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Acts of Deception... * * * * * 10 Ratings


The assignment he was offered was too lucrative to turn down. He was good at what he did...the best actually. What he didn't count on was his feelings getting in the way. Now he has a choice to make, or does he? <br />
Copyright © 2012 Naptowngirl; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 At First Glance... 14 reviews, 4,034 words,

    A night on the town proves to be exciting and more than everyone bargined for...

  2. Chapter 2 The Act Begins... 13 reviews, 3,545 words,

    Early in the game, Heath is having conflicting emotions and Alec is falling fast.

  3. Chapter 3 Tall Tales... 10 reviews, 3,487 words,

    Heath's plans are interrupted leaving Alec clueless, while Nina has plans of her own.

  4. Chapter 4 Something's In The Air Tonight... 13 reviews, 5,391 words,

    Heath shares something special with Alec. True passions ignite when Heath and Alec spend a night out.

  5. Chapter 5 No Rest for the Weary... 8 reviews, 3,710 words,

    Heath can't seem to get a break.  His date with Alec is interrupted, Nina pays him a visit and Simon calls a meeting...

    A/N: Sorry for the late post, but you know that funny thing called 'Life' gets in the way sometimes, not often but sometimes

  6. Chapter 6 Acts of Desperation... 8 reviews, 3,542 words,

    Heath meets up with Simon, while Nina pays Alec an unexpected visit, what with what result.

    Heath reaches out but to who?

  7. Chapter 7 Just When You've Got it Figured Out... 8 reviews, 4,433 words,

    Heath takes the advice he's given to heart.

    Alec makes his intentions clear.

    Simon gets a call, causing him to take matters into his own hands.

  8. Chapter 8 Desperate Situations...Desperate Actions 9 reviews, 3,244 words,

    Nina has the unexpected pleasure of meeting Simon Ferraro.

    Heath learns the truth, leaving Alec in the dark.

  9. Chapter 9 The Truth and Nothing But The Truth... 7 reviews, 3,721 words,

    The chapter picks up right after Heath learns that Simon and Alec were engaged to be married.  It's been while in case you've forgotten...LOL

    Heath confronts Simon about Alec and receives more disheartening news.

  10. Chapter 10 Confessions... 7 reviews, 4,324 words,

    Heath bares his soul and Alec makes a choice.

  11. Chapter 11 The Things We Do For Love... 7 reviews, 4,758 words,

    Alec excutes his plan, but with what result?

    Simon's past comes to haunt him.

  12. Chapter 12 The Final Act... 8 reviews, 3,707 words,

    Alec and Heath make a decision about their future.