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Culture Shock * * * * - 3 Ratings


Second Lieutenant Robert Blake found himself in a place where the natives look human but certainly do not act human. He is forced to re-examine his past and make some hard decisions about his life and his future.
Copyright © 2011 Allerron; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Disclaimer: All individuals, locations, situations and plot twists are the product of the author's wild imagination. Some parts will have graphic male-on-male intimacy as appropriate to the plot development. If this disgusts you or it is illegal in your area, stop reading and go visit some other site.
I am moving this story to the new section and will be (hopefully) continuing this story fairly soon.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 3 reviews, 2,105 words,
  2. A Time for Preparations 0 reviews, 1,087 words,
  3. The glimpse of a ghost 0 reviews, 1,912 words,
  4. The Dance begins 0 reviews, 1,096 words,
  5. Basking the the sun's rays at heliopause 0 reviews, 3,187 words,
  6. A nice, relaxing dinner??? 0 reviews, 2,891 words,
  7. Clarity 0 reviews, 4,040 words,
  8. Concordance 1 reviews, 4,814 words,
  9. Notes on people, pronunciation and place names 0 reviews, 1,264 words,