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6. True Connection Reviews Book 1 of unnamed

Ashdaw%s's Photo

Nov 26 2015 08:21 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

SO far it's a kiss right? no SEX. I like this and it appears that Mira is experimenting anyway?
I so like this story and I can't wait to see where you are taking it. :)

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

It's just a kiss. He was curious and one thing led to another. He knows what he wants though, and is in some ways more self-aware than Shay.

sandrewn%s's Photo

Aug 27 2013 03:47 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

In the background, but not center stage, is fine. Now there is a group with weapons and radios out there, to worry about. I get the feeling the date on the screen will blow his mind and probably ours as well. Great chapter, thank you.
Gene63%s's Photo

May 22 2013 10:56 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

What a sweet and touching way for Shay and Mira to have their first "encounter." I think it was just precious. So innocent and yet, very moving.
I like that you said it was about story first and foremost and not sex. If I want to read elongated sex scenes, I can go buy a trashy novel. I like sex as much as the next guy, but I prefer the story. This is a wonderful story so far!!!
Can't wait to get to the next chapter!!!

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thank you! Though I am forever seeing fault in what I write, one of the few things in Hidden Sunlight I have been almost completely satisfied with is the relationship between the protagonist and his mate. I wanted to strike the correct notes and I feel like I did.
Daithi%s's Photo

May 19 2013 07:07 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

I think the emotions between Mira and Shay is a good thing. Soft, sweet its fits in with the way both of them connection to to each other. I don't think explicit or raunchy sex would fit with this story or with either of the boys. So yeah some sex more as a link for the closeness of the boys but not to overpower the story. Something tells me that we are going to find out the Shay is older than what he thought he was in don't think it's 2104 anymore is it.. You know that saying " there not in Kansas anymore" just might fit here lol.

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thankfully for everyone involved, he's not from Kansas, so we'll stick with 'not in Washington any more.'

The sex thing is something that has been considered and settled some time ago, though there was a clear consensus from readers about what they thought was appropriate for Hidden Sunlight.
CW Prince%s's Photo

Dec 03 2012 10:24 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

I said it once and I'll say it again; You shouldn't have waited so long to post your stories. This is a fantastic story and I'm loving how it is unfolding. At times fast and others slow. It is frustrating to us, the reader, but also what keeps us coming back and wanting more.

As far as the sex question you posed at the end of this chapter; i know I am a bit late as other chapters have been written but I'll address it none-the-less. At times when writing a story the story takes on a life of its own and takes the writer to places he/she never thought of going. If it is something that you feel will benefit, enhance or just where the story needs to divert to for a spell, then go for it. I agree with you that the plot of the story should not become muddled, distract from or confused by a scene. Sometimes eluding to, briefly introducing or even dropping little 'daydream' type thoughts that are going around a characters head can be as effective as an outright full on description of the act itself. That is my thoughts on the matter. I will leave it to you as to what direction and course you choose to take. Either way, you will not loose me as a reader. The story is far too exciting and interesting for that to happen :)

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying it.

The 'sex' thing is something that has more-or-less been addressed in my mind, but there is a great deal to come before you will see the ultimate fruits of that labour.
Yettie One%s's Photo

Aug 10 2012 07:35 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

See now when I first started reading this story, I kind of wondered if it were Carlos that would have a romantic liaison with Shay, and now I can't help wonder if this may at some stage yet happen?
Can't help but hope that if that does happen Mira is not hurt along the way, for as little as I know of him, I cherish his character and love the way his role is developing. And I am sooooo chuft he is speaking! YEY. :)
The relationship between Shay and Mira is only enhanced by the delicate and sensitive nature of your narrative Stellar and while some people want to read lavishly overdone sex scene's, personally I'd say less is more.
There were some answers in the chapter, but I can't help but wonder if this group that León was talking to are not going to pose a threat later on. Also it seems that the Gillespie-Salford group have amassed an awful lot of data on Sharpes...
This story just keeps getting better :)

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Actually, the thing with Carlos was quite deliberate. He was the plausible alternative, though it was never going to go that way. As to the future .. now that would be telling.

Thank you. :) You are coming down where the majority of people have and it reinforces my approach to how I deal with the sexual content of the story.

Don't worry, that group does indeed become a part of the narrative.
Nephylim%s's Photo

Aug 10 2012 01:13 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Personally I would prefer to see the emotional side of things. Sure sex has its place and most of my stories have some...some a lot. But I really don't think this is that kind of story. I won't stop reading if there's graphic sex but it will almost be a disappointment I think.
I love these two characters together, very sweet. Mira is my favourite character I've read for a long time. I hope he gets tortured mercilessly but is okay in the end. What? Isn't that what everyone does to their favourite characters?
Houdinii%s's Photo

Jul 27 2012 06:36 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Okay, that was hella mean.... I just started the story this morning, and I am a fast read, so I prefer completed works, but I was struck by this one, so I had to read. How dare you leave it off there :P
But thanks for putting Shay and Miro in my life, lol. They are soo cute together. Can see I'll be following this story for a while.

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Awww .. I'm sorry to leave you hanging haha
Daddydavek%s's Photo

Jul 26 2012 12:22 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

You done good with the breakthrough between Miro and Shay! The (almost) revelation about the complete date to include presumably the year was tantalizing and stopping there was terrible. Have you been reading CJ or Cia?

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Haha! I couldn't resist. Naughty or nice, naughty or nice ...

Naught ended up winning. The beginning of Chapter 7 however should see that question answered, definitively.
Stephen%s's Photo

Jul 25 2012 09:26 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Another fine chapter. Carlos seems like he could be a real asset to the
story now that he's around some decent people. The nasty idiot in the
garage is hopeless. The kiss was beautifully done, and it's impact on
the two teens was profound as only a first kiss can be.

A story like this, with the strong plot dominating, really doesn't need
much distracting sex. I have no doubt that you'd do an amazing job
with it though. So one or two interludes would be fine, but it's the
love and the bond between Shay & Mira that matters. As of now,
I can only say that you've done such excellent work so far, just follow
your instincts.

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thank you.

I doubt it would come to more than a couple of scenes. The rest would just be the kind of touching you would expect from two amorous teenagers awakening to things for the first time. Intimate, but not really gratuitous.
murakisdoll%s's Photo

Jul 25 2012 08:49 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

That kiss was so damned sweet. usually when i read a story, a kiss would just something that was happening on the side and could be easily skipped over when im reading, but this definitely kept my attention.
As for the romantic sex question, because i do prefer it to be more...physically explained, i don't think that it will take away anything from this awesome story. Personally, I think that this story can get a little serious and intense sometimes. A good sex scene should spice things up a bit =D

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thank you :) Your comment represents the other end of the spectrum in my mind and is a good cause for indecision. Certainly is making me think.
Myr%s's Photo

Jul 25 2012 08:11 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

You left the chapter there?!

I prefer sex implied most of the time. Tends to work better if the reader fills in their own blanks. Just my opinion though.

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

I sure did! Bastard Mode Activated!

There were a couple of possible ways to end Chapter 6 and ultimately I decided on a cliffhanger-type finish. Originally, it was going to be the date at the end of 6, but then I got cruel and shifted it to the start of 7 instead. :whistle:

Me too, graphic depictions can be somewhat offputting.
NaperVic%s's Photo

Jul 25 2012 06:37 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Thanks for the latest Chapter!
Regarding your question about sex in a story, I'm from the school of thought that if the sex helps the story flow and is well written, good.
I don't 'need' there to be sex in every story that has gay characters (there's Nifty for that).
Take Care,

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thanks for posting! Agreed, Nifty is definitely the first stopping point for that kind of thing. I guess I'm just not totally sold on how much I want to portray, at least not yet.
Rebelghost85%s's Photo

Jul 25 2012 04:12 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

You know, I don't normally gush about first kisses but this was really well done. I'm not a "squeeing" guy but if I were I would be.

As far as romantic sex I trust that you can pull it off. I enjoy plot driven stories as opposed to sex driven ones. If I'm really invested in the plot and there's too much sex I find myself skipping the sex scenes.

View Post Reply from Stellar (author)

Thank you. That was the one scene I was the most concerned about getting right.

Haha! No pressure or anything! xD It will be an immense challenge for me where to draw the line with this so that it feels right. I have ideas about what I what but those ideas are mutable, flexible, and therein lies the challenge.
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