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2. New Beginnings Reviews

Uplifted Spirit%s's Photo

Aug 16 2015 08:51 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

I read the first part of your story some time ago and really enjoyed it, but didn't realize you had continued writing it. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I left off. Hopefully, I can tell by the date. You are a good writer. I'm not sure why I didn't write a review before.

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

Hi there. Yes, I kind of took a year off, but used the time to completely finish the story. Previously I got to the chapter ’Stitched Up’, but it’s worth the re-read, as I also updated a lot of the earlier chapters. Most were just tweaked so they fitting together better, but also a number had a lot of completely new content added in them.


Anyway, thanks for leaving a review - it’s much appreciated.



IanGf%s's Photo

Mar 23 2013 08:12 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

interesting very interesting. i think this is going to be fun to see through
Rano%s's Photo

Nov 28 2012 05:17 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Three years since the Summers family has emigrated - so Luke must be 15 years old. 'K, just had to get my bearing ;)
I appreciate the background info, i.e. contrasting Brittain with the US, bringing us to "the world of the circumcised dick":
Had to laugh about the description of the clipped willy's in the school showers, and I must add that in my country it is - or maybe nowadays was - just the other way around when we were younger. It used to be the clipped ones that were the odd ones out Posted Image Talk about cultural differences heh
Lucy to Geoff, "Luke seems to think he needs to be circumcised" (my italics). Yikes! From what I've gathered so far is that poor Luke is the one in dire need to be circumcised, and maybe Luke's dad should not have repeated his gramp's quip of "If it's not bust, don't fix it!" I find it slightly difficult to accept that Luke's folks - or at least his dad - didn't try to do a physical fatherly check-up. Really...
And if I may add, clipping is definitely not the one and only argument for "health and wholesomeness" downstairs. Proper parental instruction/education for young ones will allow them to remain not only intact but healthy and clean as well. 'K, I guess I've belaboured this specific point by now :P Anyways, so far I really enjoy this story tremendously - just a bit of soliloquy-ing going on in my skull-congregation whilst enjoying this read Posted Image
Ta stax for sharing with us, Riley Posted Image

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

Hi again Rano. Yep, Luke is definitely getting fascinated with the uncovered
glans! Like in your country, he would hardly ever see one in the UK. His Dad is probably right, but there more at stake for Luke here than is at first apparent. Again, you have to relies they are Brits. Some things you just don't talk about!

Thanks for the review,
wildone%s's Photo

Feb 06 2012 04:44 AM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Who's Elliott? :unsure:

As being a first time reader to this story, I thought I would come in and leave a review. Should I stay away from the reviews if people that got to read the original release comment about what they have had the privilege to see?

Sorry, maybe that was harsh of me :( , but please try not to give away anything that I don't know as starting to only read and all the way up to Chapter 2 ;) I don't have the option to read ahead to see what is happening like a completed story has.

So I'm glad in a way that the elephant has been recognized early in the story :P . I can't help to figure that the story was about circumcision (I know, call me a genius if you want :D ). The side line at this point is Luke's interest in dicks in general, so look forward to see how that develops.

Kudos for this one line:

The one ray of hope was when the official at the customs desk looked through his spanking brand new passport and stared at him, intently. Luke glared back defiantly. Go on – throw me out – do us both a favor! But, instead of putting him back on a plane to where he rightly belonged, he’d brought his stamp down in final judgment.

I think I reread that line a couple of times so I could calm myself down from laughing so hard :P . It made me wonder, do all kids immigrating to a new country think the same thing? It would be interesting to see what would happen if Luke had taken it further :P . Having experienced US Border Guards is intimidating enough as it is, I wonder if they have an actual grace for surly, pissed off teens :P
Thanks for the chapter Riley, looking forward to more Posted Image

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

t's a REALLY good point that you're making Wildone!

On behalf of all those who are reading this story for the first time (at least those parts that had previously been published), can those reviewing be careful not to get carried away.

Though the writing - hopefully - is improved this time around, the main thrust of the story is unchanged. YOU might know what's coming and, trust me, it's going to be there - just be nice and don't spoil it for those who haven't got there yet!

Okay - nuff said - moving on.

Glad you liked the customs scene Wildone. Actually, I don't think those guys are capable of being anything other than intimidating! I've never met one that even smiled.

Thanks for the review,

Lisa%s's Photo

Feb 05 2012 08:03 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Wait, Elliiot's coming? Then Luke should wait; Elliot isn't cut either, right?

I can see where Luke wants to fit in with his friends, but to go as far as to get circumsized at that age; I don't know. I think that'll be more painful that he realizes. They do it to boys as babies for a reason, lol.

This chapter was very comical! I'm looking forward to how he finally convinces his parents to let him go thru with it. When I read the prologue, I was under the impression that Luke came to the US just for the surgery. I wonder how he talked his parents into it. =)

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

Hi Lisa. You know I can't say, though I know you've never stepped into this story previously either.

Luke certainly has some complex reasons for wanting to go down this route and it's unclear how he's going to convince his parents. And when it comes to circumcision as a teen - I hope you aren't squeamish!

DavyReader%s's Photo

Feb 05 2012 04:22 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Luke wants to be circumcised out of conformism and because the idea arouses him. I find this an honest description of his motives. The author doesn't question them though, which I think is a bold point of view. Pretending that Luke has been convincend by the often cited medical reasons would have been much easier.

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

Thanks for the review Davey. One thing you CAN say - people are complicated!

Daddydavek%s's Photo

Feb 02 2012 06:14 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Luke's mom seemed dismissive of his request. His dad's calm demeanor and concluding line about not fixing what isn't broke was slightly better. Still a lot of story to cover to getting to the part where he is cut I hope!

I'm really not in favor of any kind of 'cosmetic' surgery, just for cosmetic reasons unless it is a true deformity.

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

That Luke ends up on the operating table is already in the Prologue. How, and why, he gets there is still to be discovered. It's quite a journey!

I hear what you say about what might be termed 'cosmetic'. Maybe one person's sense of personal 'deformity' is going to be different from anothers?
Rebelghost85%s's Photo

Feb 02 2012 05:05 PM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Is it selfish of me to be chomping at the bit for Elliot and his brother to arrive?
Great chapter. While I don't agree with Luke's point of view his thoughts and feelings were really expressed well.

View Post Reply from Riley Jericho (author)

Elliott? Now that would be telling, wouldn't it! We'll have to see...

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