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5. Feels Like The First Time From Dust & Ash

TMcCallahan%s's Photo   TMcCallahan, 11 Jun 2012

The next morning Dustin pulled on a pair of pants and dragged himself into the wide, boxy kitchen, pleased to find fresh coffee, though the small cloud of fresh pot smoke was a little disconcerting. Jared, clad in his boxer shorts, his hair still mussed from sleep, sat at the large table with a bong and a newspaper, drinking coffee. He grunted as Dustin came in and went to the coffeepot. Dustin poured a cup, added the requisite amount of creamer, which was real – thank God – and went to the refrigerator as Ash stumbled into the kitchen, also in his underwear. He went directly to the coffeepot, poured a cup of coffee, then left it on the counter and moved in behind Dustin, pressing into his back, one arm around his waist. He leaned down and kissed Dustin’s neck.

“Good morning,” he murmured.

Dustin was a little surprised. He certainly heard Ash’s admission the night before that he was willing to come out to the band, and he knew that Jared was aware of Ash’s proclivities, but he hadn’t expected Ash to initiate anything first. Dustin wasn’t about to discourage him, however, and stood up, closing the fridge. He turned and pulled Ash close for a proper kiss.

“Mmm, good morning. You sleep okay?”

“Better than okay.”

Dustin laughed. “So you like the new bed, huh?”

Ash looked him right in the eye, his arms still around Dustin’s waist. “I like the guy in it.”

Dustin’s heart contracted painfully. He smiled at Ash. “That’s good. He likes you, too.”

Jared made retching and gagging noises. “I’m gonna puke if you two don’t cut it out.”

Ash laughed, leaning down to brush his lips against Dustin’s once more. “Jealous much?” he asked, looking over at Jared who was getting ready to take another hit from the bong.

“Of you and drummerboy? Not hardly. I like my partners with breasts, thanks.”

Dustin pouted. “Careful Jared, you might hurt my feelings talking like that.”

Jared exhaled a huge plume of thick white smoke and laughed. “Yeah, right.”

Ash let go of his lover and retrieved his coffee as Dustin opened the fridge back up. “So, uh, guys? You’ve got a fridge full of Mountain Dew, beer, and one six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. There’s no food in here.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Ash said. “We don’t really cook much. Mostly we fast food it or eat at our families’ homes. Neither one of us is worth a damn at a stove.”

“I can cook,” Dustin said.

Jared looked up. “Yeah?”

Dustin nodded. “Yup. You guys buy the groceries, I’ll do the cooking. I like cooking.”

Ash looked at Jared as Jared stared back and forth between them and laughed. “Well shit, Ash. He cooks and fucks? Damn. Marry his ass now!”

Ash’s face went from jovial to full-blown pissed in a heartbeat. He took two giant steps toward Jared, his fists clenched, but stopped as Dustin stepped in between them.

“Calm down,” Dustin said. “He’s joking.” Dustin put his arm around Ash, his hand gently caressing the smooth skin of Ash’s lower back, and looked at Jared. “You’re just making a joke, right, Jared?”

Jared stared at his two bandmates, stunned to see that Ash was seriously pissed off. Ash never got angry. “Uh, yeah. I’m just foolin’ with you, Ash. I’m really fucking stoned, man. I’m sorry.”

Ash pulled Dustin against him, right there in front of Jared, and kissed him, pressing the start of a significant erection into Dustin’s cargo pants. He pulled back and turned hot, possessive eyes onto Jared. “He doesn’t fuck, Jared, not yet, and I don’t think you’re stoned enough to want to hear about how it will go when he does.”

Jared blinked owlishly. “Um… you’re right?” he offered, and like a child making amends, held out his bong.

Dustin laughed softly as Ash shook his head, declining Jared’s offer with a pouty look on his face. Dust leaned in and brushed his lips against Ash’s neck, which sent shivers rippling down his body. “Dial it down there, Ashley.  I can’t go grocery shopping by myself. No car, remember?”

Ash took a deep breath and tried to get a grip on the unfamiliar emotions raging inside of him. This was all so out of character for him! He didn’t do this kind of thing – make scenes or start fights. All he knew was that when Jared made that crack about his boyfriend…

Holy shit. He had a boyfriend. And he didn’t want anybody fucking looking at him, or touching him, or talking shit about him…

“Okay Dust. Lemme get dressed. I’ll take you.”

“I’ll go, too,” Jared said, smiling happily. “I want to help.”

“You want to help.” Ash stared at Jared, repeating his words and weighing them for ill intent. 

“Well, yeah, man; I’m fuckin’ starving!”

Ash laughed in spite of it all. “I wonder why,” he said, pointing at Jared’s bong.

A dash to the shopping plaza saw the three of them pushing two carts down the aisles of SavePro, the local grocery store. Dustin, used to doing the shopping for himself and his housemates, selected what he needed to cook for a week. Ash and Jared tossed junk food into the other cart. Dustin sighed.

“Guys? Could you maybe not buy a bunch of junk? What’s the point of me cooking if you’re just going to fill up on crap?”

Jared, an open bag of Doritos in his hand, looked up as Ash put two packages of double-stuffed Oreos in the cart. “This is the dessert cart.”

“Put it back.”

Ash and Jared both stared at him. Dustin stared right back, his hands on his hips like a small, towheaded drill sergeant. Ash looked at Jared and something unspoken passed between them. He left the Oreos in the cart and approached Dustin.

“Dust, baby, we always shop like this.”

“Ash, baby, put it all back or I’m not gonna cook for you guys.”

Ash froze. "Seriously?"

Dustin laughed. “Yeah!  I’m offering to cook three meals a day for you slobs. You want to pick up a few snacks, that’s cool, but a whole cart full of junk food? No fucking way. You each pick out two things you can’t live without. The rest goes back or I hang up my spatula.”

“Okay, okay.” Ash turned back to Jared. “You heard him.”

Jared stared at Ash, his eyebrows raised. “Dude,” he said, drawing the word out so that it had two syllables, “you are so whipped!”

Ash flushed and grabbed his Oreos. He dropped them in Dustin’s cart and moved to stand behind the lithe drummer, but Dustin turned and caught him by the belt loop. He tugged Ash forward and reached for him. Ash was momentarily caught off guard. He hadn’t expected Dustin to do anything out in public, not this soon, anyway. Ash allowed Dustin to pull him close, and couldn’t help shivering when their groins touched.

“That true, Redvers? You whipped already?”

Ash could tell Dustin was both playing and testing him. Two could play this game, though. Ash leaned down so that his hair partially shielded them, and put his mouth next to Dustin’s ear as he ground his hips against his boy. “Since the moment I first laid eyes on you, Dustin.”

Dustin’s heart did a slow flip. Jared pushed his cart into Dustin’s, making a big noise. The two guys jumped apart again, grinning at each other.

“Knock it off,” Jared said, grinning as well. “You two are worse than a pair of junior high kids.”

Dustin grinned back at him. “That’s about right. Shopping with you and Ash is like shopping with children, so…”

“Okay, okay. I’m still hungry. Let’s get this done with and go home,” Jared said, grumbling.

After returning home, the guys discovered just how good a cook Dustin actually was when he prepared a full brunch spread with omelets, hash browns, fruit salad, and toast. 

“Goddamn Dustin, for food like this, I’ll fuck you, too,” Jared said, shoveling another forkful of omelet into his mouth.

“No, you won’t,” Ash said, growling. Jesus, when had he ever growled at Jared over anything? Jared raised an eyebrow at him; Ash looked away.

Dustin smoothed a hand over Ash’s hair and chuckled. Just the touch of his hand made Ash feel better, and he relaxed, his shoulders coming down from the cranked up, tensed posture he assumed at Jared’s words. Dustin poured another helping of hash browns onto Jared’s plate. 

“Thanks, but no thanks, Jared. You’re… not my type.”

Jared looked up, mouth stuffed full, little bits and slivers of potatoes falling from his lips to land around his plate. “Too pretty for ya, huh?”

Dustin stifled another laugh as he walked back to the stove. Ash got up for more coffee and went over to his boy. He slid in behind him, loving the way their bodies fit together, and put his arms around Dustin’s waist. “Come on, Dust.  Sit down.  Eat.”

“I will, just let me finish cleaning up the counter.”

“Leave it.”

“Are you gonna clean it up?”

Ash looked down at him. “Yeah. I will. You cooked. I’ll clean it up, babe. Come sit at the table and eat with me.”

Dustin reluctantly put his dishcloth down and let Ash pull him over to the table. He served up a plate, sat down, and tucked in just as Matt knocked on the door.

“Hey man,” Jared called. “Come on in.”

Matt came in nose first. “What smells so good? Your mom here, Ash?”

Jared laughed. “No. Yet another skill of our new drummer.”

“He cooks, too? Goddamn, is there enough for one more?”

They all laughed. “Grab a plate, Matt,” Ash said.


The band met every night at seven for practice. Once Matt found out that Dustin cooked like Gordon Ramsay he showed up several hours early, kicking off his dusty boots and lounging at the kitchen table while Dust finished preparing the night’s entrée. After three practices they were well on their way to being best friends.

“Playing with you is so different from playing with Steve,” Matt said.

“How so?”

Dustin stood at the kitchen counter grating fresh mozzarella cheese. Two large spaghetti squash roasted in the oven and a frozen strawberry salad heaped with bananas, pineapples and walnuts waited in the freezer.

“Don’t get me wrong. Steve’s a good drummer. But he’s not a natural musician. He has to work at it. Learning new stuff’s hard for him. You… man, you been here three days and it’s like you been playing with us for years.”

Dust shrugged. “This isn’t exactly difficult material, Matt. I’m a percussion major. Most rock n’ roll is four/four time, bang a steady beat, toss in a few crashes here and there and call it done. Now Spanish flamenco drumming? Latin rhythms? Non-standard time signatures?” Dustin laughed. “Your eyes glazed over. I’ll stop.”

The screen door banged as Ash and Jared came in together. “Dinner ready?” Ash asked.

“Almost. Get cleaned up,” Dust said.

“Hey Matt,” Ash said, walking over to Dust. “Three days in a row?  The kitchen closed at your place or what?”

Matt shrugged as Ash leaned down to pluck some of the cheese from the bowl. With lightning fast reflexes, Dust grabbed the wooden spoon and whacked his questing fingers.

“Fuck!” Ash snatched his hand back, shaking it.

“Don’t you put your dirty fingers in the cheese; that’s nasty! Go wash your hands!”

Neither Matt nor Jared bothered to hide their grins as Ash scowled and tromped down the hallway to change and wash up.

Dust shot a look at Matt. “What are you grinning at, Williams? When they get done, you’re next. Your stank ass isn’t sitting at my table like that.”

Matt managed to look highly offended. He got up, went to the refrigerator, and retrieved a can of Mountain Dew that he immediately cracked open. “Stank ass? Wow. And I was going to compliment you on how you handled the bossman. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody get away with ordering Ash around.”

Dust cocked his head. “Really. That’s interesting. He’s a total sub.”

Matt’s bushy blond eyebrows flew up and he choked on bright yellow soda. “What?” he asked. He pulled his T-shirt up and wiped his chin, revealing a belly covered with thick blond fur.

Dustin decided he should probably keep his revelations quiet. Ash wasn’t fully out to the band yet. In fact, as far as Dustin knew, only Jared was aware of Ash’s orientation and even he didn’t know the things Dustin found out after spending a few nights naked with their lead singer. Dust was pretty sure Matt figured out that he and Ash were more than friends, but they hadn’t said or done anything during band practice. Jason was still completely in the dark. So Dustin said nothing, merely pitched Matt a dish towel.

Ash emerged from the hallway, face scrubbed and his hair pulled back in a ponytail. His clothes were clean, and Dust did a double take when he saw the logo. Ash wore Gucci. The jeans clung to his long legs and shaped his ass superbly. The shirt was a brilliant blue with a vibrant red stripe that ran horizontally across the chest, outlined above and below with black bands. Ash looked positively edible.

“Bathroom’s free,” Ash said.

Matt shot Dust a look he couldn’t quite interpret then meandered down the hall, the damp dish towel slung around his neck. Ash waited exactly three seconds after Matt was out of sight, and then pounced on Dustin, who let him.

“My God, you’re delicious,” Dust whispered against his lips.

Ash reached up and slid his fingers into Dustin’s silky white hair, loving the funky feel of the styling mud Dust used to make it stand up in spikes. He cradled Dust’s face lovingly, their kisses like sips of summer wine that got both of them progressively drunker the more they imbibed. One of Dustin’s hands wormed its way under that ridiculously expensive designer shirt to Ash’s warm skin, and Ash gasped just from that small bit of flesh touching. Dust reached up with his other hand and tugged Ash's long hair free of the tie that held it, sliding his fingers into the thick black tresses. They were both completely lost to the kiss; the farmhouse kitchen might as well have been another planet.

“Boy, am I hungry!” Jared shouted, kicking a chair away from the table with a clatter.

Dust and Ash jumped away from each other like scalded cats. Dustin wiped his lip and grinned, not a bit guilty as he gave Ash’s ass a squeeze before returning to the counter and the grated mozzarella. Ash, on the other hand, turned scarlet and let his head drop forward so that his hair hid his face.

“Why don’t you get a beer?” Jared suggested. “Cool off a little there, Redvers.”

“Fuck you,” Ash mumbled. But he stuck his head in the refrigerator.

Matt walked in as Ash emerged with several bottles of Rolling Rock pale ale. Matt took a bottle then pointed at Ash’s crotch. Ash turned scarlet again.

“Dude… your fly’s open,” Matt said, a puzzled look on his face.

Dust and Jared broke into gales of laughter as Ash put the bottle down and took care of the problem.

“What did I miss?” Matt asked.

But Ash zipping up his pants was something Dust enjoyed watching, and the longer he stared at Ash, the more he thought about the things he planned to do to Ash after practice. Ash glanced up and caught the look on Dustin’s face – pure, unadulterated desire – and his heart kicked into overdrive. Like every other experience he shared with Dustin, it was brand new – like being wanted for the very first time.

Neither male knew that Matt watched them, nor what their sound guy thought, which was that for the first time ever Ash Redvers might be reacting to somebody with an organ above his belt buckle. That made Matt even gladder that Dustin Davis was around.

After practice, Dust and Ash went out to the dock on Lake Tarun. Ash watched by the light of a single electric lantern as Dustin stripped naked and dove into the lake, his ripped body cutting the dark surface of the water like a knife. Ash couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough.

They swam, splashing around, dunking each other like kids, and stealing kisses in the dark. Being early summer the water was chilly and even wrapped around each other, they both shivered. After an hour they got out and wrapped up in beach towels.

Back in the house they showered the lake water off. Ash paused outside the door to his room and looked over at Dustin’s room. Dust hadn’t said anything about their sleeping arrangements for tonight. If things ran true to form then tonight they would share a bed, but Ash didn’t want to assume anything.

Dust appeared in the doorway in a skintight pair of black boxer-briefs and nothing else, that gorgeous tat glistening with little water droplets. All his piercings gleamed in the hallway lights and as Dust rubbed the towel over his damp white-blond hair, his muscular upper-body flexed. Ash threw wood that he could’ve built a log cabin with and silently groaned.

“You just gonna stand there and gawk at me or you gonna come climb in my nice new bed?” Dust said. He balled the towel up and pitched it at Ash, who grinned as he caught it. Ash did not have to be asked twice.

They tumbled into bed together, hands roaming over taut skin as their mouths devoured each other. Ash’s head spun. He’d been with more partners than he could count, men and women both, but he’d never gotten dizzy from a kiss. Every time Dustin’s lips locked onto his, the world tipped sideways. Ash didn’t know what it meant. All he knew was that he didn’t want it to stop.

“Remember I said if you were a good little bi-boy I had a special pleasure for you?” Dustin asked when they came up for air.


“So have you been good?”

“You tell me.”

Dustin’s arm snaked over to the nightstand and opened the top drawer. He palmed a small case and the bottle of flavored lube with a wicked grin. Dust unzipped the little case and took out his five favorite toys. Dust was hard; just the idea of what he was going to do to the singer turned him on. He reached down and discovered Ash was in a similar condition.

“Are you going to come as soon as I penetrate you?”

Ash swallowed hard. “Probably.”

“Well hell, Ash.”

“I can’t help it.” He locked eyes with Dustin. “I want you more than I think I’ve ever wanted a guy before.” Ash looked Dust up and down, and even though there was apprehension in his eyes, it was far outweighed by sheer lust. “Even though I know you’d probably rip me in two with that thing, if you said yes to sex right now…”

Dustin sighed and took a deep breath. “Let’s give it one month, okay? Let’s try to get to know each other as friends, bandmates, and boyfriends for four weeks and get through four gigs together. If we can do that, then I’ll pull my no-sex ban.”

“But that’s half the summer!” Ash protested.

Dustin chuckled wryly and shook his head. “Only to a bisexual male could four be the same as six.” He speared Ashley with a look as he raised his eyebrows and looked pointedly down at Ash’s crotch. “I suppose six turns into ten for you, too?”

Ash blushed and now it was his turn to shake his head. “Uh, no. Six is just plain old six, thank you very much. Especially now that I think I know exactly what ten looks like.”

“Not yet you don’t, but you will… If you can be a good boyfriend for four weeks, I guarantee ten will take on a whole new meaning for you over the Fourth of July weekend.”

Goosebumps exploded over Ash’s skin and he shuddered at just the idea of every hard, thick inch of Dustin buried deep inside of him. Oh God, he wanted that. Dustin chuckled again as he stroked his fingers over the chillbumps on Ash’s belly.

“I really was just kidding with the whole ‘half the summer’ thing,” Ash said, running his fingers through Dust’s fine, white-blond hair.

“Well, technically it’s one-third of the summer, which means if it works out, we’ll have two-thirds of the summer left to fuck each other’s brains out,” Dustin said, and he very gently laid his hands on Ash’s naked thighs. Ash groaned and his erection jumped wildly as though shocked with electrical current.

“And you’ll touch me like this for the next four weeks?” Ash whispered, eyes closed again.

“Oh yes. If you’re a very good boy I’ll get you ready for sex with me.” Dust leaned down and pressed his lips to Ash’s knee. “A month is pushing it, but I suppose since you’re such a little slut we can consider you on the fast track, hmmm?”

Ash laughed, then choked and whimpered as Dust kissed the inside of his thigh.

“Okay,” Ash said, nodding, opening his eyes. “One month. I can wait that long.”

“Glad to hear it,” Dust said. He returned to his toys, and what he’d been doing before Ash’s dramatics.

Ash rose up on his elbows to try to see what Dust was doing, but Dustin smiled and shook his head. Ash lay back down.

“Okay, here’s how this is going to go. I’m going to try and make this as dry and non-sexual as I can, to make it last as long as it can for you, okay?”

Ash chuckled. “O-kay.” The skepticism was plain in his voice. He could see Dustin preparing something down between his legs, but not what he was doing, which was intriguing and slightly scary, too. And that was just all kinds of super fucking hot. He figured for a vibrator, maybe a dildo, but it suddenly occurred to him that Dustin might just have something entirely different. 

Ash’s dick jerked as he swallowed convulsively.

Dustin looked up and smiled.

“You ever hear of prostate massage?”

“Uh, yeah,” Ash said.

“No, not the ‘I’ll give you eight inches of deep tissue therapy, Daddy’ crap that you see on porn flicks. Medical prostate massage, like for men who have prostate enlargement or cancer.”

Ash frowned. “No.  Well, I knew about, uh, the medical shit. The cancer, I mean.”

“Right. Major downer. One out of every six men will be diagnosed with some form of prostate disease in their lifetime. If we include your old drummer in the count, then that means one of us in the band will get hit, you know? Major downer. One of the most common treatments of prostate ailments is medically prescribed massage.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I wouldn’t kid you about that.”

“How’s that work?”

“Interesting you should ask. Doctors can do it, but who wants to get that up close and personal with their doctor, right? And it’s something you can do yourself. Some dude recommended covering a drumstick with a condom and then lubing it up. The end of a standard drumstick is the perfect size and shape, see?”

The talk was working. Ash was listening instead of thinking about getting his ass fucked, which was good. His dick didn’t look like he could trade it in for a nine iron at the local golf links anymore, either, and that was good, too.

“But a drumstick is really hard and inflexible, and you start running into embarrassing questions like, how much of the drumstick goes in? What angle do you hold it at? Then there’s the very real possibility of a guy hurting himself because, you know, it’s a fucking drumstick. So an American – it had to be, we’re such entrepreneurs – invented a device that would do the massage all by itself. And it’s plastic, flexible, soft, so there’s very little risk of any injury.”


“Deadly. They marketed them as medical devices. Well, they still do, only now you can find them at some higher end sex shops. And online. You can buy anything online. But some physicians still prescribe them, and insurance companies will actually pay for them if a doctor prescribes one.”

“Goddamn. Sign me up.”

Dustin leaned down and kissed Ash’s belly, just below his navel on that sexy treasure trail of dark hair that wound down to his beautiful cock. He raised his eyes to meet Ash’s and smiled.

“That was my plan.”

Dustin urged Ash’s legs further apart and shoved a pillow under the small of his back, which was a little awkward at first, but then Dustin knelt right between Ash’s legs. The sight of him right there, naked, beautiful, hard, combined with having his ass up off the bed, was enough to send Ash into babble mode. 

Dustin saw the look on Ash’s face and grinned wickedly. 

“Hey baby, you okay?”

“Want you,” Ash whispered.

“I know,” Dustin said. He had the lube in his hands and squirted some on his fingers. He spread it around to warm it and reached down, his eyes never leaving Ash’s face. “Just gonna touch, baby. Don’t trip on me, okay?”

Ash took a deep breath and nodded. Dustin’s fingertips feathered over Ash’s hole, brushing and rubbing, touching, and sweet Christ it felt fantastic! 

“Open your eyes, Ashley.”

Ash didn’t remember closing them, but he must have because his eyelids flew up. Dustin stared at him as those wonderful fingers continued to tease his hole, rubbing, circling, and pressing, but never entering. Ash shivered, his nipples pebbling and a moan he couldn’t stop slipped free.

“I’m going to go ahead and size you out now,” Dustin said.

Ash frowned, perplexed.

“The prostate is in the roughly the same place in every guy, but everybody is a little different so they made different shapes of the devices. I own all five versions, but I have to find your prostate, feel how you’re built, and how snug things are before I can figure out which one will work best for you.”

Ash just stared at him, eyes peeled wide. Then he couldn’t help himself.

“You’re trying to get me to play doctor with you, aren’t you, Dustin?”

Dustin grinned. “If that’s what turns you on, I can get a rubber glove first.”

“Just do it.”

With two very well lubed fingers, Dustin slid cleanly and easily into Ash to a long, low groan. Ash hoped Dustin would have some difficulty with this task, that he’d have to stop and try again… maybe thirty or forty times. Instead before he even really got around to savoring Dustin’s long, talented fingers, the bolt of familiar pleasure that was his whole motivation for bottoming sang up his spine.

“Oh Christ!”

Dustin chuckled, slipping his fingers free immediately to a whimper of loss from Ash. He leaned down and kissed his would-be boyfriend’s pouting lips.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty before I’m done with you.” He picked up one of his toys and lubed it. “This will totally blow your mind.”

“Do it, Dust.”

Dustin slowly and carefully inserted the device, making sure he did it properly. A little over four inches long, slightly angled with a bizarrely bulbous head, it resembled nothing so much as an overly large, mutant piece of punctuation. And… Ash felt nothing. He frowned as Dustin pulled the pillow out from under him.

“No offense, Dust, but I’ve got a great little vibrator that-”

“Chill out, Ash, that’s not how it works.” Dustin wiped his hands off and dried them, then walked over and turned on his iPod. The soothing sounds of the ocean played from the awesome surround sound system Dustin set up in his room. He fiddled with the controls, adjusting the volume to where he wanted it, and then crawled back up the bed to lay next to Ash, pulling the larger man into his arms. He cradled Ash against his chest so that he could kiss and touch but keep Ash completely recumbent and relaxed, his waning erection in front of them.

Lightly grazing his lips along Ash’s shoulder, then up his neck, Dustin whispered in his ear. “You’ve had to study breathing, right? Singers are all breath-trained. Well that’s what I want you to do. Just lay here in my arms and let me worship this incredible body while you do those deep-breathing exercises you learned.”

Ash did feel a bit light-headed hearing that. The idea of Dustin worshipping him brought his hard-on back with a vengeance, and he clenched down in anticipation of… Oh my God

“Don’t try to force it, Ash. That’s not how it works best. Do exactly what I told you to do. Breathe. Pick an exercise and do it. You’ll start flexing those muscles in time with your breathing automatically once you’re deep enough into it and that’s what we want. I promise you will not regret it.”

Then Dustin licked his ear, which made Ash writhe, which felt totally incredible. That tiny, insignificant piece of plastic responded to every single muscle contraction. Ash tried to settle, to do as Dustin bid, but it was so difficult. The drummer stroked his wonderful, warm hands in long, sweeping caresses up Ash’s torso as he settled, finally, into the deep-breathing exercise Dustin recommended. He started and restarted it four times to Dustin’s stifled chuckles, but finally fell into the rhythm of opening his lungs, extending his ribs, and expanding his diaphragm. 

As the soft sounds of waves tumbling along the shore played in the background, Ash breathed. He decided this would be his moment of truth, his proof to Dustin that he could and would trust him implicitly. He put the little piece of plastic as far out of his mind as he could and concentrated on his breathing. Honestly, if he could spend every night naked in Dustin’s arms with Dustin worshipping his body like this, he’d accept not having sex. This felt fantastic! 

Dustin wasn’t surprised that Ash turned out to be a natural. He had been breath-trained, after all, and he was nothing if not eager to please. The sexy singer lay in his arms for over twenty minutes, breathing steadily, as Dustin stroked, caressed, kissed, licked, and nipped. Then Dustin saw the flush come up on his cheeks, watched it bloom across his chest, and noticed the muscles in the tops of Ash’s thighs twitching. Ash kept breathing but his exhales were all low groans, and his erection glowed a rosy red. 

Fluid spurted from the tip of his cock in rhythm with Ash’s breaths, and that was when Dustin knew he was close. Dust tore open a fresh condom and eased it down Ash’s straining erection, careful to make minimal contact. Ash continued his breathing exercise, the amount of pre-cum spurting in rhythm with his exhalations increasing. Dustin could see the surface muscles of Ash’s lower belly flickering involuntarily. As soon as he got the condom on he shifted slightly to whisper in his lover’s ear.

“You ready to come, baby?”

Ash never interrupted his breathing. He just nodded, his entire body shuddering on his next exhale. Dustin reached down and cupped Ash’s tight, firm testicles before scooping up some of the fluid pooled on Ash’s groin and sliding two fingers behind those tight balls to Ash’s perineum. He began a circular massage timed to Ash’s breaths, pressing up and back as he rubbed. On the third circle Ash came, crying out as he reached back and held on to Dustin.

Ash had never felt anything like it before in his entire life. The sensations that washed over his whole body as he lay in Dustin’s arms were incredible. The ocean waves crashed around him as pleasure thundered over his whole body. 

Ash truly thought that his balls were going to come out of his dick when Dustin finally helped bring him off. Fluid never rushed through his body so fast, contractions never came on so strong, and the actual orgasm was very much like a spiritual experience. The massage took the best part of his orgasm and extended out for a ridiculously long period, until it became overwhelming and very nearly unbearable. For just a few moments, Ash was absolutely certain that he left his body, that his spirit separated from his physical shell, and he felt a stab of very real fear that he wouldn’t be able to become whole again.

But then Dustin held him, kissed him, and his heart pounded madly. Unfamiliar feelings filled him to overflowing. Gratitude toward Dustin for introducing him to this amazing activity and showing him how to do it right, of course, but tenderness towards him, too. Ash felt far more than that, though, because his trust was so warranted and so thoroughly repaid in both pleasure and what felt like a bond forged between them.

It was the “more than that” that kind of freaked Ash out, because he thought he knew what that feeling was, and it scared the shit out of him.

Ash was pretty sure that was what love felt like.

Dustin’s removal of his toy brought Ash back to reality rather brutally. He couldn’t hold back a groan as Dustin wiped him off with a damp washcloth, but he lay there obediently as Dustin completely cleaned him, top to bottom. Dustin took the toy into the bathroom, washing and disinfecting it before returning and turning off the lights and the iPod. Ash couldn’t stop staring at his boy, so beautiful striding around nude, his white blond hair almost glowing in the dark. When he climbed back into the bed next to Ash, the singer pulled him into an embrace and kissed him, hard.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

“No, I mean… That was really… That was almost a spiritual experience, not a sexual one,” Ash said, softly, running his fingers through Dustin’s hair.

“I’m glad it meant more to you than just getting off,” Dustin said. His voice, too, was very quiet in the dark of the room. “I wanted it to be that way for you, but that’s not something I could’ve made happen. You kind of have to be open to that happening and then, you know, let it happen.”

“All I did was listen to you. I think, maybe, I’ll keep doing that.”

Dustin turned to Ash, cuddling closer to the singer. “I don’t want to push you into anything, Ash. Pushing you into a relationship that you’re not ready for would be just as bad as you pushing me into sex when I’m not ready to have it.”

“Yeah, but sometimes Dust, sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction. Don’t you think?” Ash kissed him again, cradling him in his strong arms and holding him snugly against his body.

Dustin just snorted softly, getting comfortable against Ash which was disturbingly easy to do. 


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