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All I Ever Wanted * * * * * 9 Ratings


I was an average teen. He was an average teen. The moment I set eyes on him, I knew it. But life works in mysterious ways. I never thought my life could change for the better. I never thought I could change someone's life...for the better.
Copyright © 2010 AleMaho; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real life in the following story is purely coincidence. This story is posted in Gay Authors for the sole enjoyment of the readers. The author claims all copyright to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, without the author's written consent. This story contains homosexual matter, as such, if you are offended or unable by law to read it, please leave now.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface 0 reviews, 191 words,
  1. Chapter 1 5 reviews, 2,101 words,
  2. Chapter 2 5 reviews, 2,345 words,
  3. Chapter 3 2 reviews, 2,367 words,
  4. Chapter 4 1 reviews, 2,307 words,
  5. Chapter 5 1 reviews, 1,615 words,
  6. Chapter 6 2 reviews, 1,735 words,
  7. Chapter 7 1 reviews, 1,367 words,
  8. Chapter 8 1 reviews, 1,385 words,
  9. Chapter 9 1 reviews, 1,532 words,
  10. Chapter 10 6 reviews, 1,501 words,