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Culture Shock * * * * * 1 Ratings


Second Lieutenant Robert Blake found himself in a place where the natives look human but certainly do not act human. He is forced to re-examine his past and make some hard decisions about his life and his future.
Copyright © 2011 Allerron; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Disclaimer: All individuals, locations, situations and plot twists are the product of the author's wild imagination. Some parts will have graphic male-on-male intimacy as appropriate to the plot development. If this disgusts you or it is illegal in your area, stop reading and go visit some other site.
I am moving this story to the new section and will be (hopefully) continuing this story fairly soon.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 3 reviews, 2,105 words,
    This Chapter goes a bit slowly, setting important background info and providing character development. It will start to get more interesting as the actual Culture Shock develops.
  2. A Time for Preparations 0 reviews, 1,087 words,
    Imagine the standard disclaimer here saying something about the fact that all characters, events and situations portrayed in this story are the product of the author's warped imagination and any resemblance that they might bear to anyone living or dead is purely accidental. Although, I personally would like to meet a Wind Dancer...

    This chapter takes place on the planet Hester-b and occurs at the same time as the previous chapter.
  3. The glimpse of a ghost 0 reviews, 1,912 words,
    The latest chapter, giving a bit more insight into some of the reasons behind Robbie's insecurities.

    Pretend that the standard disclaimer is here stating that this story is all a product of my warped imagination and any similarity to anything else is entirely coincidental.
  4. The Dance begins 0 reviews, 1,096 words,
    This is all creative fancy from my own troubled creativity. Any resemblance with anything from the "real world" that some of us live in would be enough to totally blow MY mind.

    Things start to accelerate, stability starts to fray as the Argos approaches Hester-b.
  5. Basking the the sun's rays at heliopause 0 reviews, 3,187 words,
    All characters, plot twists etc are purely dredged from my twisted mind and as such any resemblance to anything real, living or dead would be amazing!

    The Argos will soon be in full orbit around Hester-b and already things are changing radically.
  6. A nice, relaxing dinner??? 0 reviews, 2,891 words,
    This is the final chapter where the action is split between the Argos and Hester-b.

    Everything in this chapter is once again the sole product of the author, including all characters, actions, plot devices etc. The author would like to again confirm his desire to meet a Wind Dancer face to face, but alas they only exist in his mind and are shared through these words...
  7. Clarity 0 reviews, 4,040 words,
    View points shift between the Argos and the Village in this one.
    The things written about in this chapter are still things dredged out of my sub-conscious mind and as such they are mine, all mine! It's the result of my warped imagination attempting to find some sense out of the thoughts that fly around my head. I highly doubt that anyone would even attempt to claim that this might resemble anything real or imagined or previously written about.
  8. Concordance 1 reviews, 4,814 words,
    Robbie finds himself in a position he never thought he would be in as a Marine.

    All plot devices and such stuff are all mine. Mine I say, MINE! Any similarity to anything else would shock the hell out of me and probably scare me a bit too. :-)
  9. Notes on people, pronunciation and place names 0 reviews, 1,264 words,
    This is a quick listing of major characters as well as a pronunciation guide for names of people, places and things on Hester-b.