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Seeing Double * * * * * 5 Ratings


Matt has a secret, but as he meets Dan on his first day of university, can Matt keep it quiet?
Copyright © 2010 Agaith; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This story will have themes of violence and intimate scenes between two male characters that is consential. If such things offend you, first off why are you here? And secondly it would be advised you not read this story. To everyone else enjoy to your heart's content!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 4 reviews, 1,130 words,
    Ok dear readers, this is my first true full length story that I have written so bear with me, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.
  2. Chapter 2 4 reviews, 2,617 words,
    Apologies for the short opening chapter but the chapters will get longer.

    Also, as you can see on the main page, Dargon is my Editor and I would like to give him a special mention for making this story better. :)
  3. Chapter 3 4 reviews, 4,402 words,
    In this chapter I attempt to describe an aspect of Karate hope it goes well.
    Again thanks goes to Dargon for his input.
  4. Chapter 4 3 reviews, 3,140 words,
    Life has peaks and troughs in the space of a single day.

    Thanks again goes to Dargon.
  5. Chapter 5 3 reviews, 3,905 words,
    Thank you Dargon for your continued support.
  6. Chapter 6 3 reviews, 5,084 words,
    Answers are afoot.

    Thank you to Dargon once more.
  7. Chapter 7 2 reviews, 5,839 words,
    Well, they're together. But what happens next?

    And you know Dargon is great so I'll refrain from now on :)
  8. Chapter 8 2 reviews, 6,866 words,
  9. Chapter 9 7 reviews, 8,764 words,
    Ok, crunch time for Dan and Matt.

    Just a quick warning, things start to get steamier here.
  10. Chapter 10 12 reviews, 8,705 words,
    Well a few things get revealed in this chapter.
    A quick warning, this chapter contains some scenes especially early on that might be distressing.

    And I would also like to say a big thank you to Frostina who had kindly agreed to start Beta reading for me. Thanks Frosty you're a star.
  11. Chapter 11 7 reviews, 6,187 words,
    Here's another chapter lovely readers :D I will get set on formatting issues as soon as time permits :)
  12. Chapter 12 7 reviews, 3,972 words,
    Well I've finally got round to finishing another chapter. Thank you for everyone who is still reading and has had the patience of a saint :)
  13. Chapter 13 4 reviews, 3,601 words,
    here is another installment of Matt and Dan's adventure. hope you enjoy :)
  14. Chapter 14 6 reviews, 3,943 words,
    well here's another chapter of Matt and Dan's journey, hope you enjoy :)
  15. Chapter 15 4 reviews, 3,846 words,
    To all those that didnt want the details, sorry but it was written weeks ago so it wasnt about to change :p Hope it's done well lol

    Obviously the start of this chapter is sexual in nature.
  16. Chapter 16 4 reviews, 4,986 words,
    So here's another chapter for you wonderful readers :) And Dan learns what it means to become so absorbed in a book :P
  17. Chapter 17 4 reviews, 7,464 words,
    It's approaching Christmas in Seeing Double, and present buying is a pain :P

    oh and before I forget Christmas crackers are a typical part of a christmas dinner in UK and some other commonwealth countries :)
  18. Chapter 18 3 reviews, 9,082 words,
    Here's a new chapter of Seeing Double, a warning here:
    This chapter is violent with graphic description of violence.
  19. Chapter 19 2 reviews, 3,832 words,

    So Matt is about to emerge, read on to find out what happens :)

  20. Chapter 20 3 reviews, 4,412 words,

    This chapter is a bit more light hearted, hope you enjoy :)