorry.

A few thoughts, I do find it interesting that Ryan did an about face. I wonder if he did so because Will took the heat for the alcohol, or if he might have been worried that part of Will running away had something to do with him (even if told different). I have to admit, I really wish Will 's story had focused more on this plot. It just feels more natural than playing Gathan's stunt cock, or the weird family drama.

Going by the ending, I have a feeling that everyone has gone to find Will, while he will show up to an empty home. Will he use that for further contemplation, or as another excuse to emo out?

On another note, I am curious as to Jeanine's reaction to all of this. Does she know what is going? Is she even lucid enough yet to understand?

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

I hope you feel better.
rjo%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 12:30 PM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Sorry I am late doing this. I thought JP's email was a little stilted. Maybe to balance out Stef's. I find it heart warming that Will and Wade are so close. The other thing I thought was funny. as Will was flying home, the guys were flying to find Will. Maybe the planes passed in the night. After reading and rereading the chapter a number of times I came to a few conclusions I am so glad Will has returned to CA. I think It was the right thing to do at the right time. It seems like Brad and Robbie did the same thing so very long ago. I am hoping that Will is now safe. He needs to call Wade and tell him he is in SC. As for Robbie and Darius I am thinking Robbie thinks of Will as Brad's son, or maybe more Brad's problem. Darius is something different, first he off at college and not directly in the situation. JJ is at the same school and lives at same house. Honestly, I think Stef was right everybody is a loser. Brad and Robbie lost stuff but much more important the relationship with their son. Will may have lost the relationship with his Dad, as he once said the most important person in his life. Years ago JP took in wayward youth (Robbie, Mouse) it seems to be Claire's turn. Above all what worried and impressed me was how Will handled himself. A 14 yo with $ 50.000 is a big target for those who prey on youth. Maybe working at the Mission paid off in a number of ways. Having someone you can trust, having your back is important. Will has a number of people who can do that for him.He know that now.
Mark you did it again. Ever since Bloodlines I've thought your stories were getting better and better. This book, this story is the best so far and that is saying a lot. All those years ago you got me hooked, and never let me go. When you worry about these characters, laugh with them and cry with them says something. You've created a powerful story. Thank you for that.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Thanks! JP's e-mail was stilted because that's how JP is. He's one of those guys who becomes more reserved and formal as the situation becomes more stressful.
PrivateTim%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 10:39 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Nice chapter, thanks Mark. It was nice Will overhead the conversation in the bathroom, it helped give him a good dose of reality on his situation.

No one has been harder than me on Brad since Be Rad, so it is weird being in the position of defending him, but I still don't think he has been some kind of monster where will is concerned. So the past couple of months Will doesn't think he's gotten the attention he deserves? WTF ya little prima dona, what do you think it is like for kids whose father is on a nine month deployment? Brad treated Will like an adult in his email and gave him the honesty Will says he wants and then he uses the honesty to continue his "woe is me"?

I really liked the epiphany with the ground crew at HNL. I hope people don't underestimate the importance of that.

Thanks again for the fast pace of the chapter postings. It is weird that I care so much about a fictional character who is pissing me off and I want to sit down and recount for him how effen charmed his life is. It would not be my first time telling a Colony kid what a little shit he can be :)

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

I think the real point here is that there's fault on both sides. Brad's e-mail was more about venting than about repairing a relationship. Will got that, and decided that it wasn't time to deal with him.
But that's OK. You're my role-model for Martin (without the abusive violence). ;-)
Mari%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 07:31 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

I really liked all the different POV's from the emails. It gave a good glimse into what happened back home, I was very curious about that. The fact that Robbie and Darius didn't contact Will is not surprising. I am kindof surprised that (I am assuming here) Matt did. He doesn't seem to really like Will or the attention that Will gets.
I have to say that I am glad that he didn't have a week of complete surfer debauchery and sleep with every guy he met. The fact that he was not interested in sex should clue his parents in that he needs immediate help. That is not normal for any teenager.
In the back of my mind I was hoping for a Scott/Will hookup though ;)

I hope he actually makes it to Santa Cruz.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Thanks Mari! Matt would send an e-mail because it would make Wade happy, if for no other reason. He's smart enough to pick his battles. Robbie should be so wise.
Scott and Will? I'd be lynched. Will has to be at least 16 for that to happen. ;-)
%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 06:35 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Fantastic work. You have reached new levels of artistic intensity with these last few chapters. I especially love how Will holds the same view every 14 year old does: No one really understands their emotions, and no one else’s emotions are authentic.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Thanks. You nailed the 14 year old thing. They can be interesting.
KevinD%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 02:11 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Talk about raising the anxiety level for a while...I was relieved that Will realized how isolated he was and that he was at risk of those predators that are out there...talk about scenting "blood in the water" for the sharks!

Happy to read that Ryan worked his way through his experience with Will and let him know that all is well in their personal world...

Robbie's silence is a concern and I think Will is right to be worried about that, just as he is right to be worried about Brad still not getting it. I see that that coming only after many sessions with the head doctor...

Darius - don't know what to make of that, though I'm glad to see Will is headed to some home turf. Though I don't think he is home safe yet. I suspect Mark may throw a "CJ twist" in there before letting us off of the roller coaster!

LOL. - thanks for another fast and great chapter Mark!


View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

No CJ twist planned for you. I don't do cliffhangers either. ;-)

I think Ryan just needed some time to think things through. Robbie needs some contact with Will to get what he's dealing with. And Darius needs to try and prove he's still the dominant older brother.
Napaguy%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 02:07 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Mark, Good work with a balanced strategy. Will learned quickly that the world without his support system can get pretty fucked up and scary. He will be safer on the mainland and on home turf with the family cottage in SC. Brad and Robbie are not going to be very forgiving for some time anyway and Will needs to cut them a wide swath. No point in tangling with them face to face until they come to him after a significant cooling off period, with Stef and JP as his advocates. I hope you get some down time as this settles down.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

I think you're right about everything except the time period. Having your kid gone like that can be very focusing. Brad's stubborn as a mule sometimes, but he can learn fast when he gets over that.
DannySilz%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 02:05 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Thanks for the quick posting schedule Mark! This story is indeed enjoyable. I must say, the way you ended teh chapter is quite the soap opera! It will keep us on the edge until the next one. Keep up the great job!
Much appreciated!

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Hopefully not too much on edge! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Torontotop%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 01:37 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Thanks for the new chapter, it was great to see that Will is ok and on his way back home. I found it interesting to hear and see things from his prospective and hope Ryan does blow him - LOL
Is there any notification system for when you post new chapters?

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Here's what you do: "Like" the story (on the story main page) and set your notices to individual e-mails. It will notify you if anything changes. I try not to edit chapters after they're posted, so you shouldn't get e-mails unless something new is posted.
Jeff13015%s's Photo

Apr 30 2012 01:36 AM

(Chapter 34 Review)

Seriously this is where you end the chapter? Could you not at least tell us if he made it to the beach house safely given how all of the surfers were seeing him as a meal ticket, now I am worried the cab driver will do something.... It was a very interesting chapter - somehow I don't think the war is over yet. Given Brad's email, I don't think he has gotten it yet. Also it will be interesting to see the fallout from what Will sees as a lack of caring from Robbie and Darius.

Thank you for the incredible rate at which you are posting chapters. I am guessing this rate can not continue indefinitely, but trust me when I say I wish it would.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Well, it's hard in a serial story to know exactly where to stop, and this seemed like a good place. I think you're right about Brad. He hasn't figured it out yet. Neither has Robbie.
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